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  • hey waffle am i in the room? i talked to ben yesterday and he said he would drop and i could take his spot. i would like to know because someone else has asked me if i would room with them, but i am giving your room priority since it would cost more if both ben and i left.
    We are just going to have gameday on Tuesdays from 11-4 at the college. Going to other people's house doesn't seem to be working out. I think Herf is going to start joining us. I will also try to contact Umos and see if he wants to come.
    "was a fun tourney, pm still sucks though. great times with the +, hope we do it again soon."
    Whats wrong with it?
    Gameday tomorrow. It would be cool if you could join us. If you can bring a wii as well that would be great.
    Lol that is pretty good advice =D I will do that from now on. And yeah I noticed that you never answer me on the weekends LOL =3
    On Tuesdays at the college I set up a bunch of gaming systems. My weekends are generally free as well. I want to see if I can hook up with Jonty. I am sure with some practice he could be a great Zamus.
    12-6 is the time.

    Last year I had about 12 people but I didn't advertise on Smashboards. There are about 7 that play smash with me on Tuesdays so I think all of them will come. Also one guy will probably bring his friends along. Then we will see what the flyers net in.

    It is in the LRC 342 and 344. It is a big glass building. You can miss it when you come in. Top floor towards the back.
    Next Friday I am running a smashfest if you want to come to that or we could hang out afterwards. That way you can get some practice in before the Summer finals
    How far from Hagerstown are you? 20 - 30 minutes away? If it is close we should get together sometime. Ever been to the big sheetz?
    I will :o lol

    but you just have to wait, I'm not even home yet, and my laptop has some problem :(
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