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NC Brocator Thread!

Dark Hart

Rejected by Azua
Mar 25, 2008
Death Row, North Carolina
I'd prefer to keep Facebook and Smash separate, which is why I came here.
At this point it's not possible in NC. NC Smash, whether it's Melee, PM, Brawl, Smash4, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Duke, Charlotte, all have flourishing FB groups that we network through. I would love if we still used Smashboards like we used too, but if you live in Raleigh, and near/on NCSU's campus, I implore you to use our fb groups. The one I linked is for NC Melee and we currently have over 900 members. If you want I can link you to the Raleigh group (with over 100 members), where about 90% of Raleigh smashers live at least 5-10minutes from NCSU, including PPMD and other top NC Smashers.



Half Genie
Aug 24, 2005
Scuttle Town
Hey, I'm in Raleigh and would love to find some people to play. I'm on State's campus so any time on the weekend works for me.
A bunch of casual smashers hang out at D.H hill and play PM and smash 4. I usually hang around there in between my classes since I have nothing better to do usually.

Note: I'm not casual and only play melee but mess around with PM if I'm bored enough and there is no melee around lol


Smash Rookie
Jan 22, 2015
charlotte, NC
Hey, I'm a newer smasher in the area, used to dabble in brawl but I recently committed to smash 4 and am looking for practice partners! I'm in Charlotte, Mecklenburg to be more specific. Also, is it just me, or are there never any smash 4 tournaments in Charlotte? :s
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