Pick a character that's an amiibo but not in Smash, and make a moveset for them as if they were.


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Aug 24, 2018
For flavor reasons. I like collecting amiibo.

The idea is simple: Any character that's on an amiibo but not currently in Smash yet (Bandana Waddle Dee, Toon Zelda, Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, etc.), and create a moveset for them as if they were in Smash.

This isn't exactly the same as make your moveset threads because this is related to strictly amiibo, and there are plenty of amiibo characters who we can all agree have a very little chance to be in Smash. This is completely for the enjoyment of the idea that Nintendo can recognize that a character is important without them being in Smash.

If you want to make a fighter an echo, go ahead. If you want a current fighter echo your design, totally fine. If you want your fighter to be similar to one but not be an echo, A-okay. If you have multiple ideas, great! Just if you think your post takes up too much space, please consider dividing it up into spoilers.

(I myself have several ideas, but as I'm making this I'm short on time and I'll post it later. I'm really sorry).


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Sep 7, 2018

Entrance - A wooden outpost tower decorated with skulls is already on the stage, Bokoblin stands up from a crouching position with a snort and a little exclaimation point over it's head, and leaps down from the platform.

Bokoblin uses a boko club for most standard attacks, using claws and bites for others, and it pulls out a Spiked Boko Bat for it's Smash attacks. Ariel attacks consist of jump kicks like the Bokoblins in the Wind Waker.

Neutral B - Shock Arrows ...Just like Link's special, but they stun.
Side B - Boko Stick twirl ...aka the most annoying thing they can do in Breath of the Wild. Lots of knockback and difficult to approach from the ground.
Down B - Rock throw ...they'll rummage on the ground for a second, then throw a rock with incredible accuracy at a nearby opponent ( think of it like auto recital from Palutena )
Up B - Korok Leaf ...on the ground they'll just swing it and create a blast of air, which has a similar effect to Mario and Squirtle's water attacks. But in the air they'll blast the air straight down and give them a lot of lift.
Final Smash - The horn... They take a big swing and knock whoever hey hit onto the floor. The scenery changes to one of those skull caves that Bokoblins next in in BOTW. The Bokoblin takes a breath and blows on the little horn he has strapped to his side. Several other Bokoblins and a few moblins swarm out of the cave and pummel the player. Then a Lynel rushes out of the Skull cave and sends the opponents flying.

Taunt 1 - Vigorously sniffs around, tilting it's head curiously
Taunt 2 - Angrily roars and stomps its foot
Taunt 3 - briefly dozes off

Costumes - Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Pink ( Wind Waker ), Green ( Skyward Sword ) and Dark Blue ( Twilight Princess )

...Well shoot, now I actually kind of want this...
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Jun 14, 2008
- Breaks out of the capsule it was in from Super Metroid.

Grab - Attaches itself upon the opponents head (and shoulders, depending on how tall they are.)
Pummel - Chomps on the opponent.
U-Throw - Tosses the opponent into the air and follows up with a vertical headbutt.
F-Throw - Drags the opponent and tosses them at a 15 degree angle.
D-Throw - Flips the opponent upward and then slams them on the ground.
B-Throw - Spins its opponent around just before tossing them. Sort of like Mario's b-throw.

Jab - Angles its body and does a single bump into the opponent. Sort of like Ganondorf's jab.
Dash Attack - Rams its body into the opponent. Can pass shielded opponents as a cross-up.
U-Tilt - Upward headbutt.
F-Tilt - Tilts to the side and does a weak ram.
D-Tilt - Nips at opponents legs with mandibles. Can cause tripping.

B - An attack called Energy Drain, giving the Metroid 1% health back per bite. Works like Wario's Chomp.
Up B - Flies upward like Pit, but has a hitbox so it's not left open.
Side B - Pulls back and then swoops in and grabs the opponent. This drains health from the opponent, giving the Metroid free health. Sort of like Robin's Nosferatu.
Down B - If above the opponent, it puts its mandibles together and does a downward drill attack.
Final Smash - Metroid Swarm: Metroids appear out of nowhere and attack every opponent on screen.

Up Taunt - What this baby Metroid does in Other M
Side Taunt - The movement it makes in the Super Metroid intro with the scree sound.
Down Taunt - Spins around in the air and screes.

Color Palettes
2. Blue (Based off the blue Metroid in the Super Metroid Manual)
3. Red (Based off the Tallon Metroid)
4. Purple (Based off the Dark Tallon Metroid)
5. Light Blue/Purple (Based off the Komayto in Kid Icarus and Kid Icarus Uprising)
6. Yellow (Based off the Power Beam Fission Metroid)
7. Red/Black (Based off the Hunter Metroid)
8. Black (Based off Metroid Prime)
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Feb 27, 2015
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i worked on this moveset for chibi-robo a while back. never finished it. i wanted to make it more fun to actually play



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Mar 23, 2019
Poochy (From the Yoshi series)


Up-Tail Propeller

Down-Pup Pounce

Final Smash-Lava Rush


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Nov 27, 2014
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Jab - Toad swings a tennis racket in front of him two times, forehand and backhand.

Forward tilt - Pokes his finger forward.

Down tilt - Performs a single somersault forward.

Up tilt - Pulls out a golf club and swings upwards with it.

Dash attack - Gains a sudden burst of speed and dashes forward in a shoulder charge.

Forward smash - Pulls out two tennis rackets and slams them both together in front of himself like a pair of cymbals.

Down smash - Toad slams a POW Block into the ground, producing a shockwave that hits opponents too close to him.

Up smash - Toad plucks a rocket from the ground that rises a distance and then explodes.

Neutral air - Toad performs a forehand strike with his racket in front of him and then a backhand strike behind him.

Forward air - Swings in front of himself using golf club.

Down air - Performs a Ground Pound, meteor smashing anybody below him powerfully.

Back air - Wildly swings a baseball bat behind himself.

Up air - An upward swing with his tennis racket.

Neutral special: Boomerang - Temporarily donning a Boomerang Flower, Toad uses it to throw one boomerang projectile in front of him that will then return.

Side special: Tanooki Swing - Toad transforms into Tanooki Toad to swing forward with his tail. The swing will turn opponents around and push them back slightly (think Mario’s Gust Cape but not broken) as well as reflect projectiles. Toad will also retain his momentum if he does this while dashing or walking.

Down special: Vegetable - Similar to Peach’s down special, only Toad plucks faster, and his veggies travel faster and go farther when thrown. Additionally, Toad cannot pluck a Mr. Saturn or a Bob-omb.

Up special: Propeller Toad - Using a Propeller Mushroom, Toad takes off to the skies before slowly coming back down. His descent can be sped up by pressing down, which causes him to spin downwards like a drill while also meteor smashing those below him.

Forward throw - Toad serves the opponent like a tennis ball.

Down throw - Toad puts the opponent on the ground, jumps, and rotates himself 180 degrees, landing on them headfirst.

Back throw - Transforms into Tanooki Toad and sends the opponent behind him with a tail swipe.

Up throw - Heaves the opponent upwards, the effort of which causing Toad to fall backwards.
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