Smash Legend Armada Announces Retirement from Melee Singles


Adam “Armada” Lindgren, one of Super Smash Bros. Melee’s reigning Five Gods and former #1 in the world, has just announced his official retirement from competitive Melee singles. He cites severe motivational issues influencing his decision—“if I can’t have fun doing it, then there’s no point.” Armada has “retired” once before after Apex 2013, citing a lack of motivation at that time as well, but began competing again about a year later.

Armada promised fans that he’ll continue improving as a streamer and content creator, and he will still enter teams with his brother, Andreas “Android” Lindgren. Armada mentioned that perhaps he needs “a new challenge, a new game” on which to focus his efforts, referring to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that he would like to do commentary as well.

You can watch his emotional YouTube announcement below:

Author’s Note: What do you think are some of Armada’s greatest contributions to the Smash community? Do you think he's done with Melee singles forever, or will he find his way back like before? Let us know in the comments!
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If he retired for similar reasons before and came back, I wouldn't count that out from happening again. It's not like he's super old or anything. Motivation comes and goes; you can't really control it, but it looks bad if you keep retiring and coming back.
I always liked watching Armada, but he was never my number one favorite. But when you see someone stop playing, maybe even a player you cheered against in the past, it makes you realize how valuable they really are to the community, and maybe even to yourself. Whether you find happiness in Ultimate, or come back to Melee, I wish the best for you Armada, and will always remember your best Peach and Fox moments. Good Luck.
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I mean, he will still be playing teams so its not like he is quitting melee cold turkey.
I think if that is what he thinks is best for him, then he is making the right choice for doing it.

While I'm sad to see him go, I think it will also be awesome to see what kind of content he does / his play in Ultimate if he ends up putting time into Ultimate.
I would love to see him commentating, we all know how knowledgeable he is about the game!
I do hope other Peach players rise up to fill his place in singles during his absence, the top meta could always use more variety~
Huge blow to the Melee community. Was a big content creator and influencer for us. I hope this does not start a cascading effect of other pros, namely Mango, retiring :'(
Whether he decides to come back in a year or not is for us to find out, but regardless he did a lot for the general Smash community from his Melee career alone.
Let's see if Ultimate holds him over alright, because while it looks goshdarn awesome, I'm not certain if it will satisfy Melee vets or not. Time will tell.