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How Smash Switch could manage post launch


It's time to talk about this - Yesterday we talked about equipment, but today it's time to talk about Downloadable Content. It's clear that this won't be like the first three Smash games where everything is done at launch - Even if everything is said and done at launch, patches are still very likely. Let's talk about some different possibilities here,

1. Smash Switch only receives patches with no new content

Even if someone is anti-patch, receiving patches for bug fixes that could crash the game is pretty common. Given that we're expecting a game on the power of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but with portable capacity similar to Super Smash Bros. 3DS, it's inevitable that Smash Switch will receive some sort of patching.

2. Smash Switch receives some Downloadable Content, but only in small waves

Similar to last time, though possibly in a smaller or bigger scale. This would contain probably about a year or two of updates.

3. Smash Switch ends up being a Deluxe edition (roster-wise) of Super Smash Bros for Wii U / 3DS

Given the development times and Roster Stress, it's possible that we see something closer to this. Though, this possibility could easily blend with the others

4. Smash Switch follows the Splatoon 2/DOTA 2 model for content updates

Every character for free, but characters gradually being added to the game to produce a longer lifespan, with updates until towards the end of it's life span (at least 3 years)

5. Smash Switch gets a ton of Downloadable Content, but all paid for

Something closer to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle instead of Splatoon 2 / Dota 2, possibly with an "Expanded edition" later down the line. Somewhere about a two year long life span of updates, at least.

Author's notes: What are your thoughts? How do you think Smash Switch will manage? In a few days, we're sure to have some answers.
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


I hope the game is supported for a long time with patches, but I'm worried that patches will only come as long as new content is added. If Nintendo attempts to push some kind of esports presence with Smash, then maybe they'll be tuned in to what needs to be addressed for even longer. Plus the closer developer/player relationship ought to result in more relevant patch updates for characters. Smash 4 benefited from a lot of updates to characters that needed them, but I also feel like they only targeted characters with high loss ratios on For Glory which they no doubt have data from. Characters with high loss ratios tend to be popular characters among the non-tournament going crowd, like the Fire Emblem guys and heavy weights. No way casuals play jigglypuff online, so of course she gets missed in every single update.
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