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Smashboards Creates: Alternate Lego Ideas Universe


Smash Ace
Apr 11, 2022
Space Shuttle (NASA)

Job: Submit a set idea to replace Shinkai 6500 Submarine. It can be an original or existing property.
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Oct 29, 2018
The Velvet Room
Given that this one's based on a real-world vehicle, I decided it'd be a cool idea to base it on a different real world technological marvel - a brick-built Space Shuttle! My concept for it is that you'd be able to display it upright next to a launch tower, but it'd also be possible to detach the different fuel cells (and the shuttle itself can open to reveal a small satellite.) Image slightly related - I'm picturing that this set would be to a similar scale to the Shinkai 6500 sub overall, but would also come with a NASA-themed astronaut (albeit with a yellow skintone and a more accurately printed NASA spacesuit.) It'd also be a cool opportunity to kick off a LEGO Space theme - though we've seen a lot of rocket-based builds in recent years with things like the Saturn V, seeing something like this earlier on would be a really cool addition to the IDEAS roster.

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