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  • Goku without question. Even power levels aside, he'll just Instant Transmission Superman to someplace to die.
    Apples. Not a fan of the fibrous texture of oranges.

    Orange juice, however, is fantastic.
    What is your current Internet connection?

    Me? 30 mbps, pretty damn good. :awesome:
    Any tips on how to get that pig achievement in MC? I can easily find a saddle but making the pig take fall damage while riding it is more difficult than it sounds...
    Oh? How did that go? You guys have a server? (I can't remember if tPK or John2k4 has one...)

    Nah, I don't think so. I used to play on my old 2007 pro console w/ the wifi adapter and online MP worked fine for me. (When I used to play 360 downstairs in the basement, I used ethernet, slightly less lag IMO.)
    Okay then, I only assumed it was unmanageable because even tho I've played survival mode in the PC version, I never noticed the hunger bar for whatever reason(s).

    That'll happen soon, kinda surprised they didn't update the 360 version on Friday like that message said on the main screen of the game. =/ (Doesn't really bother me, as I'm a newcomer to the game.) :p

    Nice, I got that one a few days ago. I had to tame more than 5 for some reason. I also just got all of the avatar awards. Still need to kill some more creepers (w/ my bow and arrow) to get that creeper gamerpic. (I think you need to kill 10 w/o them blowing up or else those won't count?)

    I'd like that very much, how on earth did you even manage that in the first place? Isn't that like half of the limited world the 360 version currently has? And any tips on getting the pig one? I saw a video where you should play on the "888" random world, get the saddle near the spawn but I can't find a pig high enough on a mountain to ride then punch off to take fall damage. D:

    (How "bad" is your Internet btw? I wish you had a mic / headset for your 360...and yeah I know that feeling, it's lag from the host. Sometimes I get disconnected and my friends see the message before I even get dropped.) =/

    I heard there's gonna be an update tomorrow. I saw it from a message on the menu. "[something] update friday". I'm almost done building my sandcastle btw. I love MC, it lets my imagination run free and reminds me of The Sims in many ways.

    Not looking forward to the hunger bar tho. =/ (I want creative mode ASAP.)
    I have no reason to not accept your request, and I never had a reason to delete anyone on my friends list, so yeah.
    I believe they also said that they'll be able to expand the world size in future updates.

    (Don't quote me on this through.)
    Have you tried the demo yet?

    And I'll list all of the pros and cons of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition:


    - Runs on dedicated servers
    - 4J Studios / Mojang promises free updates/patches/DLC and exclusive 360 content soon / in the near future
    - The game will be constantly updated to include all of the features which the PC version has
    - The crafting system has been totally revamped (As in, you no longer have to open up a Minecraft wiki to see how to craft something. This is a HUGE plus for me because doing that **** in the PC version turned me off.)
    - The graphics have been improved
    - The view is amazing (As in, how far you can see. On my computer, I have to play Minecraft on normal setting or else the game lags...) =/
    - Runs at 60 FPS
    - The controls are great
    - Has 4 player local split-screen (If you play on a HDTV)


    - No sprinting (Yet. Will be patched soon.)
    - No mod / skin support (Yet. Will be patched soon to allow this stuff.)
    - The world is "limited" when compared to the PC version. (1000 x 1000 but for someone like me, I won't notice and doesn't bother me in the slightiest.)
    - Only allows 8 player co-op online via XBL (Not sure how much the PC version allows but I'll never have 7 other friends who buy this game to play with in the first place so this doesn't bother me.)

    Final notes: I would highly recommend this to you.
    Hey, can't complain with free entertainment, can you?

    **** happens, what else can I say?

    I might get a job phone call next week.
    Things didn't work out, I quit.

    **** hit the fan and I bailed, simply put.
    Oh yeah? Glad to know you have a plan set out.

    I'm still unemployed and looking for work. ;-;
    This forum doesn't deserve us.

    I'll be taking my leave soon. You know how to reach me.
    I just lost my colored user title. The admins are lame.

    Well, do you like zombies and survival? (Games like Left 4 Dead / Resident Evil or the movie Shaun of the Dead?)

    Then you'll enjoy this show, I'm currently on episode 5. Watching Season 1 on Netflix then I gotta watch Season 2 online since Netflix probably won't get those episodes for a while and they're still being shown on TV.

    On another note, look at dem PSV sales in Japan. :smirk:
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