Cheers Love, The Cavalry's Here! (Tracer Support Thread)


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Just wanted to stop by and speculate that Tracer may very well have been planned to be DLC pack #5 (and may yet be) but Blizzard's handling of Blitzchung's statements caused Nintendo to, at the very least, put a pin in the whole thing for the time being.

Overwatch's arrival on Switch had a metric TON of publicity behind it. Not only was Blizzard hyping it as a huge deal but there was an entire event planned at the Nintendo world store in NY where the voice actors of some of the OW characters would be on hand for the launch to sign autographs, meet fans, etc., but all of this had the plug pulled on it when the debacle happened.

I'm not sure if this means Nintendo would therefore NEVER want to collaborate with Blizzard for Tracer's inclusion or if the possibility would arise at a later time after the controversy has died down. All I can speculate is that this was an awful lot of publicity and effort for just the launch of OW on the Switch, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tracer's reveal trailer was going to drop at the Nintendo store that same night.
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Oct 29, 2007
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Kinda doubt that they planned her this far ahead, otherwise this would mean that we gotta wait a few months for the next character reveal to happen, even though the VGAs would be the perfect place to reveal the next character.

Besides, the whole hype over Tracer possibly showing up in Smash mostly just started when a fake leaker took advantage of the OW Switch case teaser.

Also, Sakurai doesn't really seem to care about the console wars, or any other type of controversies, otherwise we wouldn't get Konami characters simply because of things being sour between Konami, their fans, and Kojima's departure. The closest thing we got is worrying about there being too many Fire Emblem characters added at once.

Finally, seeing as Verge said Crash wouldn't be FP5, I doubt this means Tracer would have been currently planned either, seeing as they're under the same company umbrella, and it's obvious that Crash would be picked first.


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Nov 14, 2007
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Recently watched some cutscenes and gameplay videos of Overwatch, and it looks like a VERY fun and quirky shooter with a very diverse cast. Each playable character has his/her own unique abilities, backstories, and personalities. It's always fun to see a bunch of different heroes, villains, and antiheroes with their own personal stakes collide. I understand now why this series is so popular. Ergo, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing an Overwatch character in Smash.

That all said, though, while it may be true that the world could use more heroes (everybody's a hero to somebody, and vice versa), Smash itself could use more villains and antiheroes. Ergo, if we did get an Overwatch character, Ashe is mine personal pick. I REALLY like her character and backstory, and her western steampunk look. For all her ruthlessness, she appreciates loyalty and respects others' boundaries, and seems to have a "do unto others" mentality. I've always liked characters with dark personalites; since they have such troubled backgrounds, naturally they're much more interesting to learn about than the typical cheesy do-gooder. I could see Ashe having a speedy, camping-based, guns-blazing type of fighting style where she can quickly rack up damage and move in for the kill, but as a price can get sent flying easily herself if she's not careful. With her, getting the first hit would be everything.

Overall, like Halo, Overwatch looks like a very unique shooter with a deep plotline and a unique concept. It must be pretty good, for Gamespot to give it a 9/10. I might actually invest in this game, now that I know it's on the Switch.
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Nov 15, 2007
Very relevant to this thread. There was an interesting leak :)

The post was removed, so here's what it sayd:

By Slayersfan on Gamefaqs
"I don't post as often as others but for those that ever read anything I wrote, I don't lie to people. I am not going to say how, but this morning I have inside information about the next fighter.

I personally hate when many leakers pretend they know who is coming out next, and instead of telling you guys, they just do these stupid vague hints or riddles so they can cover their butts. Not me, I'm going to spell it out for you, so you can bookmark this if you want.

The next fighter is Tracer, one of the lead heroes in the game Overwatch. It's a first person shooter by the Blizzard company, came out in 2016. They signed the contract the Nintendo in the early months of this year, finalizing other things for OW took longer because of COVID.

Tracer plays like a fast agile fighter. She has every move from her game, so shooting her pulse pistols, blink and recall. They all basically play out the same as in OW. Her pulse bomb is the final smash, and also shows a few cameos from her team when it's executed.

The reveal video shows almost the entire cast of current Overwatch playable characters, and towards the end we see Tracer recieving the Smash envelope digitally on her computer screen at the OW operations base.

That's everything right now. Also if anyone cares, in Overwatch they have a character named Orisa who I leaked two upcoming skins for that were released in 2019 (the Chinese dragon skin and her Demon halloween one). "
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