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  • Hey man i didn't know u lived in Ga once I get my wifi up we should do some matches an since I'm back into the smash scene we can fight at offline tournaments btw i, saw ur post about pm did a lot of ppl show up for that?
    Yeah same here, I mean I play melee with Ko and Justin, but everyone else is kinda...bleh on smash it seems. Been trying to get into blazblue recently, I'm kinda ok at it lol, you haven't missed much in the smash scene...its pretty much nonexistent with the exception of a few, most have switched to a different fighting game. To my knowledge blazblue seems to the most popular here due to Milln's awesome tourneys.
    Nah, kind of stopped smashing, mostly playing other games..and trying to get good at street fighter. Since Brawl+ sort of died, ive lost a purpose. I might come back when Project Melee is released. I have no idea whats going on in the smash scene anyways.
    Would you be up for some B+ wifi today?

    I'm trying to find which character I should use in tournament since I haven't played b+ enough to really decide on a main.
    If it makes things more safe for you, I'll bring my 360 while you can just bring the HDD, I don't have a TV to use, but from the way things are looking this monthly looks to have alot of setups at our disposal.

    From what I remember of Jann Lee he was quite the wait and punish kind of fellow. Or atleast I remember most Jann Lee's I played kinda just stood on the defense until I guessed wrong or was too impatient with pokes and such. Do you play your Brawl main the same way you used to play Jann Lee?

    I'm still trying to find who plays like Christie in this game lol
    You might probably need to bring a memory card or your HDD as well, my past 360 got RRoD'd and that's what had my DoA data on it, even though i still have my XBL account lol.

    Any news on the next DoA at all? I heard there wasn't even going to be a DoA5.

    So I might bring my 360. If you still have your DoA4 disc, bring that, and hit me up for some friendlies. I really wanna play that game again, but my disc broke like... a long time ago D:

    Is there still a community for DoA?
    I would be glad if we start to play after Ganongasm II. I will probably switch to Brawl+ definitely.

    Come to the Ganon chat for we talk more directly: xat.com/Ganondorf_Brawlers

    Take Care !
    Alright, yeah, Ill come. What build are we using? Im guessing the official build since its tournament standard. Also, having flyers would be amazing, people would definetely get interested I think. At least taped up Brawl+ logos on our tvs would be nice.
    Just to let you know. I'm definitely coming tomorrow.

    IDK if that will change your mind, just a heads-up though.
    Oh man, that sounds exciting, but yeah, Ill probably only come if you come, make sure you send me a message as soon as possible to let me know.

    But yeah, if your talking about the backroom build, I tested it with Ryokoyaksa and it seems to be wonky with the sideb, bring it if you like though.
    I will be there at 3:00 PM (if I go; family issues came up so IDK if my father has given me the go yet). Unlike last time where I gave up Brawl+ to the vB tournament, it will run Brawl+ ALL DAY.

    Also I'll let you testdrive a certain codeset where Mr. Old Man's side-B cannot be teched if that's enough incentive. ;)

    Bring your Wii too, we can do Round Robin B+ maybe. I can also make fliers for to display the fact that we're playing B+.

    And I keep forgetting you basically live in the middle of no where Smash-wise. =/
    hey I might be at WABA this Saturday. Let's have a Brawl+ fest! Two other B+ers might be there as well as some randoms we can get to play B+ with us...maybe.

    also it'd be good to get some offline footage of you. =3
    I missed the days where I would get a replay in the mail. ;_;

    So the combo video is going well since atm it's only your clips and mine. We've reached the half-way point with 3:00 left to go (song is 6:00 minutes or so).

    If you're still into sending me stuff, don't hesitate I guess is what I mean.

    Ganon+ in GFs of a Wi-Fi tourney eh...

    very interesting indeed o_O
    finally, ok, well, cause ary recording he host, remember its 3/5, i ban frigate, cp in tags, your ban?
    Good news, we can play, meet you on in a second. My CP will be announced on my tag.
    You just got DQ'd but I'll have a word with Barge seeing as my opponent isn't even on right now lol.
    Hey, we're matched up for R4 of the Grand OTL Tourney.
    Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to face you tomorrow because right now it's 2am and I really need to sleep, lol.
    I'll be free for most of tomorrow though, and since you'll win anyway, just VM a time before R5 that you'll find convenient.
    Thanks, and sorry for living in a drastically different timezone! xD
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