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  • Hey man I saw that in the hosting thread you were still offering a few spots, since we don't really know each other I guess now would be a good time for introductions; Hi I'm Tom :p my email is squishy_jellyface@hotmail.com mainly a melee player (brawl is toooooo slow for me and I suck at it hahaha) anyways I'd love to get in touch and have a chat if possible.
    You didn't keep me back at all. :)

    I owe you a gentleman's match next time I see you, I pull out all the spammy characters at tournies to frustrate people but it's not all I'm limited to. I Falcon ditto T-Rex pretty regularly I know how epic those matches can be.

    If you pick Port Town I warn you though I will rage.
    hmm well I used to use A and the up on the c stick to snake dash but then I found out that if you use down on the C stick to start the dash attack and then almost immdiantly use up on the control stick + Z and the same time, it is much eaiser to do. like 100 times easier lol.
    dunno if that helps or not.
    anyways just so we're clear, your the guy I had a snake friendly with in brawl buddies? If I recall it was against a guy called xXarrowXx and it was a close match and I knocked you out? do I have the right person lol?
    What about tomorrow? is that too soon? ive been in contact with maca lately and i might be able to arrange a meet with him and a couple of my friends to play a bit of friendly brawl and maybe discuss the possibility of forming a crew. My number is 0416096306 to make it, i should be free most of next week depending on how much work i have.
    hey arrow i read ur thread about bieng near garden city and i just live down the road. If you wanted a little smash meet or something i wouldnt mind, i do have other mates who play and maybe this could help us form a southside brisbane crew, also we could meet at my mates house in runcorn, the 150 to brownsy stops like 1 minute away from his house with alot of room to play with heaps of people. Just throwing it out there if your interested just let me know.
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