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Mar 30, 2008
Buncake vs. Sovereign

If it's still processing try back in a few minutes. I hope you guys enjoy, and please critique the Peach player. I'm trying to help him figure out what he needs to or should do, but I'm not a Peach main, so... here we are. He's been playing Melee for about 3 years, and playing with Peach for a little under a year.

EDIT: Also, tell me what I should do against Peach as well, if possible. I've watched this over and over, and have seen myself trying to grab-punish her Dsmash, but fail several times. There's probably a lot more, but I'll let you guys be the judges.
Hey, i watched the matches and there were a bunch of things to mention, but i feel the most pressing issue is he rolls a lot. he also spotdoges to much at times but his rolling is a real issue. There r some other issues like he does not go off the stage enough to gimp marth imo, nor did he use turnips well to try to help gimp marth. Also imo he seems not have some small issues with his control over peach (just small movement things) this might just go away just by playing her more. Lastly i dont know if i saw him wavedash at all that is something to work on. these r some of the issues he should work on. edit: also he airdoged a lot at times when it was not the best option.

I was so busy watching the peach i didnt really see what u did so i will ether post again or edit if i have time to re watch the vids and i will try to help u. Not sure how much help i will be to u since i dont play your characters but i know people who do so i might have an idea. edit: one thing is at 0 dmg marth can f-throw to re grab to f-throw to i think another re grab to f-throw to a f-smash smash (not sure if the f-smash is guaranteed but its annoying to di if the peach is not use to it and it can catch a peach's who is not di-ing correctly. Another thing with marth work on sweetspotting your recovery, as u see in these vids when u go to high the peach gets a free and easy bair on u which is a kill on marth. Also not sure if i have to say this but with marth vs peach space space and space and once u r done doing that space some more marths range makes it annoying for peach to get in easily but once she is in it means trouble for u. Also like i said i was looking at the peach more then your characters but i am not sure if u wavedashed ether, work on your movement game its important.

I might go back and look at your samus latter but thats all for right now


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Mar 14, 2011
A big that I noticed, which N.A.G.A.C.E touched on was his movement. He needs to be able to wavedash, as that is the single most important tool in fine tuning Peach's spacing, and giving her speed. Her run will NOT cut it, and you can't always be in the air.

But yeah, in the future, Sovereign, just post the video that you want critiqued in the Tactical Discussion thread, and someone will look at it.


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Mar 30, 2010
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Samus Tips

I happen to play Samus and I checked out your vid. First of all, you need to shoot a lot more missiles! On top of that, you need to wavedash a lot more. Wavedashing is probably Samus's primary means of ground movement. Also, DO NOT crouch cancel too much against a good Peach. Just don't do it. It's not only cuz of her dsmash. Peach has other combos that work on crouch cancelling Samuses, like a fair>grab. It seems like you've gotten the idea that Samus's dsmash is really good (just not as good as Peach's), but you should be using it to punish more. Grounded uairs are very hard to hit with and unless you hit with the very end of the move, it's not really combo-able. However, I like how you incorporate it into your ledge recovery game. Try to be much more conservative about grabbing. It seems like it's easy to grab a peach out of dsmash (and it is with prediction) but the move has remarkably low lag and if you're late in reacting, you get punished severely. Use dair much, much less. The high amount of startup makes it less viable than one would think. Make your missile cancels more reliable. You were pretty decent at it, but I noticed a few failures and it has to become like second nature to you. The same goes for tether recovering. Use Samus's tilt pokes more; they're very good. Also, utilt is a very good edgeguarding move for samus. It covers the ledge and a good deal of space above samus, and in most cases, if it doesn't hit the opponent away from the stage, it hits him straight up to set up for a combo that sends them right off again.

That pretty much did it for the essentials. A couple more things: don't EVER roll! It's the absolute worst thing a Samus can do in ANY scenario. Learn how to wavedash out of shield and you won't have to jump every time you're pressured for space. Now, I know this may not fit your playstyle, but you have to be a bit more campy at times. You seem like the rushdown kind of guy (especially when you play Marth and that might be carrying over) but you gotta let the missiles flow out a bit more. If you've got plenty of space, don't be so quick to cover it without proper missile support. Peach beats Samus badly in the aggressiveness game.

I can't stress enough how good utilt is for edgeguarding. I know I said earlier that dair is a pretty bad aerial but it's even worse as an edgeguard, and I noticed you trying to edgeguard with it a lot! There were at least three times when you could have killed the Peach with an utilt. All you need is the proper placement and timing and you're golden. Next, you need to pick more opportune moments to fire those fully charged shots. Now, earlier I told you to be conservative with grabbing but ironically, Samus's best combos into a charge shot are off of grabs. If you read the direction of the tech, dthrow usually nets you an easy one. If the opponent fails to tech, the shot is guaranteed. I guess the last thing I can say at this point is to shoot more missiles, and seriously stop dairing to edgeguard. It rarely works and can often put Samus in a really bad position.

Oh, a bit of trivia: a grounded fair from Samus can usually combo into a dsmash, even when not L-cancelled. Think of this when trying to get back onto the stage from the ledge so you don't have to uair all the time.


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Oct 20, 2005
can someone find me a video of upsmash killing fox/falco by armada or any other top peach? I want to learn some setups for it.

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Feb 3, 2014
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Can we have this thread updated? There are a lot of new strats, Armada Videos especially, and since it's pinned to the top of the melee forum, it's still being looked at.


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Dec 15, 2008
Can someone link the video where Armada comboed a fox of stage with like two nairs while floating after fox. It was in the fountain of dreams stage at the right side.
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