How many Crossovers there is ? Can we do a Crossover grid ?


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Apr 26, 2014
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Well with Super Smash Bros we have an already established franchise bound to the Crossover principle and that is glorious never I'd thought Kick that damn Duck Hunt blasted dog with Solid Snake what a glorious time I repeat. lol.

But aside from SSB how many Crossovers there is ? How can we put that into visualization ? Can we make a 3D Grid with bubbles serving to establish links between worlds between universes between multiverses ?

Let's go Omniversal and let's dive into the rabbit hole of the Crossovers. So at first I find some nice connection linking Goku to Superman not directly but this is bonkers. Let me explain this simply.

So Superman, we know that he had a Crossover with the Power Rangers via the justice league. Said Power Rangers have met Ryu and a bunch of Street Fighters gang during a battle against the alliance of Mr Bison and Rita Repulsa. Ryu, on the other hand, meets the protagonists of the Yakuza game franchise in a Crossover between Sega and Capcom.

Are you still following me ?

One of the protagonists of the Yakuza games had a crossover with Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken. That's it you get my point now lol. So we fall now on Kenshiro, the latter has already faced Goku during many Crossover events with a lot more protagonists of Manga from Weekly Shonen Jump.

So the link goes Superman ---> Power Rangers ---> Street Fighters ---> Yakuza ----> Hokuto no Ken ---> Dragon Ball

So if we imagine that in an Omniverse you would have portals leading to different multiverses. And for each franchise you need to image that each has a Multiverses comprise of different timeline stories. So the Power Rangers that has met Superman are not the same that has met Ryu and his pal or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heck for the latter one they share the same world so here the Multiverses of both franchise overlap each other.

Imagine two multiversal bubbles overlaping each other noice. ♥

We have also the Smurf that has met Michaelango from the TMNT in a commercial crossovers against drugs there is Alf too and the Chipmunk and a lot of other characters that I forgot their name. Who framed Roger Rabbit is on itself a crossover where the Looney Toons and the Mickey Mouse & friends cross with each other. I believe Sherlock Holms has also made a bunch of crossover but I don't know all of them.

Here is some of the crossovers I linked do you have more ?
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