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I'm just a guy who has been training for Smash tournaments in the shadows for over 4 years, constantly watching players and streams, tournaments, and youtube videos trying to finally be known in the Smash Community, moved from a small town to work myself up to the top. Don't necessarily have a favorite player, but I was a fan of Mang0 and abate. Seeing TBH5 S2J vs Abate made my mind to be a Luigi main. My secondary main would have to be Jigglypuff. I have better performance in Project M as I lost experience on Melee because my Melee "magically disappeared?" But I'm planning to fix that as I will have a new disc coming in soon. My signature skin is the original Super Paper Mario Mr. L skin for Luigi (as well as the name). Once I get a better computer, I will be playing more anther's ladder. Also since I live in So-Cal, I will be attending the big tournaments there until I get better known to go to national tournaments (or if I get recommended to go to one ^-^ ). I also have a twitter account for smash, games , etc. @VnMidnight
Jul 10, 1998 (Age: 25)
Los Angeles
College Student
Melee Main
Project M Main
Smash Wii U Main


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