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  • Hello, if you have received this message, you have entered for the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) November Tournament. Since we almost have about 64 competitors, the draw will come out on Friday. The rules are stated in the group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)." So be prepared to play.
    tyler, the ranking system of the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) group is out! =D
    I won't ruin the surprise to tell you what rank you are, but your rank might go 1 or 2 up or down, since the October tournament is not over, but your final rank will be pretty much around what it is now! =D
    My FC is 2492-4149-9980. I'm usually available on the weekends or Friday evening.
    Alright tyler, I'll give you and Jasper the deadline of this Wednesday. Because since your match is a round of 64, and we are currently on the round of 32 and the deadline for it is coming Sunday, I had to make the deadline pretty early. So do you best to do it tyler, if he doens't respond he'll be dqed. Same goes for you :) Good luck!
    You've been entered into my Friends List....so when ever you log me in let me know....
    Hello, getting this message means you have signed up for the tournament. Since we now have 64 people, the tournament will start as of today. Keep checking the social group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)," for a draw will soon be posted on it. Once you know your opponent, arrange a time to play with him/her, and give me the results at the end of the match. Check the rules if you don't remember.

    P.S. (very important) Make sure you tell me the score of your win or loss for example, 3-0, 3-2, etc
    hey I was wondering if I could join the brawl latter game group and to challenge shadow fire for lucus and pikachu's spot
    is their a cap on how many players you can have cuz shadow is like taking all of them which i know shows he's skilled but still its crazy lol i lost my kirby spot but i figured i would...
    I'll challenge you for bowser's spot if no-one has it yet.
    oh lol i dunno i kinda spaced the **** concept but i hope i dont lose a kirby battle but knowing me im weak with kirby v kirby and that is what it has to be right?
    GGs. I thought that last marth match was gonna be a killing, but I'll take the win.
    ATTN Fierce 35

    I created a group similar to things here

    It is not a clan it is a game that you can play for fun

    It is like character masters here only u can take as many spots as u want

    Maybe u should say the top part in ur info. Not to confuse the two.
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