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  • yeah, but there not as into brawl as me, i dont like throwing my weekends away all the time. but once in a while for brawl isnt that bad. so there all nornmally ***** and dont wanna go
    well then start goin to some more. you actually have someone to drive you.
    i dont get the oppourtounity to go to alot of tournaments. ive only been to 7. and 4 of them were in my town where only like 15 people besides my crew came, so they werent full blown huge tournaments i guess
    Well you go to tourneys and they see you play so shouldnt they have an idea if your top 15 material lol just sayin
    idk, i once thought i was good enough to be rated in brawl, but i guess no one else things so, im really under-estimated in the brawl community. but i havent done anything to get myselfed noticed, it will happen eventually.

    so i guess for now im just an average player according to everyone
    We'll take you tbagz lol dont underestimate us. We have as much as a chance as you and your partner. Btw im lookin forward to next friday and why the h?ll arent you rated best in nj?!?
    Me and soulz are gunna start doubling up. We are gunna start practicing together
    you are the only half decent in the crew next to soulz. everyone else is hopeless at this point. lol
    toon link runs away and throws bombs.
    i actuall and soul zgo in and fight. i hate when ppl sit back and wait for u to come to them because it gives them an advantage. do you agree?
    no, they both do. lmfao.

    im suprised ure letting dad play in the crew match instead of Ipwn
    uh ok then.. lol

    Dad lost to the pit user today? that was my step brother who thinks video games are the gayest thing ever and has never touched brawl in his life. XD
    im not telling you what they are, figure them out yourself, yeah his tornado can be a downer when i think about it
    everyone already found out that his flaw is his tornado and ****. so besides that ..
    no, but your all for it because you guys think hes over powered, when ive already found 2 major flaws in him. lol
    just like you said how my crew doesnt go to tourneys so I cant be the reason that mk is getting banned..
    because im good with him, but i worked at him after i found out how much i liked him.

    my discovery of MK happened on accident, lol.

    if not id be maining wolf or marth or ike right now
    its retarted brawlers like you that are the reason mk is even thinking about being banned (no offense) you guys have no idea what you will do to the game, and ill argue with you about it when i see you. lol
    i play as g&w for fun and i like to win with meta knight and hes fun o play with too lol hes gay and cheap though. ban his ***
    lol do you at least even enjoy playing him? i play mk because hes fun for me, not because i can beat some one with him
    i heard hes olimar. and i seriously dont want this crew fight to be all dittos, because the people in our crew fight, and ures?

    im pretty sure its going to be mk, marth,snake, olimar.

    and u guys have like the SAME exact setup
    dude i havent played in like a week, and our olimar player hasnt played in forever because hes mad sick, but soulz, tones, and i pwn are probably brawling everyday to get better. but not me or Daddedede (part of our crew) who i dont think you have ever heard of
    oh NEXT friday... i thought it was this friday, ok next friday it is then.

    you guys improving at all?
    but seriously brawling is all about positive attitude. you HAVE to think your going to win at all times.

    regardless, my phone broke. i can only recive calls now i broke my screen so i cant see texts, or make calls, just recieve them.

    and i cant remember are we coming up THIS friday? or next friday

    no matter what "positive attitude" we have, we still are gunna lose.

    u guys should be more optimistic like BTK in our crew, instead of, omg we mine as well hand u the money, every time he plays me or budo he says "yeah your going to win, but im going to take 1 stock off you guys"
    I forgot to mention that there is a $20 house fee, $2 to use the bathroom, $2 per slice of pizza and a tip for me to let you in my house as guests :p
    well, everyone kinda forced themselves to come, well figure it all out when we come out, just have 20$ ready =DDD!!!
    holy **** **** ***** *** **** dude you know your gunna win. i thought it was you graz and numb not your best. ha i might as well hand you my money
    ok in the crew the money match will be.

    Me, Ax, Budo, Graz

    20$ MM.

    see you there.
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