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Primarina for Smash! Third in a USUM popularity poll + Smash Switch coming out in 2018!


Smash Rookie
Aug 6, 2018
Apparently Nintendo made a survey in September at the end of the waku-waku book, an activity book given out at stores aimed at young kids. One of the questions was “tell me your favorite pokémon”, and after answering that you could see the results.
Someone was lucky enough to get a copy and share the results, so here they are. Note that most of the votes come from young kids (5-10), which is why legendaries and Pokemon that have major roles in the movies are so high up.
But interestingly enough, in a poll with ALL Pokemon, Primarina made it to the top 30!

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Smash Ace
Aug 16, 2018
Being from the most recent generation probably helped a lot with kids.
I'd be interested to see a poll of people's favorite starters
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