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Join the character thread makers today!!!

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if we can get a group of people to make a thread for hopefully every character that is eligible yes it's tedious but with a lot of determined people we can make it happen so every character can have its share of discussion and hype right now Pokemon should be our main focus I used to play Pokemon Non-Stop I know potential moves for every Pokemon it would also help if you named your series expertise so I can sort out new threads based on how well you know the character and the series for example if you were an expert on Zelda I would give you link so you would know the moveset potential so join today!!!!!!!!

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Jul 30, 2007
1) Please keep in mind that character support threads should have both quality and quantity. Simply posting “I want koopatroopa koopatroopa would be a a great character” does not meet up to the standards for a support thread. Mass spamming of support threads just to “get every character” and doesn’t meet the standards will cause the thread in question to be closed and a potential spam warning or infraction.

2) Do not bump your thread. Just wait until someone posts in it. If no one posts, then the thread is a dud and that’s that. Bumping/multi-posting can result in warnings and infractions for repeated offenses.

The staff has decided to close this thread due to a lack of a defined purpose and discussion value. If you wish to make a support thread, please check the Directory first.
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