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  • Oh ok xD. Seems like i have a C this semester too, my math class is soo hard.

    Sorta a good thing you didn't go actually, there were very few TV's, and there was pretty much no chance of getting any friendlies in. I just stood around and watched matches... mostly Anther matches, since he's cool ;)
    Lol same here XD.

    I might not participate in the tourney if my parents aren't happy enough for me to ask for 10$ to register for that, so I might just pay 5$ for the venue to play friendlies.
    Not really. But you can also lose on the first round on purpose so that you get into the Loser's Bracket (so you only need to win 1 less match than if you were in the Winner's).

    i've been trying to get to you, had some problems, i think my dad put up a website ban after 11pm for this site and a few others

    anyways, theres a tourny soon next saturday (jan 23) i checked mapquest, and from the middle of your city, it's like a 30 minute drive so i think you should be able to make it

    i can prob go, 15-20 min drive, so my parents wont be mad at that, and if they dont want me to i can say that i already missed the last one XD


    here's teh link :D
    Oh well it's not a true loser's bracket. So people who lose in later rounds don't get a second chance in the loser's bracket. So basically the ppl in the loser's battle it out, and then the winner fights the winner's bracket's winner.

    Not sure if this answered your question or not XD
    Sorry for the late reply... I've been a bit busy and kept forgetting to msg back lol.

    Yeah there was a Brawl Tournament at the library on the second saturday of november. I tried to call you but my cell phone ran out of power lol, so i couldn't get your number.

    Anyways, that one Zagoo guy won (the one who plays Mario/Sonic, he won the first library tournament before you won the second). I was fighting him as Marth against his Mario, I shouuld have been someone else like DDD or snake lol... he gimped me once then just kept running around the rest of the match. matches were 2 stock, 2 mins. Unfortunately, only those who lost in the first round of the winner's bracket were entered in the loser's bracket... so basically, i should have lost my first round on purpose so that I wouldn't have to fight as many people XD.

    I'll msg you/call you a month in advance of the next tournament. There hasn't been a tourny at that last Michigan place since June... which I unfortunately missed cus i had to go to chicago to pick up my bro from college :(.
    Also if u haven't noticed, many times i was trying to grab you out of your Ub B so you'd die :) Too bad i was CF a lot though, and his grab range sucks.
    Lol not too terrible. Just one thing:

    don't get grabbed


    Hmm more dacus? You need to be more spammy and annoying with the projectiles and explosives XD.
    lol yay :D it said ur last activity was at like 9.

    well thats good.

    lol what i meant was, i only saw you for two days so i dont remmeber your face very well. but you're tall so i'll recognize you by that XD.

    ok cool thx for cell. my cel: 248 - 790 - 2038
    lol nice biceps
    SHOOT FORGOT TO TELL you sry!!

    i hope u checked the website. dang i dont know ur phone number, but im hoping you'll be smart enough to check by afternoon tomorrow

    it's 3 to 6 pm. the tourny might end at like 5 pm or so tho. i dont know if they'll do double elimination or not. last time they didnt finish fast enough. we could actually suggest to replace one of the consoles (like naruto or the rock band one) for brawl to help the tourny, may be not switch the whole time but using it for even an hour would help a ton... im bringing mah wii cus i want to show them Tatsunoko vs Capcom, which is a fighter :D.

    and remember u may want to BYOC XD. i hope i'll still recognize you XD.
    they say u need to be there by 3:15 tho if u want in on the tourny. and its free, like usual. reward is probably 15-25 dollars again.
    Yeah course it's better to remove all. I simply meant that if we were in a time crunch and had only like 5 seconds, then we'd go for the custom stages first.

    Oh yeah Pork too, although not as bad as 75 m IMO XD.

    Yeah Fox could be chaingrabed, but not INFINITE CGed. That's the thing. Wario can be infinite chaingrabbed by a few different characters and be finished off with a smash attack or something (the finisher DOES combo :D)

    But yeah I guess you're right. I don't think Wario should be that high though. Reasoning is this: According to the SBR, in order for a character to move up a tire list, they have to show improvement in tourny results. I'm pretty sure Wario hasn't flooded tournies recently and won a bunch. And the way the SBR votes is very biased, anyway. If you look at it, what if 50% of the people in the SBR like Wario or such? Or if they like captain falcon, and he gets higher? Actually now that I think of it, one of the main reasons why CF isn't the worst char anymore isn't because he improved, but also because there may have been a couple voters who felt CF is very epic and tried to vote him higher XD.
    btw the new tire list game out. wario is now 3rd best in the SBR's list, despite the fact that he can be infinite chain grabbed by several characters.
    wha what dollar? o.0 LOL Oh I remember now. The hot dog XD Lol that's nice that you remembered.

    Ahh ok great. Yeah I was planning on changing the staages last time... im sure they have the stage select button. I think u get the stage sleect button after u unlock all the stages. however, my wii doesn't have it since i dont have poke stadium 1... so y eah im sure they have it. we will need to quickly turn off custom stages, first. then after i say 75 m and then the old NES mario stage thing. those are the biggest ones :D. may be i missed one tho :/ shadow moses island isnt as bad. if we fight against eachother we can just agree on no infinite CGs against the wall.
    lol ok. there hasnt been a tourny since the last one we both went to. there may have been 1, but i think i missed it

    it probably hasnt been more competetive, but i mean either way it's a tourny and u can win something XD.

    when we get there may be we can change it a little more again, just like last time. if we can persuade them to allow us to agree on the stage, that will be great.
    NO NOT MK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    school is over on the 13th. yeah so I asked my parents for the exact date, and ya i need to go to chicago on the day of the tourny :( Ima ask ori/ham (along with my 2 other friends from school that you saw at the tourny) if they can delay it... if you could help and ask to delay too that would be cool XD.
    Oh and also, since I can't go the tourney unless if they change the date, ( I gave some good reasons such as some people still have school, and SamuraiPanda and others are going to EVO and can't go to this tourney, etc. ), then I'll go to the Library for their tourney ( my parents probably would only let me go to one of them ).
    So you think you're coming to the Library? It'll probably be you vs me again though XD.
    Dang read my post in that thread for the tourney... might not be able to make the tourney, although I'll definitely try everything I can to get there.
    Good range I guess.

    And a lot of othre people agree, too ( or at least last time I checked... it may have changed over the last couple months )

    Well DK has good strength (always helps). And yeah I guess he's good at spacing especailly with Bair.
    sry didn't mean that DK was better than MK, i mean that DK vs MK is a much more even matchup than other characters, like DDD vs MK.

    Ya I guess Snake vs MK is already even enough to be able to win a fair amount, idk what I was saying lol
    WHAT M2K LOST?!?! lol wow

    yeah Ally's just good I guess. Btw Ally, does he play snake or luigi? i forget...

    Aw good bye marth and Mr. Gay men Watch :( XD

    Man Snake and DK... both are bad against DDD hehehe lol. They're good chars, snake is good for everyone basically, but if you fight DDD you can use Falco, and if you fight MK you can use DK...

    well yes I've gotten better. I've improved spacing and stuff, and improved being less predictable and I mix stuff up more etc...
    Oh ok well you sort of dissappeared lol XD

    Lol Halo... well at least you still like smash too :D

    Sweet thx for telling me about the new tourny! I checked i think right before the new tourny came up, cus i didn't see it the last time i checked XD

    good thing its after school/exams :)
    Hey i left forgot to say bye. Btw how far did u get past in the tourny? you beat yoshi, then what happened? and btw my home phone number is (248)-276-1211. Call me if u want to play :)

    and wow i just noticed that i sort of messed up yesterday in the tourny. When i was facing ROBQ, i messed up the stage strike system... he crossed out 2 but i only crossed out 1 :(

    o well lol, at least i know that Marth is my best char now, which helps a lot. And i was considering on importing Tatsunoko vs capcom but its 80 dollars T_T
    Mhm. But he doesn't have something that makes him "broken" :(. He's better in almost every way according to the average of the cast, but he doesnt have many good chain grabs/ combos/ broken attacks. Oh, I almost forgot to research how to do Marth's CG to Dair Spike combo on the Spacies (and may be more) before i went to sleep today :D I can't play tomorrow sorry, im in basketball band (band that plays for basketaball games, like marching band). Ill probably face at least 1 spacie in the tournie (likely in my first match) so it should help a ton.

    and Mr. Gay men watch, on the other hand, has the Turtle - the best character in the game, its in T Tier (turtle tier) XD
    Lol. Ok thanks for decision :D wow that's a nice long history there. Mine's much shorter: SSB64: Kirby . Melee : Kirby, then switched to Marth after my bro started Marth. Then I became competetive, but there was only like 5 months left til brawl came out... then i started to also play Mario, Captain Falcon, and Jiggs... Jiggs was so awsome after i became competetive.

    Well i converted them just by... well long story sort of. it all started when i became obsessed with DDD beacuse he was such an awsome char (this was before brawl's US release). I actually PRACITCED his Cg by watching vids and timing it in my head, it actually helped me cus when i started playing I could do it very easily lol. Then i used it on my friends (on that awsome stage Eldin of course) and they started saying it was cheap, blah blah blah... i said it was the stage that is cheap and i said that almost every character has a chain grab lol. then I explained how a CG isnt cheap, because a throw is an attack, and there are combos in fighting games, so therefore a CG is just a easy combo... I guess that's sort of how it all happened, i told them to try out forums and then they both (ROBQ and speedyfalcon) started being comeptetive.

    I think you're Falco's the best :). Then again I still haven't played you much. See you again tomorrow if you want to play :).
    Oh he's a frend of my at school. I converted him and another friend to competetive smash almost a year ago. He usually goes to the Library for the video game days, but he couldn't make it the last time.

    Idk, I guess I just like playing as a lot of characters. I really need to decide who to focus on though... do you have any opinions? I've switched my mains and secondaries quite a lot... I've started with DDD (i knew marth from melee), and now it seems that I've come back to DDD and Marth. My MK is ok (cus MK is good) but im not solid with him, and Ike is just a lower tier. You think I should just stick with DDD and Marth?

    And ur falco is just too good :) I tried doing gonzo combo on u with kirby lol, but I pummeled once by accident so it didnt work out.
    Idk doesnt matter I guess. On internet I guess Yoshi, real life either Yoshi or Adriel

    Ok im gonna wait on wifi screen if u play
    and what do u mean downloading metroid prime? homebrew ? :) i still need to get htat, to save replays for brawl bigger than 3 mins!!! :D
    lol well i have to do my essay right now... but basically all u need is to find a supporter/teacher that will lead the club, and you have to have at lesat 15 members. i had lots of 'core' friends, that took up like 10 people, then the extra 5 were some other people i didnt really know.

    well ok cya tomorrow then sweet :).

    Yes my name is Adriel :). I wonder if people will be called by real name or username at the tourny tho. Im guessing a mix? That would be cool if you'd call me Yoshi or YK (for Yoshi Kirishima) there XD
    thx :D. and ya, anytime after weekdays at about 3-4 i should be on. today is tuesday, im gonna go online now to see if u're on
    hi there, sry i said that i couldnt play today (mon) cus of my brawl club, but good thing is, there is no brawl cluub today. other good thing is, i posted the msg on my account instead of ur account, so hopefully u didnt read it :) well if u are on, then join my game. I will be 1v1ing someone else first while i wait, but if i see u online when i get on then i will play with u first. the other friends might want to do a FFA, idk if u want to do it or not... if u dont want FFa, then just make ur name say : 1v1, instead of Ariol.

    FC: 0344 8962 5904
    do u have ur friend's wii right now? how long do uhave it for? and ya sure i'd like to play, but appointing a time is the hard part :/.

    Well if you see my msg and Sunday is already over, then most likely i will be on wifi on weekdays, at about 3 for 1 or 2 hours. If you want to play, (and have ur wii) then u can just log in to wifi and see if i'm online.
    Sweet :)

    DANG IT!!! I could be a tourny ***** and practice my MK, but my personality does not allow me to use MK... wish he was banned :(
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