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  • Why do you have a different username than on VS? Regardless, do you want me to just refer to you as Chill or can I call you by Timbers since I remember you from that.

    BTW congrats on (re?)-moderation... I assume the Lucario boards again maybe?
    I was wondering if you could help update the MU chart, or hand it to FlameWaveK (I hear he might want to do it).
    Either way, it's greatly appreciated.
    Actually, that would be great if you could update it.
    I put ratios on the bottom of the OP where the timeline is, so hopefully that helps ^_^
    Man the more I see gay brawl matches, the more depressing it gets T.T
    I really wish I had money for another gaming system.
    imo the issue could be DI factor (them getting out).
    FP if timed vs. heavier chars usually lets you hit them while still in the air, and if you are buffering against some of them correctly (like DK), it should work wonders.
    It also requires them to be good at timing the jab and mixing the variations. I consider even another FP another part of it if you suspect (like a peek at their controller lol) as a response, but yeah, I was aware it seems risky (although with how well my pressure strategy/game has been going especially vs. D3, I can't complain it doesn't work very well for me.
    I think the only thing lacking from this being top tier is lack of a bowser grab release lol, that would be scary.
    Not to sound impossible, but that's when you start mixing in pairs of FP if you expect that, I'm pretty sure on chars like DK and bowser you have enough time to execute (when I mistimed vs. Kevin's bowser it was really lol since the jab almost always got him into the air when he activated upB and I was almost always safe, enabling a free smash.) Want to do some more testing obviously, but I think it could go places, especially on a great thing like Genesis (they'll never see it coming lol).
    K, so for the matchup thread, should I just get a mod to reassign to me or what? Should I do a new thread?
    It must feel sad/ironic that your punishing guide kind of sank while another one took its place.
    Also, I'm testing something that could potentially be a breakthrough for lucario. Don't want to reveal it yet, but it could give our damage racking much more "safer" capabilities. It's almost a pseudo-techchase/string lock (I don't know how to exactly describe it, excuse my poor use of terminology) but it looks pretty good, I need to drag live prey (an actual player), since I've tested it on lvl 9 (which had mixed results, but they were as expected). I'll keep you and some other lucario people posted on it, and drag my friend with recording devices.
    Blazblue is pretty good, and lol at the side tourney story.
    I guess I'll give it a shot.
    Work has been really tight lately tho lol.
    Nice to see you go on to better things, then again, "I'm quitting" is what they all say.
    Cuteness level?
    Well, Timbers' cuteness level is currently unreadable, seeing as how he has posted no pictures, leaving him out of scouter range.
    Ah, okay... so it's more or less similar reasons like Xiivi.
    Wanna tell me about your day? Maybe just spilling some beans will make you feel a lil better. It usually does help a lot.
    I want to do you, too, Timbahz.
    I meant care to explain the sudden change of your nick's color?
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