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  • Also, I'll make it so I'll appear online from now on. Sorry about that.
    I was busy today at school. I'll get out normally tomorrow, though. I get out around 3 P.M. PST, so lemme know if you'll be on then.

    And I my AIM name = Mikela IsmaR. I'm usually on all the time.
    hey Theerick! its kinda late where i am so i cant really do it tonite.... but tomoro afternoon i think ill be free!! that ok with you?
    I have you as an opponent for Riku's tournament, if u can get on tonight that's cool. if not ill be on tommorow and thursday between 6 and 11 eastern
    Okay, I can brawl you in exactly ten minutes, I just added your FC, mine's on my profile.
    Actually I should probably have something to eat first. Want to do it in like half an hour?
    Oh, I never use MSN, lol. But I'm back from work now so yah, anytime you want to do it.
    Okay, I can brawl you like... anytime tomorrow afternoon really. Let me know when you get online tomorrow... (er, later today I guess).
    Nah it's just usually people with low post count show up, enter tourney's and never show up again to do there matches. Just make friends, read the rules, and you should be fine.
    Correct, um also seeing that you have a low post count. I suggest you try to finish every match you get :p.. . . . but good luck in the tourney.
    It's not really a good idea to play level 9's as they get you into the habit of expecting strange things in certain situations. (Playing a level 9 is a completely different strategy compared to playing a person.)

    I play level 7s myself, though CPUs in general aren't very good for you. Try watching lots of Brawl+ videos and stuff, it helps. Most importantly, however:

    Go to tourneys! Toronto actually has quite a few good B+ers you can play in tourneys or friendlies. That's the best way to get good at Brawl+.
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