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Verde Coeden Scalesworth
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  • I finally looked at your profile and I was pretty surprised that you're female, I wouldn't have expected that, given the name. O.o
    I'm curious to where your username came from.
    I honestly have no idea how my avi creeps you out, it's from a children's television show from the 90's
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    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Oh for cripes' sake. Does it matter? I find the specific one creepy. You're seriously taking a silly comment too far. Please stop. Now I'm getting annoyed.
    Jason the Yoshi
    Jason the Yoshi
    Ok, sorry!
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Forgiven. Please be a bit more calm in the future or at least try to listen to me a bit sooner. :)
    Did I do something wrong to warrant not being a friend anymore? If so, I'm completely unaware of it. ¦D;
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Simply put, going around dissing what I like is not a good way to stay my friend. Constructive Criticism only, please.

    Also, I apologize for taking so long in replying.
    Kaye Cruiser
    Kaye Cruiser
    This reply is way too late for me to remember or care about what this originally happened for, but that's a rather shallow and dumb policy. Criticism or not, people can have completely differing and opposing opinions and still be friends. XD

    I don't have to like the same thing as you or pretend to be neutral to it. Honesty is much better. ¦D
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    Verde Coeden Scalesworth
    I only respect constructive criticism. I can still respect the person, but not the argument. But I don't wish to be friends with a person who can't seem be respectful with their opinions. And I don't appreciate how you're criticizing my policy. You're doing just what I told you what the problem was.

    I think it's clear that being friends with you is not something I would like anymore. Not at this point.
    I've wanted to ask you this for a while, but what do you remember about the pre and post-Melee days? What were the reactions on here?
    Well, I unfortunately don't see Waluigi getting enough love. His best chance(New Super Mario Bros. Wii) went down the drain.

    Camelot made him, not Nintendo. So... I highly doubt unless Camelot makes a Wario game... love the guy, but I won't want to get him too much credit. I'll be honest, I really do wish Sakurai would give Toad more credit. Unfortunately,t hat's not the case.
    Yeah I agree. I don't really care for Impa personally (neither does Sakurai :troll:), but cutting Sheik is just no bueno in my book. Impa vs Ghirahim for the new Zelda rep is a more reasonable debate at least.

    I've warmed up to Waluigi. I think he could have a doofy playstyle that would make him fun. I'd really like to see him a Wario game too.
    No problem! That was a little too crazy, so I couldn't resist :laugh:
    Thanks, Ghostbone. Although I thought you were planning to reply, so if you wondered why i didn't post... you would know.

    Anyway, my biggest problem with is that it breaks the law in more than one way. Atleast 3 ways by now, and well, saying we haven't had consequences yet... that's a very bad reason. It works for any law.
    I would... if it was an opinion on them. The problem is, they are officially seperate characters, only related by circumstance.

    In fact, Ash has never been in a Japanese Pokemon game either. Just Pokemon Puzzle League. Red's been in all the rest.

    I guess it's hard to describe an Other. They're meant to be the same body and possibly soul, but they are completely different due to having completely different lives. And while it's true Ash and Red shared some similarities, they... share nothing else but a very few things: They have all 8 Kanto Badges, some of the particular starter Pokemon, and... that's it. Beyond that, Red is one of the most powerful Trainers, while Ash... is one of the mediocre trainers.

    Overall, they are similar, but just not the same. I think they were created from the same block, but that was it.
    About the red thing... How about we just agree... To disagree? I still have points for my side and you still have points for yours, so we may as well just say either we agree to have different views, or comprimise, by using the 'other' you suggested (and by the way i didn't mis-understand what you meant). Basically that they are the same person but are not at the same time.

    I dunno, something. I'd just rather resolve this than keep arguing, i'm sure you feel the same way. :p
    Honestly? I'm living at home, got a dead-end job, barely any puts up with me. I really don't have anything left.

    The people I want to be accepted by are the ones I connected with. I just... can't do anything beyond that. I don't have it in me.
    What I need is FRIENDS. That's it. Nothing more. Writing won't do a thing. Sports won't help.

    I need companionship. Look, I'm terrified of being alone. I can't handle it whatsoever.
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