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Float FAQ (critique and suggestions)

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Smash Hero
Mar 14, 2011
If you didn't use your float before grabbing the ledge, then you should still have it. I don't remember, however, if your float returns once you grab the ledge, or if you have to touch the actual stage first. I think that you just aren't using your float before you grab the ledge, though.


Smash Champion
Mar 30, 2008
if u float then grab the ledge u do not gain back your float from the ledge grab. you must touch the stage again b4 u get your float back

edit: also chem-peach my guess is u hit down to drop off the ledge then hit jump, the reason u float is b/c your joystick is still being read as down so instead of jumping u float. (also what shrouded said above about u still having your float when u grab the ledge)

double edit: i am about to reach 1,500 posts now i am not sure what to use it on (my guess is it will be something dumb but who knows)
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