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  • That makes a lot of sense about covering options with the float, so you can bair or grab the ledge from the float

    Very excited to see Genesis 2! Just remember that it's the USA and the crowd will always cheer against you in big matches (except vs hbox, haha). It's not because they don't like you...it's just because they want to see a spacey win. Just ignore them. Even though you can't hear all your friends back in Sweden, remember they're cheering for you to win just as loud! :)
    I don´t know actually

    I think the most of the times I use turnips to get the edge as fast as possible.

    But in other situations (when Im already really close to the edge) I use my float a lot to try to cover options.

    But yeah I will try to use the advice you gave me and hopefully it works out better.
    But I honestly thinks that works best against Marth or something cause he recover low and he´s "moveing" during he´s recovery

    Like falco/fox are staying at the same place in years when they are doing their upp-b and you can just drop-bair them without float
    Hey, I have a question for you: why don't you ever wavedash backward to grab/hog the ledge instead of floating? Then you can save your float so you can drop and float > bair while edgeguarding. I know it's a lot harder than floating to grab the ledge, though...I'm trying to practice it :)
    I meant to say this earlier, but maybe you should make your own "Ask Armada" thread in the Peach forums. I think pretty much everyone would love that.
    Hey, really happy you're finally on these boards! :D

    Your peach has been an inspiration since I saw that set vs CJ. Now that you've been to the U.S. other people finally agree with me about how great you are. Truth!
    what's up man? what are your views on Brawl Peach? Do you think she has the ability to win a national? & how do you use turnips strategically?
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