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  • ahhh here you are!!
    couldn't find you dude^^
    don't see ya often on the marioboards.......i know it's kinda dead there but anyways^^

    let's have some friendlies anytime so that i can kick your aaassssss x'DD
    i am holycrap349 from youtube if you don't remember
    still have to proove you something^^ don't forget x'DD
    Sorru but my internet sucks, i cant really play no one unless you want to lag by a second.
    You're apparently really good, if Matt and Geou's comments are anything to go by.

    PM me so we can play sometime.
    I seriously want to play you, I'm kind of new to Mario too and I'd really like to get better. I watched your video, you're good. My FC is in the PM I sent you so PM me if you want to play.
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