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Houston Smash Ultimate Thread


Smash Rookie
Dec 29, 2017
I'm actually picking Sm4sh (Wii.U) up again, and was wondering if anyone knew of gaming locations that host low key tournaments or where I can play causually/practice. Anyone have any leads?


Unity Ruleset Committee Member
Aug 25, 2003
Hey eveyone, with the release of Smash Ultimate, I have come back to host Houston's first smash ultimate regional event called TGC RETURNS. This event will have a 1k pot bonus and feature Houston's best Smash 4 players and Brawl vets playing Smash Ultimate.

If you have been looking for a big event for this new game or just wanna make new smash friends, hit up TGC Retuns on jan 12, 2019! Please note, registration is online and it closes at 11:29pm on the 10th so register while you can.

All TGC RETURNS info can be found here: https://smash.gg/tournament/tgc-returns-1750-pot-bonus-1/details


Smash Champion
Jun 6, 2006
Houston (Clear Lake)
I agree.

Where is the Houston Melee scene someone point me in the right direction i just made a Facebook.
I gotchu


It's hit or miss though with some ppl just being useless memers, but what else is new, right?

Also hey guys


More super xyro posts will surely attract visitors.

Trela is a celebrity so getting him to talk here will bring hordes of people, right? :troll:

iono, finding purpose again for boards over fb/discords is hard?
Not sure if it's the same for you guys, but shoutouts seem pretty dead for our region despite us being super active otherwise. Miss those things.
Not gonna happen. FB is too easy and more common. SWF is dead for eternity. TBH smashboards did this to themselves when it was down for like 23 days straight.
Facebook has its adv, but it's definitely not the end-all-be-all

Smashboards has a large repository of information right there
plus you don't have the intrusion of seeing stuff pop up all over the place, you go to smashboards when you want smash, overall much less frustrating imo

I'm going to start posting when hosting stuff, we are mainly doing melee events but we will be having smash Ult stuff too

ALSO Also:

Alright we need more drama. Somebody start some **** for no reason.
bro you free af
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