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"A Bad Smash Day..."- Conker for Ultimate!

Morgana J. Cat

Smash Apprentice
Jul 17, 2019
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I finally got to play Smash Remix last week on my Nintendo 64 and even tho my expectations were pretty damn high the mod still exceeded them. All the new characters and content look so damn official. And Conker being their second character in the game that’s not an official fighter in the official Smash games, it only makes it more of a big deal that he’s in the game. Not just because Smash is a game he always belonged in but because the moveset they gave him is really well thought out. You can tell the people behind it knew Bad Fur Day very well.
This does prove what I’m always saying that Conker is a character that even tho comes from an M-rated game (which is something we have seen before in Smash games btw) is tame in behavior and personality, and can fit right into Smash while being given a top tier moveset without any inappropriate nature. Yet I see close minded people (even here on the DLC Speculation Discussion thread) saying he wouldn’t offer any variety and would look out of character cuz the whole appeal of the character is that he’s offensive and inappropriate, and that people only like BFD because it’s for adults.
Man just how stupid and close minded are these people anyway? Go play the game before jumping into false and dumbass conclusions!
Ehh don’t take it so hard! In the end we’ve got Conker in one of the best Smash mods in history which is something worth being happy with. So in a way we won, yay!
Just let those puny numbnuts stay ignoring since it’s what they do best.
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