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  • Your posts per day: 3.32
    Mine: 2.56

    Who needs a life now? I love how you can just judge oh-so-much about a person based on their post count. :D
    i dont play brawl anymore.

    i competitively play hello kitty's island adventure 7.
    have them call me i dont have is number, and he has mine.

    dont post i pwns number over smash boards.
    btw, i FORGOT to write down the adress to mikes house because i went out to get a new phone yesterday!

    so some one text it to me! any one of your adress will do, with the zip code etc!!!

    or PM me over smash boards! thanks!

    its that or you guys dont get to play us today =(
    blue is supposed to be used for throwing, purple is for smash attacks.. lol
    please dont even get me started about it, deffinitly the most annoying in the game
    no hes not better then me, lol.

    i 2 stock graz MOST of the time. but hes still an amazing olimar user
    yea, Well, you will learn the awesomeness that is Melee. I don't really play brawl too much, but other people do, so you'll have a good time. Personally, I think Melee is much more enjoyable than brawl. bu that's just me
    He's pretty good. He needs a bit more tourney experience, but he's still really good. Probably the best G&W in the state. But yeah...

    Melee Melee Melee Melee. It's amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
    well... you should. =P G&W is really fun in Melee.

    Speaking of G&W, my best friend, who is called Kracshot Kroc here, is also a Brawl G&W main.
    No, it's because it's a new game and they think they'll place higher, when they really won't unless they were around for Melee. Only a handful of players who weren't into Melee play Brawl and do well in tourneys.

    And it's been widely accepted that Melee is the more difficult game. Melee's more strategic, faster, and more technical. Not to mention so much more fun to play imo and watch. You should totally pick it up. I mean, NJ's got a great Melee scene.
    Not in terms of tourney size, since most people think that they stand a chance in Brawl, which they don't. Melee is the more "popular" game though. Plus Melee is the most bestest game in the history of videogames. You should play it since it's better than Brawl.
    hmm.... Brawl.... what about Melee?

    The Smash scene in general isn't bad here. We have a bi-weekly up at UNC Chapel Hill which give us both games. The two major centers of NC smash are Raleigh and Greensboro, so you live in a good place for Smash. And since you're coming in the summer, there'll be pleanty of time to meet everyone and come to tourneys and smashfests and stuff.

    We're pretty good at Melee and Brawl, not sure we compare to NJ, but we can hold our own.
    Well, I know the area, the school, the kids, the teachers, I could help you out with stuff. Plus, I'll still be in the area, so we can Smash and whatnot.
    You;re moving 15-20 minutes away from Wakefield High? I'm a senior at that school now!!! And I live like 10-15 minutes away. We might be living 5 minutes away from each other at some point!
    Look if someone disrespects of course ima bad mad. But you apologized and your apology was real because you gave me a reason for apologizing. So I can't even be mad at that. You definitly ain't gonna run into another n!gga like me thats fo'sho. Im considered the gangsta of the smash community. And that actually is me bein real no pretend. So yeah it's whatever just drop it.
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