Hungrybox wins Battle of the Five Gods -- Full Results and Payouts

Over last three days, twenty of Melee's best gathered in Austin, Texas, to compete in the Battle of the Five Gods at the world famous South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Gods fell and upsets occurred, but one god stood above them all: Hungrybox. Although Mango put up an incredible fight by reseting the bracket 3-0 after an incredible loser's run, Hungrybox adapted to win his first major tournament with all 5 gods in attendance. Here are the full results of Battle of the Five Gods:

Place Player Eliminated In Set Count Game Count Winnings
1st Liquid`Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee: N/A 7-1 18-5 $13,000
2nd C9 Mango :foxmelee: Grand Finals 8-2 23-13 $5,000
3rd [A]rmada :peachmelee::foxmelee: Loser's Finals 5-2 17-19 $3,000
4th PG Wobbles :icsmelee: Loser's Semis 7-4 23-19 $1,500
5th PG Plup :sheikmelee::samusmelee: Winner's Quarters 6-4 22-18 $750
5th Tempo Westballz :falcomelee::foxmelee: Winner's Quarters 4-2 14-11 $750
7th COG MVG Mew2King :sheikmelee::marthmelee::peachmelee::foxmelee: Top 8 LR1 3-2 11-8 $500
7th GC Silent Wolf :foxmelee::falcomelee: Top 8 LR1 3-6 17-20 $500
9th SPY MacD :peachmelee: Playoffs Group 3-4 12-13 $0
10th EG PPMD :falcomelee::marthmelee: Playoffs Group 2-5 9-16 $0
11th CLG SFAT :foxmelee: Group Stage 1-2 6-8 $0
12th WFX Shroomed :sheikmelee: Group Stage 1-2 5-7 $0
12th CLG PewPewU :marthmelee: Group Stage 1-2 5-7 $0
14th DruggedFox :foxmelee: Group Stage 1-2 5-8 $0
14th Tempo Axe :pikachumelee: Group Stage 1-2 5-8 $0
16th MIOM S2J :falconmelee: Group Stage 1-2 4-7 $0
17th HugS :samusmelee: Group Stage 1-2 4-8 $0
18th mYi Ice :foxmelee::falconmelee: Group Stage 0-3 3-9 $0
18th Lucky :foxmelee: Group Stage 0-3 3-9 $0
20th SPY Nintendude :icsmelee: Group Stage 0-3 1-9 $0
All the brackets can be found on smashgg. Did you enjoy Battle of the Five Gods? What were your favorite moments? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tweet with the hashtag #FiveGods. A special thank you goes out to SXSW and the Battle of the Five Gods team for running this very special event.
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And long coming, since 2010, Hungrybox now beats out Gnes with the claim to the largest sum of money earned from one Smash tournament.

God damn, he actuly got first place at something and not 2nd
All due respect, i love you HBox <3
Congrats Hungrybox! Pretty impressive that a Jigglypuff won this.

On a different note, I can't stand the term "gods". Being called a god for playing a freaking videogame and being good at it? Puh-lease. Talk about cheesy.
When are people going to finally put puff up there with falco/marth/sheik on the tier list?
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What a bittersweet tournament. Hungrybox finally takes his US major in an intense top 3 showdown. Wobbles gives it his all for his home state as the last mortal in the tournament, finishing at a stunning 4th place. But we saw PPMD's health drag him in pools, and M2K fail to overcome himself, both in heart-wrenching fashion. I only wish everybody could play their best. :'(
With Plup's win over Mew2king, he has now beaten 5 out of the Big 6 in a serious set. If he ever takes a set off of Armada, he will be the first person to have beaten every member of the Big 6.
Wow... Hbox's game count O.o He's become so consistent and good at adapting mid game. This really might be his year. Incredible to see that aggressive puff go.

Mang0's moonwalking was also crisp, it's amazing to see that he is still improving his movement so much.
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