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  • Yeah man. There's this guy, Oats, he was a really awesome Lucas main. He also showed us around San Diego and hosts tournaments in Chula Vista. I also played against one of America's best players, SK92, who used Lucas against me in the first round of our tournament match.

    I reckon you could keep up with them though :D
    I wanna vs your Lucas again too.
    hey man yeah its mine i lost one. just keep it till autemsmash i wont need it till then
    Keep skating, if you really do... don't be like me and kill yourself constantly, just hop on your board and get ready for a conrete beating from handrails and you name it!
    my number is 0435051751. ill be leaving around 10 ish maybe or later call around then if u need lift.. ill see if i can get up :X
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