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  • So I started testing what I saw on your video for ****s, and for some reason characters who can easily reach the top of the stage before their death do not die when getting there (IE ROB), but your Wario did.

    Conclusion: The game does not like you.
    I thought trips were deliberate and used to build false hope in your opponent.

    Silly me :(

    I didn't even say drunk. I coulda meant wasted on soda. Then being completely unable to move give you the cupcakes.
    I don't but I will most certainly make one! Cause...you know...Pichu with the goggles is THE best one!
    About LotR being a rip off. "Rip off" is clearly an overstatement. There's no ignoring, however, that LotR took a lot from Wagner. The thing is though that Tolkien probably wasn't trying to emulate Ring Cycle. Most likely he was trying to create an "anti piece" to Ring Cycle. Wagner was a Nazi ideologist, Tolkien British. Wagner was anti-semitic, Tolkien philosemitic. Tolkien pretty much detested Wagner, and I think it's very likely that he was trying to not "counter" Wagner, but to remove him from popularity. In a way he succeeded. Ask someone on the street whether they know of the Lord of the Rings. Then ask if they know Ring Cycle.
    I should strangle YOU.

    You still didn't tell me if my buy of Taco Bell and a Drink for -4 dollars was a fiscally good idea :(.
    You know why I'm NOT a dirty mop?

    Dirty mops aren't given money for eating food ^_^
    I think the proper punishment for me is being given a special phone.

    And this phone will allow me to order any number of garlic pizzas for (-$4) a pizza + drink. ^_^

    Clearly I deserve this =D
    LOL yea ... Steel told me as incentive so I play Clannad LOL.

    AHAHAHAHA you're so unbelievably gay.

    How do you like Clannad so far? I have to DL it :(.
    You're playing Clannad O_O.......

    Your match vs anther made me sleep :( omg 2 matches that go to time? :( I didn't even bother with the third lawl
    indeed. It's also really funny. You left me that profile message AS i was watching your set against Anther. Good ****, btw, and congrats at 3rd. I still find it really funny that you ran the MI bracket in reverse order lol.
    Hey do you mind helping me out?

    You know I have this petition so that my school provides us with fast food places that are actually close to us mind signing it for me?


    I is repater

    UNDRE ice fasldfdslfkdjslk


    Serously though I'm actually not drunk just feeling gooofy as hell =D
    Hey I'll be putting up your replays over the next day or so, there're all being uploaded right now, so it'll all be depending on how fast youtube goes.

    First two are up at the moment
    Hey im OBCD from the saturday tourny at All in 1 collectibles i saw how u played meta and falcon ur really good i can use some useful tips from u and wat stages meta is more reliable on that wud mean alot to me and also congrats on winning the tourny...was emiya a girl??? cuz if soo i can tell my friends that me and SHAFT got beat by one lol shes good
    LOL you have to admit though talking to a painting for no reason is pretty funny XD.

    I'm mad you blocked me for telling you something that happened to me while I drank :(. Even I think walking into screen doors is funny as hell and I was the one who ran into it LOL.
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