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Apr 6, 2010
Under The Three Spheres
The final result was...
9B over Edge (5-4).

As is to be expected, Game 5 was the pivotal encounter in this series. Edge was up in % on the last stock and consistently mauling 9B, but he made one bad landing and got groped to death. If he had won this match, I think he would've won the series, as each match went to the CPer from then on out.

I was impressed when Edge beat 9B on FD Game 3. If this had been a standard Japanese tournament encounter, Edge would have won. I kind of think the long set format benefits ICs, since they require so much patience to play properly against. The ICs player benefits from the erosion of the other person's patience, which can easily happen when you're playing this set for close to an hour.

I don't normally like watching this MU, but this set was enjoyable. There was very little jank (only 2 trip-grabs IIRC) and Game 1 was the only instance of "bust ass." ICs are the only character I'd bet on against MK in a long set. With Japan's ruleset, I agree with the consensus that it is even.

I was impressed with the overall level of play in this set. It's safe to say at this point that these two + Choco compose Japan's "Fatal Three." This ain't 2012 anymore; Kanto is not quite the powerhouse that it used to be and Kansai is looking stronger than ever. I wish we could see more of both; but Brawl appears to be winding down even in Japan.
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