How to buff Mewtwo

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Dec 29, 2017
Currently I am Still maining Mewtwo. People currently say that he is a Mid tier some even say low tier. I think Mewtwo is being under rated and is being slept on. Since there is not a lot of representation for the character and is not being pushed far in the meta. Mewtwo has great strengths. For one , he has a good combo game. An incredible recovery. His edge guarding is busted (Not Joker busted), and he has one of the most powerful projectiles in the game. However there some things that need to be fixed in order to address his weakness´s without getting rid of them. Here is how I would buff my favorite character

To start His tail gets in the way of everything. The hurtbox on Mewtwo´s tail makes him a punching bag which is terrible combined with his large size. He will get clipped by attacks that should connect and is make his disadvantage state awful. The tail size of the intangible part at the tip is about 6 units which is a similar size to Toon Links sword. To fix this issue, Mewtwo´s tail hurtbox side ideally should be reduced by about half of it´s previous size.(I would like there to be no hurtbox but that is never happening) This will make him less of a punching bag and he wont be combo food. This will make his disadvantage much better, but not great. But that´s okay, we don´t want to remove his weakness´s entirely.

The next important weakness that needs to be addressed. His unreasonably low weight , being at a weight 77. That is lighter than Pikachu. Combined with his floatiness, it makes get Ko´ed way earlier than normal. Being 269 pounds in the Pokemon games, it does not make sense for him to be this light. I would buff Mewtwo´s weight to 88. This is about the same weight as Greninja and this will help him survive longer. Mewtwo will still die early even with this buff but it makes it a little more due-able.

Next is Mewtwo´s move set. This needs to be addressed carefully because has already had a huge buff on all his tail attacks. First his throws. I would increase the hitstun and decrease the knockback of Mewtwo´s down throw so he can follow up with something. And I speed up his up throw because it looks cool(Thanks Magic Scrumpy). His up smash will have a slight larger hitbox so it can hit opponents on the ground properly and Give slightly more priority to his neutral air ( The move wont often trade still).

Let me Know what you guys think. Do you agree with me? What would you change?


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Aug 29, 2019
i very much agree with this. They did "fix" his tail a couple patches ago but yeah its still a problem, thankfully the patch team is starting to listen to the community more so hopefully they buff Mewtwo more.


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Nov 10, 2019
I still can't believe that Mewtwo is a damn featherweight and even lighter than Pickachu, Kirby or Olimar. It's so ridiciulous that you could believe that its a typo that just got overlooked over and over again. It makes no sense what so ever.

I wonder how the balance team decided on that.

Ryu Myuutsu

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Mar 24, 2013
Niigata, Japan
I don't think that Mewtwo's weight and tail hurtbox are a problem at all. What I would like is for his Nair to have better combo ability like in Smash 4 and for his Fair to be able to combo into itself. Mewtwo was a pretty good character in that game thanks to his increased speed and his Nair follow ups despite his weight and hurtbox.


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Nov 9, 2019
Also make him heavier. Hes about 200 lbs in the pokemon games so it would make sense. Also it mean no more dying to dsmash at 70%
o wait m2 is god already said that, but its the only thing i want really, seeing as tail hurtbox got smaller.


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Apr 11, 2014
-Remove Tail Hurtbox.
-Weight Increase 79 to 85.

Next character.
The tail hurtbox would be helpful. But him getting his melee weight back isn't going to be huge impact. He's tall and floaty so he could be more combo food. What would be more significant is if he got his down tilt, forward aerial and neutral air (more active frames) some capacity back.
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