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  • Lol, I'm not dying. I'm still gonna smoke after I take the drug test. And if you want me to go out w/ a bang it'd have to be tonight. I dun wanna smoke tmrw while I brawl, and wednesday is two more days I could be detoxing away. You could come over and stuffz?

    But otherwise, it's on hold 'til I drug test.
    I don't think last night was worth the gas it took to get over there -__-. They sucked at being fun. I think I gotta stop smoking til I pass this drug test for this job too. D: DO NOT WANT. ****, I hate being up this early; especially when it's involuntary. I hate people. Gawddamnit.
    That sounds bad and you should feel bad. >_< I'm eating before I go over cuz im poor, and then I'll get there around 830-9 too. Later dawg
    It's whatever, if you're tired and ish then go to bed *****. I dun wanna keep you from your beauty sleep, cuz you need it.
    I already know I'm probably not sleeping anytime soon, but if you're tired then it's w/e.

    We could juss get some Mt. Dew :awesome:

    It's whatever you choose.
    Lawl. Well, I went home, took a shower and got ready for class...

    ...only to fall asleep and miss both LAWL. So I'ma kick it at my mom's for a bit, and I'll prolly head your way around 7 or 8ish.
    Sooo....I'm not getting my money til next Friday. Ya. We'll juss talk about it when I get there later. It's some ol' bull****.
    That was the worst thing I've ever heard. Why would you intentionally lead my down the path of ear ****-age? Why aren't you in class?
    Lulz, I forgot. Well I thought I'd ask because I couldn't remember if I had. Btw, text me niggggaaaaaaaa, I got a new phone.
    Yo dawg, if you don't have a partner (or someone in mind), we should team for WHOBO. Juss sayin'.
    If you feel like chillllinz, you should come over to my uncle's with brawl or bud >_>' anytime past 930.
    LAAAAWWWLLLL. You posted on your own wall. Yaaaaa, I'm doin' math homework so if you're down to chill, I'll come over 'round midnight or a bit later
    Nah, I gotta be at my mawms and stuff after class til later in the night. Gonna get helped with scheduling stuffz and watch MegaMind with them; because I've been neglecting them the past week lolololol. That's why I checked abt today instead of the obvious 'morrow ;3
    If you feel like chillin' after work, hit me up on here. If not, fuuuuuccckkkk youuuuu. XD jk.
    If you miraculously check this before I'm out of chem, we should eat somewhere; maybe Pizza Street? If not, you're a ***, and I'll go get something on my own.
    I'ma change my name to Unicorn Kid.....

    And I might drop by before class, but for sure afterwords. Should I bring Brawl?
    LAWL. Well I ain't doing **** but chillin', killin' time like a...mime...................

    So ya, feel like playing Brawl/smoking/drinking/readingPoetry/playingToeJamandEarlwhilehigh...?
    Lawl, that song is heeeeelllllllllarious. Btw, do you work today? I get out of class @ 930-10 mah nikkuh.
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