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Koopa for Smash Ultimate


Smash Journeyman
Mar 27, 2018
Crystal Gem Temple, Beach City

Who is Koopa?

Koopa is one of the most iconic gaming enemies. They are the most common enenemies in the Mario series alongside Goombas.

Why Is Koopa Troopa Relevant?

As said above, Koopas are some of the most iconic enemies in gaming. They are a staple in the Mario series, appearing in pretty much every game, both main series and spin-offs. They were the first Mario enemy to be playable, being one of the playable characters in Super Mario Kart. They are of the same species as Bowser, the series' main villain, and were originally going to be the most common enemy in Super Mario Bros. before Goombas became a thing.

What Can Koopa Do?

Koopa's main trait is the shell it has. It can hide in it's shell. It can also remove the shell from it's back. Koopa Troopas, who are the most common variant, can't do much, but Koopa could have abilities from the other members of it's species. For example, it could grow wings and fly, like a Koopa Paratroopa, or throw hammers like a Hammer Bro.

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Jun 17, 2013
I love Koopa, he's my Mario Kart main. He's not SSB material, but I can voice my adoration of the character and would be pleasantly surprised to see him playable.
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