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Miss Galactic Federation Speeds into the Fray - Jody Summer for Smash


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Jan 4, 2019
Since there are no other F-Zero representatives besides Captain Falcon, I've taken the opportunity to make a character on one. And the character I've chosen has been a favorite for some people. That character is Ms. Jody Summer.

Introduction and Overview

First Appearance: F-Zero X (1998)
Latest Appearance: F-Zero Climax (2004)

Jody is one of the few female pilots in the F-Zero Circuit. She is a former officer for the Galactic Space Federation who started racing in her late teens after her father, Mason Summer (Inventor of the G-Diffuser system in the F-Zero universe), died in a fatal accident. Swearing to honor her father's memory, Jody decided to enter F-Zero with the help of her allies from the Galactic Space Federation, which lead to the creation of her machine, White Cat. Named after the nickname her father would associate with her.

However, Jody later found victory to be quite difficult as she was still a rookie pilot and less than a shadow when compared to veterans like Captain Falcon. Regardless, Jody is often commended for her ability to control an F-Zero machine at peak speed. An incredible feat for a rookie. This also gained the affection of another pilot, John Tanaka, who is often in the same races as Jody, and vows to protect her from any harm, despite Jody's own dismay.

Like Captain Falcon, her moveset would be pretty original, utilizing her acrobatics.
Entrance: Jody hops out of her machine and get into a fighting stance

Up: Jody stretches her arm saying, "Anytime now."
Side: Jody flips her hair then places her hand on her side saying, "Is that all you got?"
Down: Jody adjusts her boot saying, "I can get used to this."

Jab: Jody does a punch, then a kick, followed by a rapid series of kicks
Dash Attack: Jody does a flying kick
Forward Tilt: Jody does an upper kick
Up Tilt: Jody kicks upwards
Down Tilt: Jody does a jabbing low kick

Neutral Air: Jody does a kick
Forward Air: Jody does an ax kick
Back Air: Jody kicks behind her
Up Air: Jody kicks above her
Down Air: Jody kicks towards the ground

Grab: Jody reaches out towards her opponent and hold them by the collar
Pummel: Jody knees her opponent
Forward Throw: Jody kicks her opponent away from her
Back Throw: Jody does a circle throw
Up Throw: Jody does a circle throw before kicking her opponent into the air
Down Throw: Jody throws her opponent to the ground before delivering an ax kick

Forward Smash: Jody does two kicks forward
Up Smash: Jody does two roundhouse kicks above her
Down Smash: Jody does the splits

Neutral: Claw Shred - Jody braces herself for a brief second while bringing her hand back while yelling, "Claw Shred!" before unleashing a fierce slash attack
Forward: White Streak - Jody does a flying kick while a white streak erupts from her foot
Up: Catapult - Jody jumps high into the air doing a backflip. If any opponent are close to her, she kicks them three times. Think a mix between Captain Falcon and Zero Suit Samus's up specials
Down: Cat Pounce - Jody somersaults into the air before unleashing a powerful drop kick

Final Smash: White Cat - Jody calls her machine which zooms across the stage. Any opponent caught gets taken to another area which then cuts to Jody inside the cockpit as she fires a barrage of missiles at them
Now, one case that can be made against Jody is that she doesn't even fight and she never leaves her vehicle. However that couldn't be further from the truth. Look at Captain Falcon when he appeared in the original Smash. He also never left his vehicle throughout the games and when he appeared in Smash he was given his own moveset and playstyle. Or another example would Fox. Before Smash, Fox wasn't seen outside of his Arwing throughout most of the main games until he was given his own moveset. I could go on and on with other characters like that. I think I remember a quote from a post I've saw that said, "Potential trumps presentation". And like I've said, Jody does have her fans and most of them would like to see her make her debut.

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I believe her moveset would be based off her space/star abilities and seductiveness. I'd like if she had her alt from F-Zero X, with a leather crop, nice shades, and abs you can grate a wedge of cheese on. A cel-shaded skin to look like the cartoon would also be rad.
B: Feline Sparkle: Similar to PK Flash, but more guidable and remains to do multiple hits, diminishing.
>B: Pounce: A mix between Monkey Flip and DK's Forward Throw, where Jody tackles her opponent to the ground and can throw them in 3 directions to start a combo.
^B: Launch: A large backflip kick with a lot of meteor potential.
Down B: Shoo: Jody gets on her hands and knees and hisses like a cat, stunning her opponent. If you do this in the air, she will swoop down like Cross Chop. If you enter it like a Smash attack, she will turn her ass to the opponent and start jabbing with a magical cat tail.
Pummel: Knees like Falcon.
Forward Throw: Releases them to kick them in the stomach.
Backward Throw: A scissor leg slam just like Sonya Blade's.
Down Throw: Puts them on the ground, spreads her legs over their stomach, and then uses her cat claws to throw them into the air.
Up Throw: Throws them up and then sticks her ass up for her tail to repeatedly stab them.
Smash Attacks
Forwards: A kick like the Sm4sh Brawler's Exploding Side Kick(Without any effects, obviously.)
Down: Leaps to sit with her tail, causing a wave.
Up: Snaps her fingers to create a galactic explosion
Up: Like CF's down, but upwards.
Down: A fast falling ground pound.
Side: A straight forward punch. Mario's Forward air without the downward swing, basically. And just like the knee's, there's a small point where's it hits hard.
Back: Ass bump. Like the Back Slash, if you bump the opponent's rear, it does extra damage.
(Reading this now, uses a lot of booty, bubble physics would make it perfect lol)
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Smash Journeyman
Mar 9, 2018
I love her! I support her too. Jody and Black Shadow are who I’d choose if fzero had more characters in smash.
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Smash Hero
Feb 15, 2014
I support Jody! Honestly, she, Samurai Goroh, and Black Shadow have been my biggest wants for F-Zero reps in Smash.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 4, 2019
Now that spirits are being deconfirmed, how many of you think Jody has a chance?


Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
Now that spirits are being deconfirmed, how many of you think Jody has a chance?
0% because F-Zero has been without a 2nd rep from the beginning of Smash itself.

Also, I didn't know there was a Jody Summer's thread. May I join the support list please? I'm up for any F-Zero rep to get in even if it's not Black Shadow or Samurai Goroh.
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