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Yoshi Kirishima

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  • yeah, its crazy D3 chaingrabs him so fast that he doesnt have time to pull out a gernade.
    i was joking about the biceps lol. and there is now about 98% chance that I am coming.
    lol, I refresh the page and have a new message!
    my phone number is 586-822-0796(cell)
    i really havent changed in apearence, well now I have biseps as thick as my head, but thats about it.
    in melee fox could be chaingrabbed by serveral many characters., and he ended up being tied for first.
    What about new pork?
    I was thinking that we get rid of everything not (starter)/counterpick, making the matches much easier. MK cant be infinited, can he?
    also, from when to when is the tournament?
    i can go, or should be able to if something more important comes up. Maybe there is a stage select button and I can somehow go in and put in the starter and starter/counterpick stages (so they dont go, WOW why does it keep going into only these 4 stages?)

    oh and tomorrow I can give you that dollar I owe you!
    this saturday, maybe I will ask my mom if she can give me a ride. Is there any entry fee? Have you made it more competetive?

    Me maining MK happened entirely by accident. We were playing Team Battles and someone on the other team picked MK, I knew that we would lose because he picked MK so I also picked him. Much to my suprise playing MK is really fun and he has really good moves, and he fits my playstyle more then Marth Gay Men Watch, so I stuck with him. I currently dont have a secondary character lol.
    the library has another tourney? sure, I might come. Oh and BTW, I main MK now.
    When is school over for you?
    Alright, generally, I require proof of your status as an accomplished Marth. I accept evidence in three forms:

    A) Videos of you vs a human opponent, preferably off-line, and tournament is better.
    B) Links to educated/informative posts you have made, preferably referring to Marth.
    C) Links to tournament results of tournaments that you attended where you used Marth.

    You need at least one of these to be considered for the MBR. Submitting as much evidence as possible is good.
    yeah, good thing, I wouldnt be able to make it if it were during exams. Did you watch the APEX grand finals? M2K LOST to ALLY!!! does this prove that mk is NOT broken? or is Ally just that good.

    oh and BTW, I dropped marth and game and watch and picked up snake and...DK! I still main falco.

    Have you gotten any better?
    i have decided to play smash again! as soon as my friend gets a replacement sensor bar, he said he would let me borrow his Wii every wednesday.
    i realized that there is much more money in halo then in smash, and i love both games equally, so i decided to go halo. on top of that i recently bought a 360 and have been playing non-stop halo
    marth on the other hand, he has gr8 range, good strength, a very powerful spike, and good air game
    why aren't u asleep? ****.

    the thing is, i really dont know what i do with falco... whenever i think of him i see a lack of good moves and no combo potential. IDK
    u are beast, how do u convert someone to competetive smash?

    Back in melee, i went thru alot of mains. My first main was mario. Then i went to Link. Then i used both. I then dropped Link for pikachu, and then dropped pikachu for roy, as my primary, and then dropped link for samus as my secondary. I then picked up Doctor Mario and dropped roy, and re-replaced link with samus, then used them both. after that, my friend told me to try marth, which I did, and I liked him and adapted him as my primary. I then found out about tiers, and picked up falco. Then one day I said i want a new character, whoever random chooses I will use, random hit GaW, and I started using him. Then brawl came out. I dropped Falco because he had changed so much that I just couldnt play with him. I saw that GaW had become much bettter and was haappy that random chose him for me. After looking at the tier list i saw that falco was in fact good, so i desided to use him again. So now I alternatevely use Marth, Falco, and GaW.

    You should stary with D3 and Marth

    Its funny, some people say that my Marth is my best, some peolpe say its my Falco, some people say its mty GaW.
    yeah, ggs. I hope to play you tomorrow, who was that other guy you were versing, ROBQ, or something.

    So, why were u playing so many different people?

    I cannot believe I suiseded 3 times that first match.
    Idk doesnt matter I guess. On internet I guess Yoshi, real life either Yoshi or Adriel :)

    Ok im gonna wait on wifi screen if u play
    wow, ur name is adriel mine is ariol **** thats close. do u want me to refer to u as adriel or yoshi?
    so exactly how did u start the video game club?
    I will definately be on wednesday 3-4!
    I havent been on the last 2 days cuz I am downloading Metroid Prime Corruption but it should be done by tomorrow, so see you online.

    This is embarrasing, but I forgot your name, i think it is something like adrian.
    dude, you get things done. Anyway, my internet was down due to weather conditions today, so I wasn't able to go online. HB tuesday at whatever time u want?
    Ah sry i just forgot not tomorrow may but tuesday-fri, forgot tomorrow i have a SSBB club that i started at my school XD
    whats ur FC?
    idk till when i have it...
    but i probably will have it tomorrow, since i start my HW at 6 (unless i have something planned) i willl play u tomorrow.
    remember, I dont own a Wii so I cant play just play you whenever, I ll ask him.
    If you really want me to get a messsage, better email me at ariolk@hotmail.com

    even though I do check my smashboards pretty often, I open my mail as soon as I get on the actual computer.
    the only problem is that I dont own a Wii. My friend is letting me borrow his Wii wednesday so I was wondering if you wanted to play. I have to study for my exams do around 7 good?

    my friends BFC is 0645 5757 8511
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