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  • yo i mean you can come in 2 weeks not this sunday im talkin like a firday or something
    ok we will be there at like 11:30 am, and we have to leave at like 2-4. because thats the same day as homecoming
    i was thinking of making it bladewing, me and graz.

    because the idea of a crew battle is to use ure best players,and those are the best i have avalible.

    SO THIS IS DEFFINATE, that we can come? we dont want a call at the last second saying we cant come up
    he said he lived in freehold so i told him to come with you guys
    but its still just you numb graz vs me zoulz and dad
    Bladewing is going to come with us? thats un-expected.

    if he does thats gunna be sweet
    **** i cant wait to video this meta knight battle between soulz and tbagz lol
    lookn forward, oh yeah indianunit might come to my house in two weeks to verse/ brawl with you guys too

    seriously good luck.

    and its


    you cant even TOUCH my mk, u even admitted it. the only chance you have is against my alts. lol
    tbagzthis is soulassault. i owned u. ill vs u again in 2 weeks. k thnx bye

    no you havent, and you know it.

    you never win, like ever. dont matter im going to destroy your life in 2 weeks. money match me after we have the crew money match. =p
    his exact words cause hes over right now:
    "i beat you fifty times. and i gotten much better"
    lmfao, hes beaten me online maybe twice? i destroy his life all the time.

    i have never had to try against him, and one of the times he beat me i was using DK, i dont even use donkey kong.

    ill just destroy his life when i come up
    he said he beata you online dude but he lost to you only when you played him with meta knight. tones wasnt good at the time because he didnt know how to short hopand ****.
    you need to learn to short hop backwards and just space with the turtle, who cares if its "Spam" it works. and if you cant beat it what ever.

    ill teach you some stuff when i come up. how good is soulz, hes not better then me right? because i WASNT EVEN trying on my match, and i almost 3 stocked your friend.
    yeah yeah yeah lol when i refer to the turtle i know it as jump turn other way push a button haha
    no, if they side step dodge, the turtle has 5 hits. i think qutie a few frames of lag. and the turtle will NORMALLY punish them for spot dodging and or if they air dodge there will be to much lag for them to air dodge again. if there in the air.

    do u know what a short hop is? lol, like when i do the F-air and im extremley close to the ground
    basically for average game and watch play.

    short hop B-air spacing, wait for your opponent come to you the Bair NORMALLY breaks through the shield, and its really cheap but it works. D tilt spacing if you cant pull of the bair, and N-air them when you can for a quick 10-15% damage. U-tilting at low percent works really well also.

    hope some of that helped
    tbagz .. if you havent heard this before.. I DONT EVEN HAVE A Wii AHAHA
    i dont practice, i only play when tones and soulz bring it over. thats it ha
    with G&W?

    yeah. want some g&W tips? mine used to be really good, better then yours XD.
    some *** that went to me on my thread and goes ill money math you with charizard, question can i absorb his fire ****?
    no i dont, lol. who is it?

    u can drop TL's bomb at his feet with the lag time from as short hop to landing by pressing Z and the bomb lays on the ground, then short hop D smash the bomb to push it towards your opponent.
    lol, well hit me up this sunday, and well work something out.

    i pwn, i accidently discovered some tactic when i was messing with toon link, then i youtubed it and its already been discovered, but ill show you it.

    it could come in handy if you get good with it.
    yeah dude haha there goin to phoenix for a vacation and leaving me home
    im 15 dude 15. haha
    so whatever works for you tell me
    so there leaving you at there house alone?

    arent you like 14?

    or something.

    im suprised, for a hole week.
    yeah i'll give you a call and let you know when you can come cause my parents wont be home that whole week so whenever you want to come that week is fine
    I'll 1 on 1 w/ numb for money cause when i played him i sucked but i got better since than. i know how it works lol im just saying that the battle is fair and explaining why it could be a good fight haha. dude it can be more than 20 come on ha i dont wanna make like 5 bucks and i dont mind losing that much.
    thats fine, but thats not how crew battles work, you dont choose who plays who.

    your crew randomly selects who will play first, 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

    but, DEFFINITLY have the money, you want to do 15- or 20?

    15- everyone makes $5 if they win
    20- everyone makes $6.66 if they win.

    well be at your house
    than well will just do three of us which ill take numb soulz will math up with you and i pwn will take your 6th best. thats fine by me. we have the money bro no problem lol. and we can play as long as we want at my house.

    if you guys 15-20$ MM us we will deffinitly come.

    so you guys should get ure best 4-5 players.

    and get 20 dollars.

    thats like 4-5 dollars each, u can get that in 2 weeks.

    ill bring, me. 2nd best in the crew.

    numb, and graz.

    graz is 6th numb is last.

    then it will be fair.
    yeah chink was random and pretty gay so i decided to change it haha so you ocmin in two weeks
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