Rate their Chances: the DLC Edition. Day: 192: The final day


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Apr 20, 2014
Most Hyping Moment: Villager confirmed/April 2015 Direct
A character from my favorite Nintendo series? Sold!

The entire April Direct was just a mountain of hype, even outside of Smash Bros.

Most Deflating Moment: The Ridley debacle

Final Words:
Well, this has been nice, even when we rated some of the more questionable character choices. Also, thanks to colder_than_ice colder_than_ice for sticking with this all the way through.

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The Directory has been updated for the final time.

Most Hype Moment: Shulk
After beating Xenoblade Chronicles, I really wanted Shulk in the game and I was really hoping that he would make it in. I was mainly nervous because this is really his only chance; if he doesn't make it in now, he will never make it in Smash. So, to see him get revealed and how amazing his trailer was, I got super hyped. My most wanted newcomer and my 2nd favorite video game character is now playable alongside the likes of Mario and Sonic! I just hate the fact that they revealed him in Japan only...

Runner-Up: Robin
This day was glorious as well. I love Awakening and I thought that, in a game booming with personalities and unique archetypes, Chrom would be a poor representation of it; he would be just another lord with a sword. To see Robin get revealed instead of Chrom not only surprised me, but it made me incredibly happy because I prefer Robin A LOT more than Chrom. He is by far one of the most fun characters to play as on the roster.

Honorable Mentions
Little Mac

Another character that I wanted, Little Mac's reveal didn't really surprise me, but I was glad to see him be revealed. He had an amazing trailer that just got straight to the point of what the character is like in Smash.

I grew up with Sonic, mainly by playing Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, and I got back into the series after buying an Xbox 360. I was pretty nervous that he was going to get cut, especially when guest characters don't return for a second time. To see Sonic again just made me scream "SONIC! SONIC!" at my monitor! I was just so happy to see him on the roster again.

Just holy hell, I didn't expect there to be a DLC announcement! I was sad when Mewtwo was cut in Brawl and I really hoped that he would be playable, especially when I think that he shouldn't have been cut in the first place. I was screaming, "MEWTWO! OH MY GOD! MEWTWO!" when he was revealed! It's great to see the legend reawaken.

Smash Ballot
You can vote for which character(s) that you want to see be playable? Sign me up! It just gave a lot of people newfound hope that maybe our favorite character can enter the fray.

EDIT: Bowser Jr.
I wanted him in for YEARS since Brawl and I was disappointed that he wasn't in. Then they added Rosalina, which made me depressed because I thought that was the end for Jr. again. Now that he is in, I am pretty damn satisfied with him and his moveset. However, since he was one of the last characters made for Smash 4, I am afraid if he is going to get cut in the next game. :(

Most Deflating: amiibos
Finding these damn things are difficult and I spent more than I would have liked to. I shouldn't be spending $40 to buy Robin's amiibo. I am done with getting amiibo for now and it seems like Nintendo is getting better with the amiibo situation, but the damage is done for me.

Dishonorable Mentions
Custom Moves

These things are terribly unbalanced and the method to unlock them is so freaking stupid. I mean, I get them through RNG and whatnot? Really? I can't buy them? These things are unbalanced because some customs are much better than their original move and certain characters, like Luigi, have inferior customs.

I don't like Rosalina and I am not a fan of her gimmick. She reminds me of the Ice Climbers, who I also don't like. Seeing her in action is also pretty boring to watch as well. Overall, not a great character in my eyes and I was disappointed because I thought she got in over Bowser Jr.

Balance Patches
I think that Smash 4 is balanced to a certain extent. However, the game is still very unbalanced and, while I am thankful for balance patches, some of the balancing is still pretty bad. Characters like Zelda and Mewtwo are still bad and they haven't received many buffs (hell, Mewtwo was NERFED).

Final Thoughts
I felt as though that the quality of the thread kinda downgraded over time; once we've gone through all of the King K. Rools and Inklings, we had not much else to discuss about.
However, I don't regret posting here and I had some good memories. I enjoyed my job of running the Directory again and I am glad that I was of some help. I give major props to colder_than_ice colder_than_ice for running this entire thread.

Final Predictions
Can't say. It's Sakurai. Anything can happen.

  • I first nominated Crono because I thought we didn't rate him already... even though we did. Oops. After playing Chrono Trigger, I would give him an 80% want score. I love the game (my 2nd favorite RPG, behind Xenoblade) and while he is not my favorite character in the game (that honor easily goes to Lucca), he would be cool to have in Smash and would bring some neat content, such as some awesome music. If you haven't already, play Chrono Trigger; it's a goddamn masterpiece.
  • I was kinda tempted to nominate Mario's chances in Smash 5, mainly to get a double 100% score. :p
Good bye, RTC...
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Apr 19, 2015
Yay! :D :happysheep:

Oh? Can I ask why my rate doesn't look biased now for you? :3
When I compared it to some ridiculously high ratings given to obscure third-parties, I realised that your rating wasn't really that biased. While I don't think Micaiah's chances are good, at least she is a first-party character, and has more support than those characters I'm referring to.


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Apr 4, 2014
Final Day
Chance: 100%
I guess it's time, guys. I'll give this concept a perfect score of 100%.
Let's make sure this final day is a good one...

Want: Abstain
I know all good things come to an end eventually, but it feels too early. Not sure if I'm really ready or not.
I'll be keeping this post entirely related to the DLC period of Smash 4.

Hype Inflating

The night that Pirate Ship was released as stage DLC after two weeks of waiting for something to be announced to go along with the Mario Maker stage. Being my favorite stage in Smash history while thinking it was never coming back, I literally jumped for joy as soon as it was confirmed to be downloadable. Pirate Ship was the first piece of DLC we've gotten so far that made me that hyped. I was so happy to be wrong. What made it even better is that it was a complete surprise to everyone. Needless to say I downloaded it immediately, and I couldn't be happier that it's now an option on my stage roster.
Hopefully we'll get another piece of DLC that could make me get that hyped...

(A quick honorable mention would be the day that Lucas got released as a downloadable character. I didn't think I was going to like him that much, but he quickly became one of my favorite secondaries from the moment I tried him out in Training)

Hype Deflating
Of course it would have to be the news drought leading up to the release of the Mario Maker and Pirate Ship stages. After the update at the end of July that brought us the two retro stages Hyrule Castle 64 and Peach's Castle 64 along with the slightly disappointing Tournament Mode with nothing to look forward to, it didn't take long at all for most of us to start craving more DLC. I didn't think they were going to wait long to announce something seeing as they've always left us with something to look forward to, but we were left waiting for about a month and a half before getting a new announcement. Then we were left waiting for something else up until the actual night the Mario Maker stage released. It was definitely the most dull waiting experience for me thus far. I find myself handling this wait with more patience because I'm expecting it to be sometime in November when we get our next announcement instead of sometime "maybe next week" like I did after July. Getting Pirate Ship in the last update might also be helping me handle the wait for our next DLC announcement from Sakurai.
We'll get our next DLC update soon enough...

Like I mentioned, I expect our next announcement to be sometime in November. Even though that's a safe bet considering we're pretty much at the end of October, but I've been expecting a November announcement to be our next since early October. I'm going to go even further and predict that we might get a bunch of DLC at once similarly to how we got all that DLC in mid June right before E3. It'll probably be to get it out there for the Christmas season, but they might also take the opportunity and use it to celebrate the year anniversary of the Wii U version of Smash launching. To go even further than that, I'm predicting that whatever DLC we would get in that hypothetical scenario will be the last bit of Smash DLC. I could totally be wrong about all of this; it's just a prediction after all. It's just that right now I don't feel as if Smash DLC is going to run into next year. I won't complain at all if we do continue get Smash DLC after December, but I'm choosing not to expect it. I feel that it's unlikely Sakurai signed up for much more than a year of creating DLC content, and I feel that it might be winding down sooner rather than later. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Wouldn't mind at all if I was wrong about this...

Final Words
It's a shame that this thread had to end so abruptly. It's going to be weird not coming back to give a rating since I've actually rated every single day since this thread first opened back in April. Even the days I would have liked to skip due to knowing I was going to end up giving a controversial rating and opinion. Even the days we were rating a character or two that everyone knew had no chance. And even the days I was pretty busy I managed to slip a quick rating in here. I'll admit that some days of rating only felt like a chore. I wanted to stick with it until the very end though, and I'm glad that I did.

Back before the DLC edition of the RTC thread and before Smash 4 released, the RTC thread was something that I participated in two or three times. I always felt like I wanted to participate more, but I never got around to it. I saw the DLC version of this thread as my second chance to really get involved. I really wanted to read up on everyone's thoughts and opinions while forming my own in this thread. I've had a lot of fun doing so, and it saddens me a bit that this thread isn't going to last until the rest of the DLC characters get revealed and released. I was hoping for us to be able to look back at our ratings of whatever characters get confirmed so we could compare to what we originally thought about their chances and whether or not we enjoy their inclusion. Would have been interesting to say the least. I'm glad that the thread lasted this long though. There were a few times when I thought colder_than_ice was going to get too fed up with us to keep the thread going. :laugh: Thanks for putting up with us for so long.

I ultimately had a lot of fun. There were plenty of interesting characters and concepts that I looked forward to seeing everyone's opinions on. Through it all I tried my best to keep my ratings as unbiased as possible (although I'll admit that there may have been a small hint of bias in one or two of my ratings, but not too much ;)). It also seemed like some people started to take the game a little too seriously at times. While I always viewed this thread as a good means to form and get my opinions out there, I also understood that this thread was ultimately just for fun. I think too many people forgot about that. In a way, Smash speculation itself is only for fun. We have no real way of knowing what's to come, barring a data mine leak of course. We stick around to speculate because we're passionate fans of this franchise, and there isn't much we'd rather be doing with our time. Doing this doesn't really matter in the long run, but we do it anyway because we enjoy it. I'm glad that I got to be a part of this DLC speculation period with all of you. It's been a great ride. Hopefully some of us can meet again when a new RTC thread opens up once Smash 5 gets announced. Can't wait to do it all again. Until then, I'll be enjoying Smash 4 and whatever DLC is left to come. I'll always think back to this thread with fond memories of you guys and the time I spent here. I think that about wraps it up.
And of course before I go, one final comment followed by an ellipsis...
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Jul 27, 2014
I'm advising you to listen to this music, my favorite video game music of all times and one really appropriate for the situation:
(It most likely won't last long enough before you finish reading this, but whatever.)

Most hyping moments

#1: Robin reveal
Prior to properly joining the Smash community I was really interested in playing as Robin in Smash after playing FE:A. That said everyone said that Chrom was the one eligible choice from this game and I didn't really understand how he would really stand out, though I was happy to discover that there actually was a support base for Robin (I was really happy to see his support thread while lurking on Smashboards). Even with the Gematsu debacle, I still believed Robin had a chance if only because I found him more interesting than Chrom as a Smash contender due to being less redundant due to being a tactician who was much easier to design a moveset for without feeling like a huge stretch in my mind. I was so happy when I was proven right.
My condolences to Chrom supporters too. Even as someone who wasn't keen on the idea of him being playable in Smash, the end of Robin's trailer made me feel quite guilty.

#2: Smash ballot reveal
Before the reveal of the ballot I believed the rest of Smash 4 DLC after Mewtwo would only be based on "relevance" based on titles released after Smash 4 itself and that MUH RELEVANCE RECENCY!!!!1!1!! was going to be the end all be all for future DLC character selection. Glad instead that fan feedback would actually be taken into account. As such it really increased my hopes to see K. Rool as a DLC character which skyrocketed from "lol nope muh relevance" to "among the most likely newcomers" in my mind, especially with the announcement of the re-relase of DK64 as a Wii U download in the same Direct, the game that made me appreciate K. Rool as a character.
Now if only we could know the actual influence of fan feedback through the ballot. Hopefully soon in the newly promised Direct.

#3: Mewtwo reveal
While I didn't mind much Mewtwo's absence in Brawl when I was younger despite the fact I had Melee earlier and even named one of my goldfishes "Mewtwo" (and the other two were named "Bowser" and "Ganondorf" - true story), possibly due to the fact I wasn't so emotionally attached to the Smash roster back then, the sixth generation of Pokémon with the return of Mewtwo as one of the most prominently featured Pokémon really reminded me how likable and awesome this Pokémon is, which made me want him back in Smash 4 very badly when I started to actually care about Smash 4. I was devastated when he wasn't in the initial roster - why exclude Mewtwo just because he accidentally missed the boat once? What would make him suddenly unworthy of ever being playable again in Smash?
At that point I mostly accepted that Mewtwo wasn't coming back, as much as his exclusion hurt my brain. I somewhat hoped him to be revealed for DLC in the 50 fact Extravaganza but I thought it was an unlikely stretch... but it was what actually happened. Due to the fact I already gave up at that time my reaction wasn't exactly hype at first but more like shock... this really makes me wish I didn't give up on Mewtwo because if I didn't I would have screamed of joy.

Honorable mention: the 1.1.1 update. While I didn't really care for the new purchasable contents in this update (though seeing Pirate Ship back was nice), I was quite pleased with its balance changes. Nerfed shields open the door for more aggressive and exciting play, especially in combination to smooth lander + heavy gravity (because after trying it I honestly can't come back to vanilla Smash 4), and the numerous balance changes specifically targeted towards custom moves really made me feel vindicated against those who used to say "The Smash team doesn't take custom moves seriously" to defend the lack of them for DLC characters.

Honorable mention #2: Globox and Barbara trophies. I'm a childhood fan of Rayman and I was so happy to see his series represented in Smash, and I was so happy to learn that it went beyond just Rayman himself! It really made me hope about Rayman as a DLC character at the time. Last time we did a most hyping and deflating day I mentioned this as #1 but considering I don't really want Rayman in Smash anymore (I've thought a lot about that and I finally accepted that Rayman doesn't really belong in Smash), I don't see myself putting this in my "most hyping" list anymore. I'm still grateful about this Rayman series cameo in Smash anyway.

Most hype deflating moments

#1: no custom moves for DLC characters
Did you know what was the most fun thing to discuss about Mewtwo prior to his release? Besides his Final Smash which could have been seen from miles away, potential moveset changes and what his custom moves would be was really fun to discuss. When the footage was revealed we saw that the moveset wasn't changed, which made sense, and the Final Smash was what everyone expected to be. Now we only have to speculate about his custom moves!
When I got the download codes for Mewtwo I was so excited! Playing as Mewtwo for the first time in Smash 4 felt so amazing! I played a few matches against CPUs and completed classic mode with Mewtwo, then I couldn't wait to see his custom moves! Wait, they're not unlocked by default? Okay then, I'll play some Smash Run and try to unlock them. Wait, I still don't unlock Mewtwo's customs? Wait... please... don't tell me that...
When I realized the truth my hype levels flattened from over 9000 to negative values. I mean, why exclude such an important part of a character's identity without any warning prior? Why make Mewtwo irrelevant to the game when playing with customs on just because? This was (and still is) hurting my brain, especially with the absolute lack of official acknowledgment outside of the game itself. In fact, it hurt my brain so much I fully expected Mewtwo's custom moves to be added at a later date. And as of current it never happened. Even worse, the June 14th DLC characters also lacked custom moves.
Now at this point I got over it compared to my initial reaction when I felt truly devastated, but I'm not going to stop criticizing it, because it almost made me stop using custom moves altogether except in a few specific instances (like trying to get high scores in Smash Run or fixing some moves that don't work properly in heavy gravity) and I miss when I used to enjoy them without worrying about never using specific characters when playing with them. To be fair between special moves with altered properties and brand new characters I'd rather take the later, but I don't see why we shouldn't have both, and as such I'm keeping expressing my distaste about the situation.
If at least there was a known official reason why DLC characters won't or can't have custom moves...

#2: King K. Rool Mii costume reveal
After the reveal of the ballot I didn't feel too worried about the chances of my most wanted plausible newcomer, I didn't think he was a shoo-in but I felt fully confident that he was in Sakurai's consideration list at the very least. Then the July 30th update revealed something that made me really angry. I mean, why make such a safe character choice with such strong fan support be chosen... as a Mii costume? Especially for a non-human character who doesn't fit the proportions of Miis and doesn't even like melee combat in his home series where he prefers to charge at full speed or use wacky projectiles? Are we really expected to believe that K. Rool is a no-hoper to the same extent as Chrom or Flying Man, assuming this costume truly means that Sakurai disapproved about adding him to the playable roster?
Now that my initial kneejerk reaction is over I'm not as angry as when the costume was revealed, and I even bought it (only Mii costume I bought) as a way to tell Nintendo that the character is marketable and that he's worth using in the games he belongs in. I also don't think there's really a way to tell if its meaning towards K. Rool's actual chances are truly black or white, but its reveal also marked a rise of K. Rool detractors which is something I'm really disliking.

#3: lack of Mewtwo in the initial roster
Well, I think I already explained it in my Mewtwo reveal hype explanation. But this was worsened by the fact I fully expected the leaked CSS roster to not have all the unlockable characters at the time, and I fully expected Mewtwo to be one of the final unleaked unlockable characters. I felt devastated when I realized it wasn't the case, and the fact Dr. Mario returned made his absence feel even more baffling.
Really glad that Mewtwo actually came back after all.

Honorable mention: the sudden rise of apparent nobodies who ended up to become recurring names in speculation after the ballot. Though I won't mention any name here because starting an argument or a flame war is really the last thing I want for this final day. I hoped the ballot to make sure to reconfirm the demand of already established requests who actually feel deserving to a least some extent and give hope for them to actually get into Smash, and while it did that it also marked the rise of some characters I almost never heard of before as Smash contenders who quickly turned me off as a result, especially considering that most of these characters feel like they really don't belong in Smash at all imo.

Best memories

#1: Day 40: DLC characters receive custom moves
I remember as soon as I realized the lack of custom moves for Mewtwo I started nominating this. I also remember when I feared that we would rate this concept during a day when I wouldn't be available, which would have devastated me if it actually happened. I also remember stopping nominating it to make sure its day wouldn't happen when I wouldn't be available, but then I realized some other people sometimes nominated it as well. Instead I got the help of other people to push it towards the top of the nomination list before the weekend when I wouldn't have been available, and I was so delighted when this day happened during a day when I was available to post. This is also the day when I wrote my most passionate chances and want explanation, insisting on how much the lack of custom moves for DLC characters doesn't make any sense, and I remember giving a like to every single post that gave 100% want to this concept. Now that we had six updates since Mewtwo's release and we still don't have custom moves for DLC characters I'm much less optimistic than the 85% chances score I gave it back then, though.
Ironically I managed to go rate things during days I believed I wouldn't have access to the internet. Glad I did, which makes me proud of having participated during all single days of this game.

#2: Day 87: Black Shadow and Tetrimino
Probably my longest post in this thread, I loved going in-depth into what's going for and against a Tetrimino as a Smash fighter. Also I won't lie, the reactions to this idea from some other people were funny.

#3: Day 141: Kaptain K. Rool and Reyn
I'm really involved in supporting K. Rool as a DLC character for SSB4, and I've thought about the possibility of getting him under his Kaptain persona instead. I loved the moveset I've imagined for K. Rool using only the Kaptain persona and I thought that it would be awesome to rate the idea in RTC. I'm also really proud of what I said for him during this day.

Also honorable mention to the MUH RELEVANCE RECENCY!!!!1!1!! jokes :grin:

Special thanks

> colder_than_ice colder_than_ice , @PK_Wonder , CaptainAmerica CaptainAmerica , Smasher 101 Smasher 101 and @XenoBrawler610 for running different parts of this thread, you did an awesome job!
> Sid-cada Sid-cada for convincing me to not nominate a joke character (which wouldn't have had the time to be rated anyway);
> @Troykv for giving his extra nominations to the concept of no DK characters which wouldn't have been rated otherwise.

Closing words

Well, this had been a fun ride. I'm proud to have participated in this thread every single day, even during the weekend when I believed I wouldn't have access to Smashboards. This thread really helped me to develop my stance on the chances on many characters and consider what they have for and against them, and was really a catch-up to the original RTC where I only participated when it was almost over (and I only had the time to nominate Magikarp there... *sigh*). Comparatively I'm happy to have contributed to nominating ideas in this thread like Kaptain K. Rool, Meta Crystal, a universal hitstun increase (the only balance change thing we ever rated), or the concept of getting no DK newcomer at all, as well as rerates like Rayman and Fountain of Dreams.

This thread had been a lot of fun, and will be severely missed, and the recent signs of the end of the news drought make this closure even more unfortunate. With this closure I suppose I'll be less active on Smashboards, but I guarantee I'll be sharing my impressions on the next DLC characters and other contents with everyone. Whenever we get new characters, I'm thinking about opening a new satisfaction thread for them, in the Smash 4 general discussion subforum (for exposure reasons); it will allow us to rate the new DLC characters in satisfaction in a similar vein to how we rated Roy and Ryu in satisfaction once they were officially revealed, and will be part of the continuity and legacy of this thread.

To be honest one of the things I wanted to nominate was... an Airwing as a playable character. When I watched the Star Fox Zero trailer some part of me thought "Walking Airwings? Maybe that could work as a playable fighter in Smash!" Of course it would have gotten low scores considering it shares many design issues with Ridley and that when people want a Star Fox newcomer they generally want Krystal, but I think it would have been interesting to discuss it.

If there's something non-character related you wish you had the time to rate but didn't, then I strongly recommend you to participate in my Rate Their Chances: last opportunity edition thread. This is open to stages, musics, balance changes, and other-non-character related stuff.

And to close this thread, here are the final tops 10 of chances and want (respectively):


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Nov 6, 2007
Hype Inflating Moments
Mega Man, the ballot's announcement and Pirate Ship.

Hype Deflating Moment
Ryu's reveal.

A chimpanzee with a pony tail, a wolf with an eye patch, the last Cerinian and a squid kid.

Final Words
People took this thread way too personally and way too seriously. Credit to the host for sticking through, but I wasn't a fan of the way concepts were berated and dismissed as jokes when they were brought forth to start the day. Some neutrality would have been nice.


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Aug 21, 2014
New York
Well guys (and gals), it's been a great run.

Thanks colder_than_ice colder_than_ice for getting this thread back up once DLC was announced. It was great to be here and I really had fun. Hope that we get to see some of our highly-wanted characters/concepts make the cut so we can all celebrate.

It's been great guys, and thanks for the good times.

Smasher 101

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Jul 21, 2013
Switch FC
Ok for inflating and deflating I'm just going to mostly re-post what I said last time as to be honest it hasn't really changed for me, though I have added one deflating moment.
Smash speculation was exciting overall for me, it was hard to narrow it down to my top three.

Hype Inflating: E3 2013

Ah, the moment I was really waiting for. Our first taste of what the game was really like, and the first two newcomers that were shown were really great picks. One was one of my most wanted, the other a really great minor surprise and my eventual main. Overall pretty awesome.


DLC after Mewtwo
I wasn't quite sure we would get anything after Mewtwo, so when Lucas and the ballot showed up, I was pretty pleased. Lucas himself was another good choice to come back, and now there's a second chance for some of the newcomers I wanted that didn't make the cut originally to get in.

Lucario's return

I knew Lucario was in danger, but I wasn't that happy he was. He was my original Brawl main and remained one of my favorites there, as well as one of my favorite Pokemon. I also liked having a non-Gen I representative, and felt (still feel) he was a better choice than any newer Pokemon. So when I loaded the website and saw him as the pic of the day, words really couldn't express my excitement. I was thrilled he returned, and now probably for good.

Honorable mentions:

Bowser Jr. Clowns the Competition: Just missed my top three. I didn't think we were getting two Mario newcomers, so he was a very pleasant surprise, and his moveset is far more unique and interesting than I would have even thought.
Little Mac Punches In: My most wanted newcomer. Only reason it didn't make my top three is because I expected him, but it was still cool to see him get confirmed.
Ike's return: In a similar position to Lucario, I really liked him and wanted him back, but felt he was in danger. Was very surprised and excited when he was revealed.
Sonic's return: Now he I was personally fully confident was coming back, but I was still really hyped to have him confirmed. Hard to explain why.
Pac-Man Hungers for Battle: This one's kind of weird because I was never a huge supporter of him, but when he got in I realized I really liked the third party trio they picked out. It got even better once the game came out and he became one of my favorite newcomers to play as, which was something I didn't expect at all.

I was mostly hyped up during speculations, but there were a few things that disappointed me:

Hype Deflating: Ridley

Ugh. I don't even want to go into detail here.


Ice Climbers getting cut

I was a pretty big fan of the Ice Climbers. They were among the most unique characters and also among my favorites. I was pretty confident they would return, even with potential 3DS issues...so needless to say, when I realized they really were gone, I wasn't very happy. I'd love to see them get back in as DLC, but I'm not too confident. Maybe next game.

No Dixie Kong or King K. Rool

I'm a big fan of both characters and thought either would be a great inclusion in Smash. I personally wanted both in, but I still expected one. When it turned out that neither of them got chosen, I was shocked, and kind of disappointed. Really hoping one of them makes it in as DLC.

"Honorable" mentions:

July 14, 2014: Before I begin, let say that I'm ok with Robin's inclusion. I'm not a big fan of Robin and I don't care for the way they play, but I understand why they got picked and can't deny they bring a lot to the table. Now that they're in, they should stay. Ok, that's out of the way. The trailer happened to occur on my twentieth birthday, and while I was expecting Shulk, a character I didn't really care for at the time (though like Pac-Man he ended up being one of my favorite newcomers to use, lol), I was hoping one of my more wanted characters would show up as a surprise. Instead, the opposite happened, and Chrom, who I actually really wanted, was knocked out of the running. Robin as I said didn't really hype me and while I like Lucina she ended up being a clone, which wasn't very exciting. I've moved on from Chrom now, but it was a let down at the time.

...ok, that was way too long for just an honorable mention. >_> The other ones are short and sweet thankfully.
Dark Pit and Dr. Mario: Not that I don't like clones, I just felt these two weren't really great clone choices.
King K. Rool costume: The new thing. Should be obvious why this is here given one of my runner-ups. I still personally feel he has a decent shot, but yikes.

Thanks so much to colder_than_ice colder_than_ice for running the thread this entire time. It's been a fun ride. Apart from the nominations-only day at the very beginning a string of about ten days early on I missed for reasons beyond my control, I was happy to have posted something every day, even though I sometimes wasn't able to elaborate. Unfortunately I'm likely not going to be active again for a while now, but I'll probably be back someday.

Well, that's all I really have to say. Goodbye, RTC. Thanks for the memories.
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Jan 19, 2013
Hype inflating

Mega Man - Yep, still awesome. Clearly showed how unique he could be while shooing tons of love for the series. Can't say much more than that.

Hype Deflating

Gematsu leak - Yeah, it dominated speculation and made anything looked dull. Man, would we have taken anything else for that.

Predictions - Who knows?

Final Words - Well, again, managed to snap up a perfect attendance rating. It's been a nice ride, and I hope to see you for the next game. When that'll happen? I dunno, but it'll be fun, won't it?


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Jan 7, 2013
Let me get the elephant out of the room first. I understand that for many people this thread turned out to be a huge disappointment and I take full responsibility for that. I wonder if maybe it would have helped if I put some sort of limitations on joke nominations. For those of you stuck by it even when this thread started to deteriorate in quality, thank you.

I did however enjoy hosting this game, and I'm deeply tempted to host it again when SSB5 comes around.

The most hype inflating moment for me would have to be creating my Smashboards account.

The most hype deflating moment is without a doubt Ice Climbers getting cut.

Of course I have to give special thanks to everyone who helped out.

@Fuzzy Pickles! For creating this game.
@Groose for hosting it as long as he did and bringing so much enjoyment to it.
@PK_Wonder for helping me start this thread and for tallying nominations.
CaptainAmerica CaptainAmerica for taking over nominations.
@XenoBrawler610 for the directory.
Smasher 101 Smasher 101 for tallying bonus nominations and handing them out.
@FalKoopa for being our moderator early on.
ShinyRegice ShinyRegice for creating our top 10 charts.
@sogeki for creating the top 18 pie chart, sorry I couldn't keep it up.
Scamper52596 Scamper52596 for "likeing" all my posts regardless of how bad some of them were. It was kind of odd but still encouraging.


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Sep 16, 2014
Most hype inflating moment: Captain Falcon reveal/ DLC reveal.

Most hype deflating moment: When the base roster was revealed and Wolf wasn't on it/ Ryu and Roy becoming DLC characters before Wolf/ Current lack of playable character Wolf in Smash bros Wii U/3DS.

Final thoughts:

Even though you guys completely hated them, that rating day was still lots of fun.

Well its been a blast, its nice to see this thread go out with Wolf dominating in both chance and want.


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Mar 23, 2012
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I have...a lot of feelings about this place. On one hand, there was a lot of misinformation, a lot of bandwagoning, and a growing pessimistic streak that moved to the forefront as time went on. The pressure of having to write something substantial every night eventually got to me.

And the less that is said about the reign of the Gematsu Leak last year, and specifically everyone who used it as a way to attack anyone who disagreed and look justified in doing so, the better.

On the other, though...there were still plenty of times when I enjoyed being a part of it. Having somewhere to actually voice my opinions and have them be heard really meant something to me. Being able to discuss and debate my ideas gave me the chance to learn how to, and develop a skill I didn't have much of before. And then there's the people themselves, the thread regulars who I got to know, some of whom I can consider friends.

And for all the Gematsu Leak dominated discussion, how inevitable and unquestionable it became in people's minds, getting to wake up that July afternoon and see it was shattered by none other than the character I'd wanted more than any other...I still remember how I felt.

Though our time here has ended, hopefully we'll see each other elsewhere on the boards, in different places and with different roles. Who knows, maybe some of us will be back here for Smash 5? But for now, let us remember our time here...because through good times and bad, it was still an experience worth being a part of.
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