Diddy Kong's Balloon Blast [Diddy Matchup Index]


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Jun 5, 2009
Turku, Finland
I vote Luigi and ROB. I kinda got destroyed in those MUs, but got a bit better at the Luigi MU so I might actually have something to say this time.


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Feb 18, 2008
Vancouver, WA
Rob gives me a ton of trouble too, but I've only fight wifi robs... here's at least what it looks like to me...

It doesn't look like you played that match badly. You got hit by some low range smashes, which just means you should play a little bit farther away from ROB. He has that dsmash anyway, and it's tough to SDI out. Our side b is a commitment, we can't airdodge in the middle of it or from the kick, so we can be easily punished from it (unsure). I wouldn't try getting back onstage without a banana.

Make sure you're watching what ROB is doing. That laser can come out at any time if he hasn't used it in the last second, and you should be able to shield it on reaction. His laser has significant start up time, and the laser itself is faster when fresher. I think practicing to pshield his laser might be effective; or at least to stay cool when you are hit with it. Also be wary of ROBs glide toss, which is extremely long and if he hits you with a glide tossed banana he might be able to get a smash out (also unsure, he might slide too far)

You lasted extremely long on one stock because you played carefully and stayed away from ROBs kill moves. You didn't continue to play carefully and ROB made a huge comeback once you started kill fishing. Create opportunities, but do not rush them out. Stay away from Robs Gyro too; if you want to use it you need to z catch it and probably instant toss. I wouldn't waste time trying to pick it up from the floor, because if it damages you you're also laser bait, and it got worse when you stayed near that gyro. You have a better item, so get those out instead.

Don't airdodge in the air. If he's facing towards you, he's gonna nair (potentially fair but I can't remember what that attack looks like), so wait until the startup before you airdodge or you'll be hit by it. I'd probably try using some b reverse+popgun cancels to help get back to land. Mostly, getting hit by the nair is not worth it ever. Unless you have to momentum cancel to get back on stage, save your side b for some mobility getting around rob. Keep the second jump too, but only if you can.

This didn't come up, but if ROB hasn't used his laser in a while and he knocks you offstage and you haven't quite been ko'd yet, the supercharged laser often has just enough knockback to place you in the ko zone. Make sure that doesn't hit you, it's a real ugly feeling. Even the weak laser might be enough.

He gimped you once, but I believe you could have recovered. If a character is hugging the ledge, don't aim for it. You should probably aim to go over them and accept the punishment of your landing. It's way better than getting gimped. I also think you had a side b left, because he damaged you after you used your first one. This side b probably would have given you the time needed to get in before his invincibility wears off.

That's all I can think of. I would very much like my own thoughts contested, because this matchup is rough on me too. I've felt though, that if you get used to it, it shouldn't be too bad.
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