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Dragon Ball Fighterz 2 Gaiden

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
This here is a Game Idea i developed really good:

Let Me Present my Fighterz 2 with The NAme Dragon Ball Fighterz 2: Gaiden that name means Dragonball Fighterz Sidestory and is based on the Game thats the Basis for the Story Mode aka Plan to eradicate the Saiyans! Dont worry asside from the Villain the roster has nothing to do with this Game! ANYWAYS Here it is:

You might ask were SSJ 4 Goku or other Characters of this Caliber are! But Considering that everyone Complainned about "None Hype" Characters being Dlc i decided to fill the Base Roster With Mostly Needed None Hype Chars! but i did put Majin Vegeta in to Spice the Hype for Some People! Also Zarbon and Dabura are in so that the Name Fighter Z doesnt sound too silly! I also orderd The roster so that it does for example list all the gokus beside one each Other and stuff! Also i tried keeping it realistic so yeah i didnt go wild with Classic Db Chars but i thought it was reasonable including some cause breakers featured bulma and olong! Done here are all Newcomers Listed with Some Moveset ideas, Colour Reffrences and co!
After i move this Post in Particular i will continue with Costumes and other stuff!

He Appears as he did in the Majin Buu Arc being branded with a M Symbol to Control him aswell as having the Asistance of his Master Babidi!
His Light Auto Combo is a Punching Combo
His Medium Combo uses his Sword and ends by him using his second Level 1 Super
His Heavy is one Of The Kicks he used against Buu
one of his Specials is The Kibito Deleto
His first Level 1 Is the Petrrifiying Spit Which Slows down his Opponent and is Unblockable!
His Second Level One Is his Telkinesis Broken Rock Throw
And His only Level 3 is Flame Breath
You might ask what his Ki Blast is with the Ki Blast he summons Babidi who will use His Shield to Protect Dabura!

His Reffrence Colors are:
1. A Color based on Babidi
and 2. is his Alt Color from Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi (I think its based on Great Saiyaman)

You play Toppo in his Base form as it appeared not only more often but also is the only Form of him that appeared in the Manga!
His Light Autocombo is A slow Punching Combo that ends in a Justice Pose
His Ki Blast is Justice Flash
for his Beam he gets a Purple Aura and fires a SingularHakai Orb! (He Doesnt turn G.o.D During this)
His first Level 1 is the "HUG" Aka Justice rear Choke btw im just gonna steal the ideas from Globku Anyway
His Level 3 Ultimate is His Duo Hakai Orb were he transforms Into a G.o.D, (and back again)

Colour Refrences:
His Colour 2 is based on his G.o.D. state
And His Second Colour 2 is based like Jiren on Bergamo

First lets do Pan she apears as she does in GT But with some Moves Animations taken from her Appearence of the End of Z (Her Appearnces in Super Hero are saved for a Possible DBS Kid Pan)

For her Light Autocombo she Slaps Her Opponent in the Face before Bowing
For Her Heavy Attcks She Grabs The Opponent Lifts him up and throws him far awway (Reffrencing her second Tournament Bout in GT)
For her Ki Blasts she shoots Yellow Ki Blasts that apear a lot in the first arc and are used by all Members of the GT Crew!
Of course her Ki Special is the Iconic Kame HAme Ha!
For her first level one She summons Giru who shhots a Rocket
For her second Level One she Also summons Giru Who turns her Opponents into Metal
Her Level 3 Is Her Signature Move (of which i dont know the NAme and have forgotten how exactly it looks)
Her first reffrence Color Reffrences her End of Z Gi the Second her Kindergarten Uniform! (Atleast im assuming that that is something alongf those lines! ya know the Grey one from Super Hero)
Trunks (GT)

Next is Trunks the Main Problem with him is that he doesnt really have any Signature Moves to pull from but i have some ideas!
His Light and Medium combos aswell as his Normal are all Sowrdless Versions of Future Trunkses Combos!
Similar to Pan his Ki Blasts are a Yellow Barrage!
His Special Ki Move is a Final Flash
Level 1 number 1 is The Bon Para Dance similar to how Xenoverse Gave him That unlike Xenoverse this Move Actually summons the BP Gang to perform the Move!
Level 1 Number 2 Is a Combo Attack together with GT Goten!
His Ultimate has him turn SSJ And Launch some Strong Attack (Maybe from a Part of GT i havent Watched yet?
(His First Color Reffrence is A Rfference To GT Goten and his Second is a Reffrence to his Jackt Less Appearnce!)

He Appears as he does in the Namek arc and as a Lobby Avatar in Fighterz 1 Bowl Cut and All!
His Light Combo is a Rage Barrage!
His Medium Combo ends in a Masenko!
His Ki Blast is a Blue Energy Barage!
His Ki Special is A Giant Ki Ball! His Quarter Circle Forward Special Is A Punch Pumel!
The First Level 1 is the Masenko!
His Second Level 1 is Get of my Daddy!
His Ultimate is a Raging Storm!
His Reffrence Color 1 Is Kame Gi Colored!
His Second Reffrence Color Is Based on Teen Gohan!
Kid Goku.png

He Apears as he does For Most of the Original Dragonball Wearing his Kame Gi while also using Toriyamas Original Artstyle Eventho Gokus Proportions are the same as Gt Gokus!
His Superdash replacement is the Nimbus if he gets down heavied he loses it and uses the Reverse Kame Hame ha after that!
His Light Combo is borrowed from GT goku!
His Medium Combo ends in a Rock Paper Scisors Attack!
His Forward Special Is The Counter attack!
Ki Blast is Power Pole! His Ki Special is the Powerpole Combo!
His first Level 1 is The Kame Hame Ha As Kid Goku uses it more Rarely!
His Second Level 1 is Rock Paper Scisors Which Similar to Kaioken gives you multiple Paths!
His First Level 3 Is The Great Ape Stomp!
His Second Level 3 is the Penetration!
His Color Refrencve 1 is his First Arc Gi while his Second Alt is his Trainning Gi!
Zarbon and Dodoria

Freezas other 2 Undelings Zarbon and Dodoria appear here! Zarbon uses Mainly his First Form but changes for certain Attacks!
The Light Combo Features only Zarbon in his first form! The Medium Combo Features both Zarbon and Dodoria and ends with his second Level one!
His ki Blast is Dodoria who will ram forward!
His first Level one is The Elegant Buster! The Second Level one is Dodoria using a Ki Blast!

For The Level 3 Zarrbon turns into his Second Form And uses Bloddy Dance!
Reffrence Colour 1 swaps Zarbon and dodrias Colour!
Reffrence Colour 2 Gives them Colour from Coolers Men!
Vegeta (Majin)

Its Majin Vegeta obviously he is in his Trainning Suit!
He Carries a ton of attacks over from his other 3 Versions but for the New Stuff!
He gets a new Level One to go along with the big bang attack! And that are the Ki Rings that can stun the Opponent!
And A New Attack to go along with Final Flash that being his Final Explosion!

Now for the Colors!
Reffrence Color one gives Vegeta a Black suit to reffrence R F!
Reffrence Color 2 Reffrences Pui Pui!
Chao Zu

Its Chaozu he uses his outfit from the 22nd Tournament! Meaning he wears green with a Crane Kanji!
Chao Zus Gimmick is his reliance/ Profieciency in KI Based Attacks
His normals are pretty Pathetic!
His Quarter Circle Forward Special is his Head Butt!
His Quarter Circle Back Special is his Telekinisis!
His Ki Blast is a thin mini Dodonpa!
His Quarter circle Forward KI Special is a Dual Dodonpa
His Level 1 uses Guldos Tree Throw Attack
His First Level 3 Is his Suicide Bomb
His Second Level 3 is the Super Psy Bomb which is a new Attack in which Chaozu Throws a Giant Object onto the battle field its either (Rocks, Capsule Homes or a Meteor)
His Colour Reffrence 1 is based on his Grey DBS Attire
His Colour Reffrence 2 is based on his Z Undershirt from the Saiyan Arc
Tao Pai Pai

Its Tao Pai Pai the only Classic Db Villain in the Base Roster he uses his Cyborg Attire as his Default!
His Superdash Replacement is the Anime exclusive Purple Nimbus like with Goku if hes Down Heavyd he loses it but unlike Goku and Roshi he can uses only the Jump Part!
His Medium Autocombo ends with hissecondfirst Level one
His Quarter Circle forward Special is his hidden Blade
His Ki Blast Special is the Dodonpa
His first Level one is Him Throwing a Pillar and Jumping on it!
His second Level one is a Grenade Toss!
His Level 3 is the Super Dodnpa shot from his Armcannon!
His first Reffrence Color is based on the Crane School
His Second Reffrence Colour is based on General Blue!
Goten and Trunks

They Appear as they do in DBZs Buu arc meaning Goten and Trunks wear Their Gis they also immeadiatly Turn SSJ at the Beggining of the Battle
The Light Combo is done Exclusivly by Goten
The Medium Combo is done by both Goten and Trunks
Trunks can be summoned via Ki Blast Button
The Ki Special is the Kame Kame Ha
His first Level 1 is the Assault
His Second Level 1 is the High Tension Turn
Their Level 3 is the Friend Kame Hame Ha in which Goten and trunks fire the iconic Beam Together If Krillin is In the team he Joins in for a Triple Kame Hame Ha

His First Reffrence Color Swaps thei Gi Colors
Their Second Reffence Color is Based On Their Casual Clothing from Super

You Might Rightly ask? Why Hatchiyak isnt he from a Crappy Special?
Yeah he is but this Special is based on a game called Plan to eradicate the Saiyans! Originally i chose him just to have a Villain BUT Funnily enough PTETS has some nice Story Justifications for elements from Fighterz
AKA Clones= Ghost Warriors
Depowering= Destron Gas
So all in all these are good reasons to add him into the Game
I have 0 Idea what he could use for moves as i dont know it!
Colour Reffrence 1 could be Dr.Raichi tho
While colour 2 would be his Final Form From Story Mode!
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Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
Cool i got my first like for this so im gonna put more here:

These are all the Stages in the Game its not Much But Its Fighterz so What did You Expect! But i covered the 2 Remaining DBs Arcs aswell as DB, Gt and Z!
Tournament of Power > Destructive >
Tournament of Power (Ruins)
Universe 6 Arena is based on the Anime beacuse most stuff is Sadly!
Its the Classic World Tournament Stage During Evening and Undestroyed BTW that should set it apart from the Z Version
Thats the Place were Trainning happens during Story Mode its also the Default Stage During Trainning Modes
Its the Planet Tsufuru Ruins From GT Mostly cus of Super Baby 2
That it for Base Game Stages!
Im Satisfied with These Base Game Costumes!
Go Kanji Gi (Belt)
Its added for both the Namek arc aswell as the two newest Movies AND Its Ease of Implementation!
Cell Arc Armour
Of Course Vegeta has to get a Costume which is this simple Re Use of his Cell/Super Armour
Future Gohan (SSJ)
Why is he only a costume EZ Kid Gohan is More Important and Obviously its the 2 Armed Version and hes SSJ Cus A Gohans Eyes are Mystic
Mecha Freeza
Its The Only Version Of Freeza that could work for a Outfit Cus you know he turns buff and Golden in Fighterz
Tao Pai Pai (Human)
Obviously the coolest Version of Tao has to atleast be a Costume!
Super Vegito
Easy and honestly only way of giving more Goku Vegeta Fusion Content are SSJ Costumes!
Saiyan Armour

Kuririn from the Popular Freeza arc is playble!
One Armed Battle Suit and Tanktop
Tenshin Han aswell as the Partner Chaozu get this Z Costume
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Champion of Hyrule

Smash Master
Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
I think it would be unfortunately be unlikely that they would do an “everyone is here” for a sequel but if they do I think that would be a nice selection of new characters
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