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[Mar 13, 2014] The Construct 2 (Milwaukee WI)

the wizard howl

Smash Apprentice
Sep 24, 2013
The Construct 2: Electric Boogaloo
A Milwaukee Bi-weekly

Thursday Marchth, 2014

I’m pleased to announce The Construct 2, the second in a series of bi-weekly tournaments held at ComedySportz Milwaukee designed to foster growth in our players and region.

ComedySportz Milwaukee
420 S. First Street Milwaukee, WI 53202

Melee 1v1 ($5 entry)
Melee 2v2 ($10 entry ($5 per person))

***Note: The TBA event will be decided by popular opinion as the tournament approaches. Depending on this and any incoming conflicts melee and the TBA event may be played in reverse order. Because the tournament is being played on a weekday evening everything is subject to change in accordance to what works best for the majority of the attendees, so please be communicative and I’ll continue to do my best to accommodate.***

Venue Fee
Venue Fee of $5 per person— no exceptions.
There will be a $5 discount given back to anyone who brings a full setup (CRT + GC or Wii + PM/melee) available at closing.

(20 entrants or less)
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

(21+ entrants)
1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%

Very Approximate Schedule
6:00 Doors open
6:30 TBA registration closes
7:00 TBA starts/Melee singles registration closes
7:30 Melee singles starts
12:00 venue closes

1. Behave yourself.
2. Bring Your Own Controller. There will not be any for you to borrow.
3. You are responsible for yourself and your own things. Theft will be watched for but I’m required to let you know that I will not be held responsible for things going missing. Be smart.
4. Be mindful of your matches. TOs can and will award a loss to anyone more than 5 minutes late to a tournament match.

Melee Ruleset
- Items off.
- 4 stocks, 8 minutes.
- Team attack on, Sharing stock is allowed.
- Pause off please. Pausing may result in the loss of your stock at the opponent’s discretion.
- Ties are broken by %, then by number of stocks.
- All sets are best of 3 with the exception of semis and finals, which are best of 5.
- Controller mods are banned.
- Stalling is banned.
- Freeze glitch, Soul Stunner and like glitches are banned.
- DSRM: A player cannot counterpick ANY stage he/she has won on previously in the set without the agreement of the opponent.
- Gentleman’s Clause: Players may agree to play on any banned stage etc. if agreed upon. Where there is disagreement, house rules apply.
- Wobbling is legal.


Singles Starters:
Final Destination
Dream Land
Fountain of Dreams
Yoshi’s Story

Singles Counterpick:
Pokemon Stadium

Doubles Starters:
Final Destination
Dream Land
Yoshi's Story
Pokemon Stadium

Doubles Counterpick:
Kongo Jungle 64

Set Format
1. Both players select characters. Players may elect to double-blind.
2. Stage Striking: Players strike from the starters list in a 1-2-2-1 fashion.
3. Match 1 is played out.
4. The winner of the preceding match bans one stage.
5. The loser of the preceding match selects their counterpick stage for the next match.
6. The winner picks their character.
7. The loser picks their character.
8. Steps 4-8 are repeated until the conclusion of the set.
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Smash Rookie
Jan 24, 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
like 21 peopel showed up. Placings was Me, DFU, and Wizard Howl.
You still did very well, Quaz. Had I been better with Falco, I might have been able to defeat your magnificent prowess. Nevertheless, it was an honor to "meet and compete" with those who are great competitors.
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