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Recent content by Vincey_Boi

  1. Vincey_Boi

    Need to Learn Cloud Player Habits

    So, Recently I've been getting a ton better at smash and have been dedicating my life to getting great at smash more than ever. And with that, I am on the grind. And since I'm on the grind, I have been wanting to learn every single Character's habits, Such as Aerial approaches, regular...
  2. Vincey_Boi

    Tips on getting better?

    Lately, I've gotten my online back. I haven't had it in a while since my family was struggling. I'm decent at the game but I just want to know more about how to get better. Anything helps from techs to options out of shield. I'm hoping that I can get better in this game since I haven't played it...
  3. Vincey_Boi

    I love Tom Brady. The man is so athletic

    I love Tom Brady. The man is so athletic
  4. Vincey_Boi

    Name any dumb character request for smash

    I want The Terminator From Terminator, Abraham Lincoln from the $5 bill, Starling Marte from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Patrick Mahomes from Madden 20 & Frank West From Dead rising.
  5. Vincey_Boi

    Gonna pick up Roy, Any thing I should now?

    So, I want to pick up Roy for my new main in melee and I was just curious if there is anything you guys think I should know before I switch to Roy?
  6. Vincey_Boi

    DK Alts

    Regular Gorilla Kong and only for the month of october Pink DK
  7. Vincey_Boi

    Need some Smash buds!! Hello everyone!

    Yo yo yo weapon i hope your enjoying your time man i know i sure am i have written a bunch of forums (Not a lot lot but quite a bit) and i have gotten some people agree and disagree kindly with what i say so if someone disagrees dont think to hardly about it they are just saying your forum or...
  8. Vincey_Boi

    K rool is a garbage low midtier

    I mean Nintendo already gave him a BUNCh of super armor on his aerials and on some of his smash attacks so i dont think they would try to add more to make the character to good.
  9. Vincey_Boi

    Best airgame?

    Well out of those few top tiers which would u say is the best?
  10. Vincey_Boi

    The BEST ssbu falco in the world

    Ik about Larry Lurr To But with him he also mains Wolf and Fox and not solo Falco i was talking about a solo Falco main but yeah Larry Lurr is a boss at falco to.
  11. Vincey_Boi

    Who should I main?

    Im to fixated on Ultimate rn.
  12. Vincey_Boi

    Who should I main?

    Oh Fudge haha My bad man but i would still say Sonic because he is really good in project M aswell.
  13. Vincey_Boi

    Who should I main?

    Cool Hope to see you play some high level sonic with his tech's and stuff cya then.
  14. Vincey_Boi

    Who should I main?

    Now i say Sonic because once you really know how to play him he is a one of a kind character with some flashy combos,edgeguards,recoveries and some extremly fast speed to make your opponent go all over the place trying to hit you with anything they can and it throws them off and gives u a nice...
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