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B.E.A.S.T 4 Results and Shoutouts

King Funk

Int. Croc. Alligator
Nov 1, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark

B.E.A.S.T 4 Results and Shoutouts

Lolex provided me with the results of B.E.A.S.T 4 so I could post them on his behalf. Thank you to everyone who showed up to the event and made it as special as it was!
Melee Singles (160 entrants)

Bracket image: http://imageshack.com/a/img138/5786/e3rx.png

1: Leffen :foxmelee:
2: CT.EMP|Armada :peachmelee::foxmelee:
3: Ice :sheikmelee:
4: Over :sheikmelee:
5: Tekk :jigglypuffmelee:
5: Fuzzyness :foxmelee::falconmelee:
7: Android :sheikmelee:
7: Jeapie :falconmelee:

9: VA :peachmelee:
9: Professor Pro :foxmelee:
9: Dev :foxmelee:
9: Trif :peachmelee:
13: Daümling :icsmelee:
13: Rocky :falconmelee:
13: Baxon :falcomelee:
13: Thomas :jigglypuffmelee:
17: Fauster :samusmelee:
17: Paju :peachmelee:
17: Nami :falcomelee:
17: Calle W :falcomelee:
17: Tomber :icsmelee:
17: Jon_ass :foxmelee::sheikmelee::falcomelee:
17: Salepate :marthmelee:
17: ZetTroxX :falcomelee:
25: Mayhem :foxmelee::falcomelee:
25: Eagle :drmario:
25: Peki :foxmelee:
25: IVP :foxmelee:
25: Timi :falcomelee:
25: Aniolas :sheikmelee:
25: Humpuff :foxmelee:
25: Aska :falcomelee:
33: Widl :peachmelee:
33: AJP :luigimelee:
33: porc :falcomelee:
33: Kadano :marthmelee:
33: Jinny :falcomelee:
33: pheX :peachmelee:
33: MadJ :foxmelee:
33: Deathgazer :falcomelee:
33: bËst :icsmelee:
33: Kiw1 :foxmelee:
33: Yomi :sheikmelee:
33: MasterKai :marthmelee:
33: Qlex :ganondorfmelee:
33: Willy :falcomelee:
33: Vegard :foxmelee:
33: Doraki :foxmelee:
49: Alpha Dash :icsmelee:
49: Tonberry :falcomelee:
49: Dero :ganondorfmelee:
49: VJ :yoshimelee:
49: JJLinyard :foxmelee:
49: Tero :foxmelee:
49: Usleon :sheikmelee:
49: Ace :falconmelee:
49: Mawacate :luigimelee:
49: Salevits :sheikmelee:
49: lootic :linkmelee:
49: Ministry :sheikmelee:
49: Captain Jadde :sheikmelee:
49: Lguy :falcomelee:
49: Kagg :falcomelee:
49: M0ze :foxmelee:

Melee Doubles (57 teams)

Bracket image: http://imageshack.com/a/img18/6351/isr7.png

1: CT.EMP|Armada & Aniolas
2: Leffen & Ice
3: Thomas & Vegard
4: Android & Zoler
5: Calle W and Humpe
5: Fuzzyness & Jolteon
7: Professor Pro & VA
7: Dev & Kuja

9: Nami & Paju
9: Kiwi & Timi
9: Phex & Usleon
9: Over & Trifasia
13: Jeapie & Ace
13: Eagle & Stelzig
13: Widl & Aske
13: Tomber & King Funk
17: Mawacate & Blayd
17: Rocky & Stivo
17: AJP & Jinny
17: MikeSwaggar & Gusti
17: Supremedad & Moze
17: Best & Salevits
17: Peki & Mayhem
17: Baxon & Deathgazer
25: Qlex & Doraki
25: Akke & Kurre
25: Hara & VJ
25: Luka & Slhoka
25: Widde & Andreas
25: Jerk & Arlex
25: MadJ & Ministry
25: Tero & Kadano

Project M (61 entrants)

Bracket image: http://imageshack.com/a/img600/1976/7qgv.png

1: Armada :pit:
2: Professor Pro :snake:
3: leffen :fox::zerosuitsamus:
4: Fuzzyness :sonic::fox:
5: Jolteon :toonlink:
5: Kiw1 :diddy:
7: Ice :falcon:
7: Android :charizard:

9: Yomi :charizard:
9: Timi :rob:
9: Trif :marth::falco:
9: King Funk :metaknight:
13: Jeapie :sheilda:
13: Eagle :samus2:
13: Mawacate :luigi2:
13: VJ :squirtle:
17: Ace
17: MikeHaggar
17: Blayd
17: Flikkflakk
17: R23
17: L
17: Dev
17: Usleon
25: Rpg
25: IrregularJinny
25: Don Krool
25: Tero
25: Kikki
25: Alpha Dash
25: Qlex
25: pheX
33: Rebaz
33: Deg
33: X1
33: JJLinyard
33: Stelzig
33: Raxer
33: Timmy
33: Hara
33: Tomber
33: Doraki
33: supremeDad
33: Stivo
33: Prailor
33: Slhoka
33: Loch
33: Sebovich
49: Noizeeh
49: Fil
49: The Fall
49: Lolex
49: Ersijo
49: Kurre
49: Marsmannen
49: Vicky
49: Guin
49: Flej
49: Zalvador
49: Tengil
49: Astor


I might add the remaining characters in Project M, but only if people tell me what characters they played in bracket. Please do so by posting in this thread. And feel free to tell me if there are any mistakes with the Melee Singles characters.

See you next BEAST!
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Writing Team
Apr 26, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Good to see that there are 15 people out of top 16 used different characters in Project M


Melee: 4 foxes, 3 sheiks,3 peaches, ,2 jigs, 2 falcons, 1 falco, 1 ic's


Smash Lord
Sep 2, 2007
Freiburg germany
Did my shoutouts on the train, not like i didn't have ebough time on my hands this time :D

First of all:

Thank you Armada and Lolex, and all your little helpers whos name I don't know for an amazing tournament, it was an incredible experience.

Congratulations to Leffen for besting the beast. Lets see wether you've woken it.

Beast has shown me again, that the real competition doesn't even begin until you go out of your own country and community and face the world.
I'm hyped to get better, and i'm way more hyped to do good at MLG Paris, or RoF, whichever the name is going to be :D


Rocky: Thanks for making sure i could stay at your place! It was really nice, and i love the boat trip stories :D
Gratz for your placing, i hope you're happy with what you achieved, you've gotten better so consistently, i hope it doesn't stop and you can be a new falcon threat for the top players :)
Oh, and thanks for reminding me to enjoy Kopenhagen, i've only walked around the city for a bit, but i think I really like it, it might get to the top of my list of places i need to visit.

Mike Haggar: I would've loved to stay at your place again, but i didn't know wether you were free or not, and i remembered getting to the station from your place to be quite a travel. Didn't matter anyway, as i managed to miss 2 trains, but hey, whaddaya know. I'm going to listen to your commentary for sure, hope its hype :) I really like your wolf, and i don't even have to mention that your a ****ing amazing guy. All of you swedes should come to a german tournament sometime (eventhough there aren't any in planning, and i don't know wether you travel out of country ^^) Aditional Note: I just talked to my brother, he really liked your commentary and your game-insights. Keep it up!

Android: Damn, not only have you gotten insanely better in melee, your set vs. leffen was amazing, but you also placed higher than me with charizard... which is kind of a let down for me :/ My brother told me i should rewatch your sets and learn from your gimps. Will most definitely do that!

Link-main who's name i seem to be unable to remember: Good matches, your Link is pretty sick. I hope you are aware of Sixxs existance (German Link), maybe you can get together and exchange some knowledge sometime.


Aska: Yeah, im pretty sure that was the second time you beat me. I'm a bit salty about how the matches went, but good stuff! You seem pretty cool, i dunno why i never got in contact with you before, i'm sure we've been at more than just 2 tournaments at the same time.

Baxon: you're awesome. Thank's for everything, i hope you're not too dissapointed by your placing, but maybe you can step it up again! See you in may at the latest. Hope you had a nice birthday in Gothenburg and you enjoyed your german birthday song :D

Porc: Good to see you, we didn't talk that much, but as always, nostalgia. I really wanted to play you though, have to do that next time!

Salepate: Pretty much the same thing :)

Dero: It was the first time i really got to talk to you and hang out with you! Everybody told me you were a cool guy, but now i'm most definitely convinced :D I'll see ya in Paris.

Willy: I'm not going to start again if there is another germany vs france crewbattle, i have to break the cycle :D ... ... or am i? I still love playing National crewbattles though, it's always so much fun, even if it's always in the middle of the night :) Good stuff!

Tekk: Congratulations for your placing! Really took me by surprise, nice job!


Ace: Dude, i've really grown to like you man, you're an awesome guy! I'll try and come visit you in amsterdam sometime, maybe in connection to a tournament or something like that. Won't be able to attend Avalon :( Thanks for all the cigarettes and helping me out monday morning, i was really frustrated and didn't really know what to do. I missed the second train nonetheless, but at least I managed to not pay much aditional money (only 12€ for a busticket in Germany). Sadly i'll be traveling about 20 hours on the way back now... lol... never again! Oh, another thing... are you interested in playing magic online maybe? I've been thinking about building a deck, as i've told you, and i'd like to try it out before spending some money on it, and having someone to try it out with might motivate me to actually build the deck!

Jeapie: Best falcon in the world. At least the coolest. I love your piano playing, especially on the last day when everyone's way to tired, and then jeapie jumps on stage and performs :D Even if it seems like not alot of people are listening, i'm pretty sure everyone feels like that, love your music.

UK-Crew: It was really awesome having you all at a tournament, you seem like a fun and lively group and an addition to the tourney-scene :) Hope to see your faces at more internationals if possible!

Fuzzyness: Dude, why are you hating on PM if you're in the backroom. I know there's alot of flaws in the game design, so go ahead and show them instead of ******** about the game with leffen... Great Job in singles, keep it up!

Prof: I really respect your skill, in PM aswell as in Melee, really really impressive! I think you have what it takes to be a top player in both games, keep up the good work man! Don't forget Melee over your PM success though, melee is still the game that counts. (not to discredit PM)

AlphaDash: You asked me to team with you right? I'm so bad with names.... For some reason every once in a while i'll find 2 names that won't stick and that i'll always mix up. I think one of the two wasn't even attending though, so you know who i'm talking to :) Thanks for the request, i just entered with a friend like 30 seconds before you asked, i'd have loved to team with you, i think we could've made a bit of an impact :)

Sam(?) If thats your name: Nice meeting you, to bad we didn't play :D For some reason there's always one or two persons that i'm eager to do a bit of freeplay against, but it never happens :D (well, actually most of the time its alot more people). Hope to see you at more tourneys with the other rest of you british people.

ministry: Nice to see you again, didn't really expect that :) I wish you the best of luck on your lifes-Journey :D If you're ever in germany and need a place to stay, i'd be glad to help you out.

Tonberry: You seemed quite rusty :D I'm still glad i got managed to win though. Are you still playing actively or was attending BEAST more like a one time thing?

Victor: I think you're really good for the time you've played the game seriously! Keep up the good work, and you'll be good really quick! Hope i could tell you something of use.

Kikki: Well, that didn't work out at all :p Wasn't a big deal though. Too bad we only got to play like 1 or 2 games, would've liked to play you a bit more, you seem like a nice guy. Your Captain Falcon aerials (and Uptilt, lol) were pretty accurate on sunday! Also hilarious.

MadJ: Shhhhhhhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhh. Just let go. Don't fight it! Shhhhhhhh.

Doraki: Communication is the key! I was really confused when you just came up to us and pointed on our pan full of bolognese. How are we supposed to know you want to use it, not have some of it? "Talk to 'em!" It helps^^

King Funk: Lol man... i was a little bit hurt inside when you came to our pool and asked for a Stream-match. I was just about to play Over and had just beaten Tonberry 2-0. "hey yomi, i'm looking for a match on stream, who's in your pool?" "well, there's Me, Over, Tonberry and Ace" "ALLRIGHT, TONBERRY AND OVER, come to the stream TV." ... ... ... Lol, wtf. Fine, don't use the match for second seed. Not like i wanna be on stream anyway.

Jinnyw: I like you, you're allright. Great stuf for streaming when UCK wasn't there yet. Just FYI, everyone knew SaltyPlaygorund was arriving on thursday evening, so i don't really see the reason for bashing UCK for it. But i still think its great you tried to help them set up and give tipps. But you gotta see, that they can't really know wether or not you know your stuff, and UCK has invested alot in everything, so don't be too hard on him for not listening to a stranger without anything to show for his experience. I'm sure It'd be really helpful if you could give constructive criticism though! I don't mean to offend you by saying any of this, it's just that i feel like I can see where both sides are coming from on this! See you around, or on your stream, now that i have your twitch account! :)

In the end, i'm quite unsatisfied with my tourney results, especially in PM, but also a little in Melee. However the whole international experience has really relight my fire, and I hope I can perform better. Top5 at MLG-Paris thingie, here i come! ("I CAN DREAM HAROLD!")
Again, thank you to everyone involved in the Tournament, especially the TOs and all the handy helpers, SaltyPlaygorund, LeFrenchMelee, IrregularJinny, and Shlhoka for holding one heck of a hype-speech :D


Smash Rookie
Dec 24, 2009
Before I post Shoutouts.
I'm a Marth Main. and I only used Marth (and Sheik vs Thomas, and Fox once vs NamiNami). just so that gets corrected. I quit falco after Apex2014 (for Singles, since I use him in Doubles, and PM)
ffor PM I Main Roy.

also apology to everyone I yelled at and got angry at I never meant to be mean to anyone, I tried to make sure everything was running okay, I get a bit carried away when I work for events.
and Apology to SaltyPlayground that I sounded like a random ****face sometimes its hard to balance everything when you work triple time for an event like this. I'm am truly sorry. great showing tho!

Multi language shoutouts get ready!

ajp_anton: best teammate ever love ya man. your recording skills are still out of this world. teach me son!

Rebaz: YOU WIIIN MAN!!!!! YOU WIN MAN! you were a much cooler dude in person, can't wait to hang out with you again man!
And your Falcon in a thing of Beauty damn, I got rekt at Rocky+Armada's House haha !

Jeapie: for being tha man. you did so good man in Singles <3, thanks for the kind words on my improvement <3, still love your Falcon man, I need to learn that shiet!

Prof.Pro: Yo man, I hope I can get super good with Roy soon so you and me and body these flopmericans in PM that play our characters! :p EU >>>> US
your Snake is ****ing amazing. I learnt alot from playing you! Hope yo like my Roy haha I intend to work hard with him from now on!

Thomas: KJEMPETORSK! Playing you is alot of fun, I'm just sad I lost the last match vs you cuz I messed up (I'm bad haha), but I will never forget your face when you saw me Pick Sheik hahaha best moment, sadly not recorded. I will practice now so I'm ready to 2-0 you next time ;) get ready!
Bra jobbat i Teams!

Tekk: good to see ya again man! I think I did OK vs you, I recently just picked up Marth as a main so its alot to take in to learn Puff, since you are the most offensive puff I've played against, last time I think we were pretty even haha (ages ago XD) SACREBLEU! I hope I face you again sometime, I will be ready for ya! Good stuff in singles man! dem crazy rests!

Android: TRYCK TILL! Jävlar Android du tog nästan Leffen, det var helt sjukt, fan att du åkte mot Tekk, vi får jobba på den MUn! ev att ja du byter gubbe för den, personligen tycker ja du ska stanna Sheik för den är inte omöjlig, det är inte ICs. bra skit iaf. Bättre än Mada snart ;D

Tibo / porc : damn man we didn't get to play or hang out! :( next time!

Calle W, Q , Humpe : sorry for no Dokapon Kingdom, jag ville verkligen spela med er men det var så mkt å göra så ja var astrött hela tiden :(
bra jobbat i teams Shaft iaf <3

Germany: so you didn't know I was a speedrunner? >;D
Realtalk tho, the Set vs Daumling was funny, I swear a Friggin Workout hahahha!

Finland: Miksi te pelaatte totä paska peli? <3

Spain: LA LUNA http://www.twitch.tv/irregularjinny/c/3742103 ( I am still laughing hard)
Good stuff Trif and Over for getting so far in Brackets! MUY BIEN AMIGOS!
Over. you are pretty good at Slender

stelzig: dang man, you are so good at SMS. Love to learn it and race you in Any% someday! good stuff!

Scuzz; didn't get to hangout with you, you seemed super chill, but I was so busy haha, nice showin tho, saw some matches on stream,
you are getting somewhere ! thumbs up!

UK: hilarious.
JJLinyard, nice matches man!

Ace: you were a really cool guy man, I hope we play PM next time, I really look forward to it, good stuff in PM!

good stuff in singles! and in Doubles man! your shiek is scarier than ever! Keep it up!

Yomi: good stuff in PM man, I wish I beat MikeHaggar so I could play you, I really enjoy Roy vs Charizard haha. good stuff man!

More Shoutouts Later.. I'm exhausted. said my goodbyes to Rebaz and Jeapie before they left Gothenburg and worked today so yeah

Thanks for all 160+ ppl attending, I WANNA SEE MORE OF THIS!

Hope everyone or alot of you go support the other Melee events coming up!
Republic of Fighters
Unnamed Tournament ( hosted by me, a multi game tournament in Sweden, week after RoF3, still planning state, got venue and stuff already More info in april!)

Hope everyone came home safely, great showing everyone MELEE 4 LIFE <3

Peace ( might post more shoutouts later! now I am so tired man)

EDIT: oh yeah this is Jinny haha
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Smash Champion
Jul 18, 2008
I think Aska played Marth and not Falco in Melee.
Also as you can see from my avatar I played Wolf in PM =)

King Funk

Int. Croc. Alligator
Nov 1, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
****, Yomi I'm sorry it hurt you. I should have put you on the stream instead of Tonberry but I was a bit in a rush and wasn't thinking clearly at all.

GGs in our PM set though.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 12, 2006
Thanks everybody for an awesome tournament. I really had a great time and got to meet and talk to so many interesting people. Love you all.

I didn't do as well in bracket as I had hoped (#salt), but yeah, Calle W outplayed me (you're really playing the match up well, good ****), and if I can't even beat Dev's pocket Peach then I don't really deserve to place high yet (Dev<3).
I'll take a break from Melee for now and focus on other stuff. I'll be back tho. Like, I'm finally starting to get decent at this game, and the game hasn't ever been as big as it is now.

Armada/Lolex: Good job hosting the tournament even tho I know it wasn't easy.

Ice: Hope you learned something in our friendlies. Otherwise, send me a message on Facebook if you want to talk about the MU. Don't want to see you lose against American ICs.

Daümling/AD/bËst: It was really great playing with and talking to you guys. Here is the ICs guide I was talking about. Check it out. I think you can all learn a thing or two from it. Also, send me a message on FB if you want to discus ICs stuff or complain about Peach.

Thomas/Vegard: It was great talking to you. GGs in teams and good job getting 3rd. Hope you understand the ICs mu better now@Thomas. Good **** beating an ICs in pools@Vegard. Love you guys.

Fuzzyness/Jolteon/Ying/Usleon: It was nice seeing you all again. We should play some more friendlies next time.

Leffen: **** yeah dude! Keep going, you got this. We should play more next time tho.

Peki: All you need is A. It was nice seeing you again. Have fun until next time.

Android: Always a pleasure. You're becoming really good. Keep it up.

Paju: Justice!:D GGs man.

Timi: GGs:)

Prof: You're pretty good at the ICs MU. I learned a few new things in our friendlies. GGs.

Jeapie: You're a really cool person and a great player. Glad I got to meet you.

The danes: You guys are amazing. Try to get better while I'm gone.

Also shoutouts to everyone else I got to talk to. You're the reason way it's so hard for me to quit this game.
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We Are Born
Jun 14, 2006
Amazing tourney, had a great time both playing and spending time with people. I finally feel like I am starting to do fairly good and have some noticeable improvement. Just gotta practice even more, and clutch out the close sets and don't fall victim to those banana peel sets.
Of course, I wish I talked more with people, but I'm kinda shy, so...

Norwegians have already received their shoutouts, so here we go:

ZOLER: I thought you were kidding when you said you didn't make it out of pools. Wooow. You'll get them next time.
TEKK: I'm so ****ing proud that I managed to beat you, especially when I watched you plow your way to the top 5. Good ****. Your Puff is really smart, and really entertaining to watch. I'm sure you'll figure out the Peach matchup (I have a lot of practice in the Puff matchup). Truly a force to be reckoned with. I'm pretty sure most of my fellow Norwegians were rooting for you in the top 8.
VA: Never really talked to you, but I watched you play some friendlies. Your Peach seems really tight! And well played in teams. I really have to figure out how to deal with other Peaches in teams...
FAUSTER: Even though I probably seemed somewhat disappointed after our set, I had a great time playing you. You have a really good Samus. Tight set!
BAXON: You beat me pretty convincingly, but thanks for the tips and the compliments. It actually helped my mindset when I had to face Alpha Dash's Falco the next round. Hope to play you again some time.
ANDROID: Good **** vs Leffen! Tryck nu till pojke!
IRREGULARJINNY: Safe to say, I was disappointed after our set... but no johns. I just felt like I choked hard, but then again - that might just be because you have a very unique play style that I am really not used to. I'll get you next time!
PEKI+MAYHEM: I think our set might be one of the craziest teams sets I have ever played. Extremely hype, especially the last match.
DEV: Solid as always. You and Kuja pretty much ***** me and Aske in teams. Cool seeing you pull out the Peach vs. Tomber too.
ROCKY: That rest punish you did on Thomas on FD. I think I almost fainted and fell off my chair when you did the exact same combo (...I t-t-think?) again. Wow!
LEFFEN: Clearly you had our support, just like you did at Apex. Happy to see you finally win in Europe, and it was well deserved!
ARMADA: Ridiculous amounts of kudos goes to you for making sure that the tournament was running. You were understandably tired, and I hope you'll consider hosting again, cause you're doing a great job. I'm sorry some people just don't follow the rules. :/
LOLEX: ^Pretty much.
BRITS: Cool seeing so many British players! Don't remember that many names, but whoever I played - I had fun!
SHLOKA: Really interesting to hear about your job, and good **** with building a Melee scene there, haha! I will try to make it to the tourney in Paris - haven't been in Paris (or France for that matter) in a couple of years now.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 29, 2009
I'm always too lazy to write shoutouts after tournaments but I'll do it now before it's too late. First of all huge thanks to Armada, Lolex and Dev (I'm sure there were others too, thanks to you too) for organizing the tournament. Out of 3 BEAST tournaments I've been to so far this has been the best. Good amount of setups and clear announcements of what's going on.


Leffen: Gongratulations on winning melee singles. I guess we didn't play any matches apart from the team matches with Paju and Ice. Luckily Ice was hungry so we won 1 of them =D Let's try to play the next time we meet.

CT.EMP | Armada: Thursday evening friendlies I had no chance vs you. I feel like I should just trust myself more and not respect you too much :D I started our pool set pretty well but after 1 minute you had all control. Like I said earlier the dropzone nair in the second match was amazing, just wow!

Ice: Amazing Sheik tech skill in the WF set vs. Armada. Too bad you didn't own my Falco with DK and Zelda this time, let's play more next time.

Over: Much love Randall game 5 in our doubles set. Paju was on fire!

Tekk: The last rest vs. Android was something I couldn't have ever expected. Amazing move.

Android: Was fun playing you in friendlies again. Thanks for letting me borrow the pump =)

Jeapie: I really wanted to have the moneymatch with you, we must do it next time! Me and Paju were in trouble vs. double Falcon. I could watch you in Yoshi's Story 24/7. Also Dire Dire Docks on piano, that was such nostalgic while eating breakfast in the game room <3

Professor Pro: Was nice to see you after 3 and a half years I thought you still had that afro =DD Have to play next time!

Däumling: 13th, sehr gut! Don't know what was your goal but I would be happy with 13th.

Rocky: You're so fast it's really hard to control the match vs. you. Also you are very good at getting out of Falco's combos. Good games!

Baxon: I know you love FD but I really like it too in Falco ditto. It's so crazy anything can happen. Too bad we didn't play outside of tournament. I'll try to get to Paris.

Thomas & Vegard: You're a solid team and nice chemistry. Gongratulations on placing 3rd in teams. The moneymatch was very close on Sunday. I really liked the Sunday team friendlies.

Calle W: We didn't talk much but it was great to see you again. Have to play next time. Try to come Finland when we have a tournament.

Tomber: Thanks for the friendlies I really needed IC experience. Next time let's play more.

King Funk: I liked your commentary, good job! :) I was really having a hard time playing you in friendlies when Deathgazer was there too. Should've played more.

Jon_ass: Next time I won't be confused who is who, I promise :D Sorry for it I don't know why I'm mixing you with ZetTroxX. I was playing super in our poolset, I feel like next time either of us can win.

IrregularJinny: You have a very unique playstyle like Widl said. I felt like you dropped many edgeguards in our set. Playing with Neutroni's Marth definitely helped me with the matchup.

pheX: Omg we missed the moneymatch. We really need to do it on day 1 just in case we run out of time.

Deathgazer: Felt like you're playing less flashy / technical and focusing on solid punishments. I hope we can get our games recorded next tournament. Thanks for the matches but really wanted to play more.

Everyone else: thanks for being there you made it such a great event!

Alpha Dash

Smash Ace
Sep 20, 2009
London / Croydon
Had a lot of fun and it really lifted my spirit being at this tournament. Thank you Armada and Lolex for such a great tournament.

Armada - Would have liked to get some more PM games with you. Hopefully you can make it to Smash Ain't Dead 3! Also, glad you're out of retirement.

Professor Pro - My dawg! Proving to the world that you're not "just gimmicks". Nice work on 2nd in PM and 9th in Melee at your first international. Still pissed that we didn't team though.

Guin & The Fall - Look forward to you guys accompanying us and I'm glad you both are gonna start playing smash properly. OOC Baby!

Jinny - Thanks for the second stream. I'd like to look back some of my matches. Nice to see you again hopefully we'll play more next time.

Jeapie - I had hope in beating you after we were going even at Avalon but you wrecked me this time. Smash Ain't Dead I'll be bring those games back! Thanks for the advice on shield dropping, I can do it almost consistently now and it helps in pressured situations.

Mike SWAGGAR - Hype!

Rebaz - Mega Hype!

Mayhem - Had some pretty good games Saturday morning. I wish I was playing that consistent during the tournament though.

Nami - That MM then strait away I play you in tournament. If I had any idea I would have done it the other way round. GGs anyway.

Salevits - I'm happy with our set, I can't remember what tournament it was where you beat me, but I've put an end to that win streak. Until next time...

Zods - Look forward to seeing you improve, stick to one character.

Shloka - GGs and great news on MLG you're an asset to the community!

Baxon - Traitor! Just wait till me meet in tournament. I'm gonna make you hate playing against me. Remember what I did to Mahie at Charlons place? I will do the same to you (do you guys still have the recording by the way?)

Aska - Nice playing you again even though we were distracted by Tekk vs Android match.

Tekk - Good job in your placing, I want an MM next time I see you.

Doraki - Stop rage quitting! Wobbling is part of the game, and so is up throw, C4 stick, up throw, up air, up air, detonate... My snake isn't Profs but I still know how the character is played ;).

L - Never mind about doubles its not your fault we still did well considering we had no doubles practice. We had some great matches though.

Trifasia - I am super salty about my SD on PM. You won't win next time I can almost guarantee it!

Ice - IIIIICCCEEE, this time I was actually cheering you on. I used to cheer on Leffen but watching and playing against you I learned so much. Thanks for the bed space by the way. See you at Smash Ain't Dead.

Däumling - Didn't get to play you but I watched some of your matches. Your ICs are still solid!

Tomber - You've helped me ascend to the next level! I've learned so much from you. You deserve "Best ICs in Eurpoe" title (event though Däumling out placed you, but it's no biggie). Watching your friendlies vs Prof has given me hope.

UK - Shoutouts to everyone from the UK who attended. Great support system from you guys!


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Jan 26, 2009
I watched the stream and I just wanted to say King Funk and Mike Haggar, your commentary was awesome, I hope to hear you again in the future.
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Oct 5, 2009
Best BEAST so far. Had an amazing time!

Shout outs to everyone I played with and/or talked to. You guys know who you are!


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Jul 18, 2008
Thumbling :D
I just wanted to get a reference to Tomber thats why i wrote Thumber


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Aug 9, 2006
Smashboards rankings:

For people who are not aware there is a rankings system on Smashboards now where people can upload brackets and a user can claim their placement to gain points for rankings.

King Funk has uploaded the singles brackets for Melee/PM, they only get added to the rankings system when enough people have claimed their placing. if you are interested in doing that here are the links:

Melee: http://smashboards.com/rankings/b-e-a-s-t-4-singles-bracket.458/event
PM: http://smashboards.com/rankings/b-e-a-s-t-4-project-melee.459/event

edit: Also found out that you can specify the character(s) you played by clicking "edit" after the TO approves your claim.
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Jul 18, 2008
Claimed my results.

Btw there is a mistake. MikeHaggar claimed to be M0ze (which is Flikkflakk) I guess he wanted to claim Kagg which was one row below.


I'm sharpening my knife, kupo.
Aug 9, 2006
@ King Funk King Funk will have to fix that.

btw, I also found out that you can specify the character(s) you played by clicking "edit" after the TO approves your claim.

shloka: not sure how it works with regards to pools results
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Feb 26, 2009
Vienna, Austria
I don't know if the system can handle it, but it would have been more intersting to include pool results as well.
It’s been a long time, but I did make a photograph of my pool’s results (#14) and kept it. Still doesn’t help with entering them in the system, but at least people can see this pool’s results if they care.
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