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Let's Go Melmetal! - Pokemon's Newest Creation for Smash!


Worlds Apart, But Still Together.
Jan 31, 2012

What's a Melmetal???
Melmetal is the newest Pokemon, a mythical Pokemon presumably for Gen 8 in 2019. It's a pure Steel type and its pre-evolution, Meltan, can be found in Pokemon Go (the mobile game) and Lets Go Pokemon Pikachu/Eevee (for Nintendo Switch). Melmetal is made up of many Meltans, which triggers its evolution.

Since Melmetal is so new, we don't know much on what it can do. It punches with its fists, and its signature move is called "Double Iron Bash", which hits twice with flinch chance. In the lore, it is believed to have the ability to create metal.

Melmetal is basically not going to happen for the base roster, but it could be an interesting choice for DLC, especially with the "Grinch leak" in consideration. Perhaps we aren't getting a Gen 7 mon in the base roster because Gen 8 is coming within a year of Ultimate's release. If that's the case, Meltan is currently getting promotion (and is the only one so far), so as far as speculation is concerned, this is literally our only option for a Gen 8 character right now.

Fighting Style

My idea for Melmetal is a bit out there, but given that it is made of Meltan, perhaps it can create Meltan when attacking, which shrinks its hitbox as it is shedding Meltan from its body to attack. As it shrinks, its attributes change: it's lighter, faster, falls slower, etc. While on the stage, the Meltans are fairly helpless as they can't move. However, they do attack with Melmetal in a very basic format: any special attacks release a small electric shock from its eye doing 1% and no knockback, while any other attack causes they to tackle in the direction towards Melmetal. One of its specials, probably the down special, brings all of the stray Meltans back to its core, resetting any stat changes. Stray Meltan can be knocked off the stage, and therefore cannot be called back to Melmetal. Basically, think a bit like a very simplified Luma with a Pikmin mechanic on it. There can a maximum of 5 Meltan on the stage. Any that have fallen off do not count towards this total.

Size: Ridley (largest) --> Link (smallest)
Walk Speed: 0.67 (largest) --> 0.89 (smallest)
Dash Speed: 1.1 (largest) --> 1.45 (smallest)
Weight: 140 (largest) --> 105 (smallest)

Basically, this is a lumbering giant that mostly attacks by having its minions do the work for it. This thing basically weighs a ton in lore and that would probably get reflected in Smash to an extent.

Meltan's is half the size of Kirby, has a weight of 15 and has no horizontal movement stats (but does fall as slow as Kirby).


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Apr 13, 2014
I love this bigh boy so much. Put me on the list I need this as dlc.


Smash the State
Apr 22, 2010
I was about to make fun of Ditto with a nut on its head, but damn, that evolution looks great.


Smash Master
Sep 17, 2017
Hey, been a while, but I wholeheartedly support Melmetal as a DLC character in Smash Bros! Here's a moveset I've thought of for it:

Unique mechanic: Meltan: The tiny Meltan is constantly riding atop the shoulder of the metal giant. Meltan serves one purpose: to aid Melmetal in combat. When double tapping the attack button before the attack comes out, Meltan will use its signature ability Magnet Pull to draw opponents into his range. When double tapping the attack button after the move comes out, Meltan will fire a bolt of energy that causes some good hitstun, giving Melmetal more combo potential. However, this sacrifices the damage power of the move when tapping into Meltan’s abilities.

Jab: Melmetal stomps in front of it before smashing its elbow and allowing Meltan to finish it off with a burst of energy from its eye.

F-tilt: Melmetal performs a straight punch. The move has some good range and has some good combo potential with its low knockback, and its damage to opponents and shields are equally good. This can be enhanced with Meltan’s power.

U-tilt: Melmetal stretches its hex-nut head upwards to deal damage above itself. The move is pretty good in terms of damage and it can be used as a good anti-air. The move doesn’t have much knockback, but can be mashed like Isabelle’s jab. The move can be enhanced by Meltan.

D-tilt: Melmetal squishes itself until it reaches up to its waist. The initial squish creates waves of liquid metal that damages in both sides. This is the only down tilt that can hit both sides, but its damage isn’t that good. It also has some good range and it comes out pretty fast. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

Dash Attack: Melmetal does a shoulder bash while spinning the hex nut in its shoulder. This hits multiple times and is pretty good in terms of damage.

N-air: Melmetal flails its arms on both sides while in mid-air. This has excellent range and is great for punishing as it comes out pretty fast and deals some good damage too. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

F-air: Melmetal simply holds its fist out and causes the hex nut it holds to spin in place, dealing multiple hits of damage. This can be great for combos, similarly to Ridley’s F-air. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

D-air: Melmetal transforms its legs into a long spike with a sweet spot that can spike opponents on hit. This move has some good reach and is great for shield-breaking. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

B-air: Melmetal performs a back-hand hex nut strike that is used as a good kill tool. The move comes out fast and it doesn’t deal as much damage for a kill tool, but its knockback really makes up for it. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

U-air: Melmetal has Meltan shoot a bolt of energy above itself. This move counts as a projectile, and can stun on hit, increasing its combo potential.

Pummel: Melmetal uses its liquid body to encase the opponent up to their head. Meltan will stand on top of the pile and headbutt the opponent.

F-throw: Melmetal’s body reforms before it spins the opponent around and throws them hard.

D-throw: Melmetal’s body jumps upwards, temporarily turned into a ball of liquid metal before landing on the ground, smashing the opponent into the ground. Melmetal will then reform itself.

B-throw: Melmetal’s body reforms before it performs a volleyball pass on the opponent.

U-throw: Melmetal’s body crushes the opponent until it shoots out from the top before it reforms its body.

Side Smash: Melmetal reels back, then performs a powerful haymaker on the opponent. This deals a lot of damage to both character and shields. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

Up Smash: Melmetal does a handstand with the hex nuts on its hands before forming its legs to become a far-reaching metal spike that has a sweet spot at the tip. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

Down Smash: Melmetal sinks his body to his shoulders. After charging for a bit, he will spin his shoulder hex nuts and grind them along the ground, dealing multiple hits and hitting both sides. This move can be enhanced by Meltan.

Neutral B: Double Iron Bash: Melmetal’s signature move. Melmetal will wind up for a moment, then spin around with its arms stretched out. This can be done twice in succession. Melmetal can move side by side with each spin, giving it some better mobility. If this lands, the opponent will flinch the first time and get knocked back the second time. The range of the move is pretty good, and it can be enhanced by Meltan, but there’s a long pause between spins, making it easily punishable.

Side B: Flash Cannon: Melmetal charges with power before releasing it the moment it reaches full charge. The move is a long disjointed hitbox that reaches about as far as Bayonetta’s Bullet Arts, but it can damage anyone in a straight line and hit multiple times. This cannot be enhanced by Meltan.

Up B: Thunder Punch: Melmetal charges with electricity before releasing a lightning-infused punch. On the ground, Melmetal shoots in a straight line, but in the air works similarly to Ryu’s Shoryuken. The move deals electric damage and stuns on hit, but its vertical recovery isn’t that great, barely surpassing Ridley’s Wing Blitz. This can be enhanced by Meltan.

Down B: Acid Armor: Melmetal charges itself with power before covering itself in a dark purple liquid. For the next 15 seconds, Melmetal will have a purple glow to it. While Acid Armor is active, damage that Melmetal takes will be reduced by half, and the other half of that damage is reflected back at the opponent. However, certain attacks such as projectiles, Bayonetta’s Bullet Arts and counters bypass that effect entirely. When Acid Armor wears off, it will go on cooldown for 7 seconds, in which Melmetal will leave himself open if he attempts to use it during cooldown.

Final Smash: Hex Nut Harrying: Meltan creates a large sword and smashes it down in front of him. Anyone that gets caught will be subject to a cutscene: 133 Meltan are collectively charging a large ball of energy, held in place by a giant hex nut courtesy of Melmetal. The energy ball grows until it perfectly fits the hole in the nut before Melmetal blasts a laser out of its face that pierces the larger energy ball. This creates a ginormous barrage of metal spikes, energy bolts and hex nuts that completely obliterate the opponent and launch them. The move KO’s over 100%.


Smash Master
Sep 17, 2017
To bring this thread back from the dead, I've thought of how his classic mode would be like:

Munch on Metal:
Melmetal will face off against opponents that are equipped with heavy metal. Melmetal starts the entire route weak by itself, but gets stronger with each round completed.
Round 1: :ultmegaman: and :ultrob: (Robots made of metal. Melmetal is extraordinarily weak here.)
Round 2: :ultsamus: and :ultmetaknight: (Characters that wear lots metal.)
Round 3: :ultfox:, :ultfalco: and :ultwolf: (Star Fox pilots have metal legs.)
Round 4: :ultike:, :ultganondorf: and :ultcloud: (These three use large swords.)
Round 5: :ultsimon: and :ultrichter: (Most of their attacks use metal.)
Round 6: Bonus Game
Round 7: Galleom (A giant metal being. Melmetal is at his strongest here.)
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