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everyone's favourite (not-too-big) space villain, Space Invader gets even!

Wario Wario Wario

Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2017
Ed Bighead for NASB 2

Space Invaders, does such an iconic game even need an introduction? released in 1978, Space Invaders is too many firsts to count, most notably in the context of Smash, the introduction of the first iconic video game character, "Crab" (or more generally, Space Invader as we will call him from now on) (note: I am suggesting Crab in specific due to him being more iconic, used in more merchandise, and also having a body shape more suited for Smash, with distinct arms and legs)

Q: He's just a disposable enemy!
A: now this one is hard to combat being that I'm against Bandanna Dee for this reason, but there's a difference between B.D. and S.I., being that S.I. changed the face of gaming, being the first gaming mascot ever, and part of the first game to have a progressive difficulty! S.I. is part of gaming history, and become a synecdoche (thanks Wikipedia) for gaming as a whole and has transcended disposable enemy status by the millions.

Q: Moveset?
A: I've got a moveset below, but even then I'm just going for the easy stuff with the moveset, using ONLY the original game. there's also other things to draw from, like Taito history as a whole, or the character-specific weapons from Space Raiders! (a good portion of Sonic's moves are based on The Fighters, so I don't see why S.I. couldn't take some pages from his series' big disgrace)

Q: How would he even look?
A: you know the sprite stages? imagine that aesthetic on a character. done. just edit the existing sprites for new poses, it wouldn't be that hard.

Q: He's not relevant!
A: oh, that's a funny one!

wait... that's an actual argument? well,for one thing, Space Invaders continues to be merchandised, adapted and re-released, even to this day! you could actually make an argument for S.I. being equally as popular as Mario, Pac or Sonic, and he's certainly more popular than Mega and Bayonetta.

B: Fire: the Space Invader fires a projectile. doesn't cause knockback, just damage. like Fox's neutral B

Up B: UFO: the Space Invader hangs onto the UFO and flies upwards, no damage dealed.

Side B: Minion: the Space Invader summons another Space Invader to go from left to right and back a few times, hurting any foes in it's path. cannot be summoned as the same time as the Down-B

Down B: Sheild: the Space Invader summons the sheild. works like Pac-Man's hydrant except bigger, but it doesn't bounce when destroyed and doesn't spurt water. cannot be summoned at the same time as the Side-B

Final Smash: Shootout: the Space Invader jumps offscreen in panic, seeing the spaceship. now the player must control the spaceship to shoot foes.

Wario Wario Wario
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Smash Champion
Nov 14, 2007
Starbase, where no turtle has gone before.
A Space Invaders stage would be epic. Characters could fight underneath the cover, and get launched very far if they get shot by the invaders. Similar to the Duck Hunt stage, players can destroy the space ships by attacking them. And if a space ship lands, everyone in the match is instantly KO'ed.
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Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
I like the idea of a Space Invader stage or an a Assist Trophy, but I'm not so sure about a playable character.


Smash Champion
Feb 16, 2014
Smash needs more space invaders.
If not playable at least in some capacity!

Ben Holt

Smash Master
Mar 30, 2013
The Moon
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Definitely iconic.
Would need an actual design, but I support.
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