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Warp$tar Lover
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  • Sure thing, code's 2148-9584-6232. I like to alternate between the man himself, Wolf and Ike so I'll use a bit of each if you're okay with that?

    Let me know yours and we can arrange some matches.
    I'll know you've added me as a Wii friend when I'm able to send you replays and stages , your name should pop up right there...
    Okay, Ill add your wii number, btw, I can't think of anything either so I'm just going with Oss (pronounced aws)
    Tofu Beast, Smash God, Razmakazi, and Compass Tosser, you will be added to my friends list in Brawl tonight, while C-Tosser and Falchion's Wii numbers will be added to be able to send replays and stages. My Wii # should be in my profile. More will be added shortly. New Nickname for Brawl online too: Rolo:laugh:. Sorry, can't think of anything better for the time being...
    Ya, sure just let me know when your free and we'll play. Oh ya, and sorry it took so long to reply I've been busy the last few days.
    I think the lvl.9s are easier in Brawl than in Melee (In that one replay, that was a lvl.9 Samus, which surprised me: It played more like a lvl.5 cpu...) Anyways, it's my training sessions, though I find human opponents alot more unpredictable...
    **** I just realized I could've turned into stone and avoided some nasty damage there. Well, I play more defensively (Because I rock in stock matches) That one match on Yoshi's Island, I think I really screwed up there (Got f-smashed by the green (or was it red?) Kirby, then thought stone would get 'em but ended up SDing myself, ouch:(. But the rest of the match went pretty well, I honestly thought I would've ended up in 3rd or last...
    i just watched all the videos--- you would have 3 stocked the samus if you rocked instead of shielding dude!!
    Go into the Wii message board (Y'know, the picture of the letter) and pick create message. Go to the right and it should say adress book. Your Wii console number should be right there:)
    yo warp. my fc is in my profile and now all i g2 do is figure out how to find my wii console number. xD
    Hello there...my brawl code is 2878-9296-4483...PM when ever u want to have friendly matches with me ok! *smiles*...
    I would also appreciate if you post your Wii console number (So I can add you to the friends list). This way I can recieve messages for any challenges or tournaments going on in your group for Brawl or any other Wii game that supports Wi-Fi
    alright i'll be gone from 2 til like 2:30 or so, if possible let me know if ur available
    well i have a dentist appointment at 2 o clock so respond really soon or we can wait til then unless of course u wont be available
    i'll play you some time what time is good for you between today (tuesday) and tomorrow (wensday) ?
    Welcome ti my profile. I'm new and looking for some pals to fight online right now. Friend code is 0345-1447-8185. Wii console number is 6084 9713 0011 8169. No flames.
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