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    I found a combo, or might not have been the first one

    Tested at 80% with Bowser Up-B (grounded in this scenario) Side-B Side-B Jump Up-B Up Air
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    Why is Sm4sh not played on CRT TVs?????

    I found out that I could play sm4sh on my CRT, was kinda late to the party. But then I started to realize. Why aren't tournament TVs CRTs.
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    Jump on wall Side-B Trick

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    Jump on wall Side-B Trick

    So I was playing a match with this guy and I noticed that he was almost wall jumping with his side b next to a wall while recovering, I didn't ask him sadly but any of you guys know how to do this? Thanks.
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    How do you Kirbyside?

    I was going to start picking up Kirby and I remembered some of Chudat's old S@X PM Videos where he sat at the ledge and tried to swallow someone and he'd live everytime? How does he do it? Thanks!
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    How does Mewtwo's Up-B work now?

    Thank for the help. But I have solved my problamo. Thanks!
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    How does Mewtwo's Up-B work now?

    Elaborate more please.
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    How does Mewtwo's Up-B work now?

    Sometimes I can't do moves out of it (in free fall), sometimes I can. Can somebody explain it to me? Thanks! Fix I guess: I found it out, it was because It was because tap jump was enabled, and every time I went to approach with up b > fair (going horizontal) I would slightly just use my double...
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