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Recent content by W.C.N

  1. W.C.N

    Gamer's Gauntlet Circuit #3 RESULTS (PM and Smash 4)

    This was a great tourney, so hype i skipped a pool party, Glad to see Mikey do so well so quickly on a side note i have a dubs match saved on my wiiu from here what was the Eobin/Zelda team again ?
  2. W.C.N

    Midwest [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015: B2Basics (Livonia MI)

    yes it has brawl singles as well the correct smashboards page is http://smashboards.com/threads/jun-20-2015-drdns-world-2015-livonia.403462/
  3. W.C.N

    [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015 (livonia)

    Added the schedule and Costs of each event For the best in the midwest event its $10 per state crew, iuf by some miracle we get 10 states trying to prove their worth I will add the entrants fee to the pot doubling it to $200 for the prize ALL THE EVENTS BEFORE 5PM are clickable to an easy to...
  4. W.C.N

    [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015 (livonia)

    starts at 11
  5. W.C.N

    [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015 (livonia)

    Reserved for TO
  6. W.C.N

    [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015 (livonia)

    DRDNS WORLD 2015 Streamed By: GooshiGaming SCHEDULE AND COST Code of conduct <-- not reading is not an excuse First off I'm going to say this page will be updated regularly, mostly because its annoying to do and i have a few things that still need to be solidified. I will also be making a...
  7. W.C.N

    Manor Smash X2

    Fun weekend, honestly Dont remember anything about it, except no one mm'd me in anything, normal or bullgod -.-
  8. W.C.N

    Midwest [Apr 25, 2015] MegaManor X2 (Muskegon, Mi)

    Anyone looking to challenge the Bullgod to one of his MM's please infer with my manager, MM Mike
  9. W.C.N

    Midwest [Jun 20, 2015] DRDNS WORLD 2015: B2Basics (Livonia MI)

    Hello everyone summers coming again and that means its time for DRDNS WORLD to please you with fun and games. This year I will be bringing you Brawl and Smash4. With Brawl we are Going back to the original stage list, and for doubles it will be series teams :014: There will be Marvel and AE...
  10. W.C.N

    Midwest [Apr 25, 2015] MegaManor X2 (Muskegon, Mi)

    APRIL THE BULLGOD COMES BACK...TO WEST MI!!! All bullgod MMs will have to be organized through my manager
  11. W.C.N

    [03/08/15] GGSS#7: Smash 4 and P:M Results

    what are the numbers to the right of peoples names?
  12. W.C.N

    Project Playhem Weeklies #3 - Livonia, MI (3/12/15)

    Cody showed up and only got 4th? what the ****
  13. W.C.N

    MI Ranbats 2015 #1

    Added a link to the google Doc with the pools results and i will do shoutouts later
  14. W.C.N

    MI Ranbats 2015 #1

    Got your names in dubs changed and Yes this adapter shortage needs to change as well either nintendo needs to release more to the US or people need to start buying mayflash adapters
  15. W.C.N

    [Feb 7, 2015] MI Ranbats 2015 #1 (Livonia, MI)

    http://smashboards.com/threads/mi-ranbats-2015-1.390854/ the challonge links are linked to the titles of the events, everyone post the corrections of your tags if their wrong and if you can in your shoutouts put the character usage
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