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Social Forum Games Rules & Social Thread [Extra hugs, donuts and mods inside!!]


Deleted member

Time for me to earn my refreshments again since I just got back into the forum games a couple weeks ago. But I have made something for y'all here...


Hope you enjoy! :bowser:
Apr 7, 2017
Are posts asking "Which Smash Character Would survive X scenario" allowed in this forum, or would that be more suited to somewhere else? I think it would fall under the rules here, but I'd just like to be sure.


Smash Cadet
Oct 9, 2021
Would a thread having people post their ideas of gimmicks to add to or minor changes to Smash characters be okay? I’m thinking stuff like “Young Link: Deku Shield will burn away if exposed to fire, but then YL will pull out the Hylian (or Hero’s) Shield, making him have a permanent shield, but it lowers his speed and increases his weight (steel is heavier than wood).”

Casual stuff like that. I’m brand new to smashboards, so I wasn’t sure where would be the best place for this thread idea, and I saw an older thread about major changes to Smash characters in this forum, but the Global rules say don’t necro post, and the last post in it was in March.
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