Is Ganondorf and Zelda Better or Worse than SSB4?

Jan 2, 2019
Kirby actually has decent frame data and a very good combo game. The issues with him are that he lacks range, speed and that his specials are very situational for the most part. He has multiple jumps but his air speed is too low, and he gets easily outranged by characters with longer limbs and weapons while also getting camped by projectiles. It is very easy to force Kirby into a disadvantage state while he was to work too damn hard to get in. When gets into advantage, he can make great use of his combo game. Problem is getting in to begin with.
Ah. That makes sense. I haven't played him enough to get a grasp on him, just enough to know that I don't like how he feels in this game.


Smash Demon
Jul 16, 2018
The near universally agreed upon competitive tier list for Smash 4 had Ganondorf as the third worst character in the game, and Zelda as second worst character in the game. Granted, they may have scored a bit higher if the Miis were accounted for, but not by much of an increase if any at all. Short answer, it's near impossible for them to do worse than their Smash 4 performance when they both were bottom three, but then again, Smash Brawl managed to pull that off, so it's not impossible.

Plus, the game has only been out for 33 days, and the competitive community still needs a lot of time to establish who truly is the best fighter as they did in every Smash game. In Smash Melee, Fox wasn't revealed to be the best fighter until 2006, and Zelda was actually seen as being one of the top ten extremely early on. With time, it's likely that a fighter we thought was high tier will actually turn out to be crap. It's also likely that the opposite will prove true as well. There's also the possibility of balance patches which can really throw a wrench into the system.